There is no cure and no solution. Europeans are finished. In western countries qualified people are finished. You cannot find any qualified people within the parliaments of whom you can say that they are great men, big men, honoured men, noble men... Because we killed the noble people and left only common people. We need noble people, but there are none amongst people, no respected ones.

Nowadays they even fight for the sake of not respecting anyone among the Muslims. The Wahabis say, "No respect towards men, you must not respect man." They fight so that no-one is respected amongst people. And these noble people were amongst people. After the French Revolution, the most foolish revolution that ever happened, they killed all the noble people and then one after one they replaced them by people with no quality.

Now they want to create noble people within democracy. No! If a person is an MP that will never make him noble, not even if he is a Prime Minister or if he is the President. He will not be noble. Nobleness is a quality. It is as if you take a black stone, paint it green and say it is an emerald. Some of them will paint it red and say it is a pink sapphire. Some will paint it red and say it is a ruby. That is how democracy cheats people. They think that just because they sit on a throne they are valuable, whereas in reality they are black stones. If a little water falls on them the paint will run off and everybody will see that they are black stones. We lost the most valuable people.

All countries are tied from head to toe by western countries. The Islamic World also belongs from top to toe to non-muslim territories. Whatever they do, we will do. Because they are the boss and we are followers. It is impossible to correct every wrong thing individually. Even nationwide it is difficult. Perhaps we are in need of a new worldwide revolution to bring the noble-ones back and to leave the painted-ones. To find the real ones and to leave the painted ones. To look after the real ones and to leave the imitated ones. To use our best ones and to leave the worst ones. To use our clever and intelligent ones and to leave the foolish ones.

Asia - 01.11.1991

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