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La ilaha ill-Allah, la ilaha ill-Allah, la ilaha ill-Allah, Muhammad
Rasulullah alayhi salatu-llah.ziyadatan li sharfin-Nabi sws.Fatiha.
Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim,
Bismillahi-r-Rahmani-r-Rahim.Bismillahi-r-Rahmani-r-Rahim is opening.Ya
Mufatiha-l abwab iftah lana khaira bab.O Allah take the reigns from the
hands of those who don't know You.
Insha Allah you will not find them nextyear.
Destur, ya Sayidi, ya Sultan-ul Awliya.

New page, new face, new views, new news. Like poem saying now. My English is like Shakespeare's. If he was present he would laugh too much, because he is never thinking such things!

What He said, must come, must happen, must appear! I hope that the preparation for that big changing on the whole planet is beginning tonight and going on. According to the Islamic calendar tonight is the beginning of 1423, just beginning, and this year is coming with greatness, with power. The Awliya see that this moon, Muharram, and also the New Year is coming with heybet, a greatness, that gives a kind of fear to the hearts - you cannot bring a description on it. It is not ordinary fear that may be for some times. But now the whole world is going to fall in a fear ocean, beginning from this night, from sunset.

Especially leaders and governors, the heads of all countries, are going to feel that fear deeply through their hearts. Civil or military people - all headquarters that are against divinely Laws, heavenly Rules, begin to feel a deep fear, but they cannot give any description for what this fear is coming. And that fear is going to increase day by day, week after week, month after month. It is going to grow up and cover them wholly; either they are going to resign or they should be in the mental-house, or they should be killed. Either they should kill themselves, by themselves, or they are going to be killed finally.

This year is coming with such a powerful appearance; a very powerful sight is coming now. Beware, Oh mankind! Who is trying to climb up to the level of humanity should be supported and should be saved also; they should be under heavenly protection. Who is not asking to climb to reach the level of humanity remains down. A storm should come and take them away - a storm of fire. A flood of blood is coming now. Therefore this is a warning now today; it is coming to me to warn the whole world that everyone must think for their finals. Either they will be on the humanity level or they remain on the level of violence with violent ones. And violence is going to be finished now, beginning from tonight.

Allah Almighty is never looking to your outlooking, but He is looking to your heart, what is there. If you heart belongs to Him, you should be saved. If your heart is not with Him Almighty, you should be taken away, destroyed. Everything they did up today is going to be destroyed. Everything that is false, Batil, should be taken away - finished.

That is the 'Ferman Ilahi', the divine decree - a powerful word for the Sultan's will. When a Majesty King speaks, we don't say he is making a declaration. There is a word that is used for kings and emperors. We don't say announcement from Heavens or declaration from Heavens, no, but we are saying what belongs to Allah Almighty must be much more, it is full with greatness, giving fear to the hearts of people. It is not just a declaration, anyone's declaration, no, it is a heavenly decree. He is not ordinary person, the Sultan or the King. He is with power, the people who hear it, must fear. That is coming now, tonight, for all the headquarters of mighty people, Awliya, who keep heavenly might through their hands. Now the command is: 'Go! On Kufr (unbelief) and falsehood, go on to destroy the satanic kingdom on earth!' Finished! May Allah forgive me and protect us. Believers should be protected.

Therefore Allah Almighty is looking to peoples' hearts now - who is with Him, who is for Him, should be sheltered, should be saved, who is not with Him Almighty or not for Him Almighty, should be taken away, should be destroyed. And a big destruction is coming now on earth.

A new news - just today arrived. My heart was also getting very angry since last night; too much power was coming to my heart also. I am nothing, but when this divinely power-line is open, I may take away all Kufr. I may destroy it. Today I am the weakest one. Tomorrow - I don't know. Ya Rabbi, ya Allah.

Beware for your names. There are two lists; should be written on it names: 'To be saved' and 'To be destroyed'; 'To be sheltered' and 'To be taken away '. One list with the names of the people that should be sheltered and protected, and a second list with the names of people on whom heavenly revenge is coming. Keep yourself, beware for your name not to be written on the second list of those who should be taken away. No one can save them. And there is no protection now except the heavenly protection.

This is a holy month. Through the centuries, from the beginning of the life of mankind on earth, this month has been sacred. It is a very holy month, very powerful month. Allah Almighty's heavenly and divine Power was always coming through this month, when He was asking to take revenge from disobedient people. Don't put your head under the guillotine. Who puts his head under it, must be cut - it is impossible. And the warning is coming: Take your heads out or the guillotine is coming on you! How many millions of people put their heads there - in one moment they are going to be taken away. It is not like the French Guillotine, one by one, no. Huu.... Beware of the heavenly guillotine! Don't say: 'I am this one, I am that one, I don't fear.' Ha, ha,ha. Their heads will be put next to their bodies: 'This is your head, this is your body'. 'Take it away and go on'.

Beware, O people! Beware! These feelings are now coming through the pure heart people, that they should ask a shelter from Heavens. And the only shelter that is granted is the shelter of Sayidina Muhammad sws. People must be told: 'Go and shelter yourself under the shelter of the most honoured one's shelter. Don't be (wander around) outside! If you are not staying indoors, you should be taken away.'

'La ilaha ill-Allah hasni, wa man dakhala hasni amina min adhabi'. Unity of Allah Almighty, Oneness of Allah Almighty, 'La ilaha ill-Allah', is not going to be accepted without saying: 'Muhammad Rasulullah sws'. That means the divine castle on earth, that is going to be in safety who may enter it, is the castle of 'La ilaha ill-Allah, Muhammad Rasulullah' sws, and that flag is on the tower of that castle now. It can be seen from the Far East to the Far West, from the Far North to the Far South- everywhere now it should be seen.

May Allah forgive me and let us enter that divine castle. There is Windsor castle, but this is the castle of the Lord of Heavens to say: 'La ilaha ill-Allah, Muhammad Rasulullah sws'. Enter in it, you should be in safety! Who is going to be outside. Huuu....finishing.

Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Aziz Allah,
Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Karim Allah,
Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Subhan Allah,
Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Sultan Allah.
Sultan-ul Mutlak. Absolute Sultanate, eternal Sultanate for our Lord Allah Almighty!

Accept our excuse, we are weak servants. Send us who may take ourselves, not to be put under the guillotine, who may save our necks from the guillotine.Shaitan and his followers are going to be under it, not to be with them. O our Lord, let us to be with your most honoured servant and messenger Sayidina Muhammad salallahu alayhi wasallim.
Bi hurmati-l Habib. Fatiha.

Lefke - 13.03.2002

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