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New day, new provision… Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim… Bismillahi-r-Rahmani-r-Raim, la haula wa la quwatta illa bi-llahi-l ‘A;iyu-l ‘Azim. Schlachtet man Fleisch, muss man es essen, sonst verottet es. Dunya is verrottet, es gibt nichts Sauberes mehr. Alles hat eine Zunge, alles redet Allah an, alles macht Tesbih und die Erde bittet Allah: ’O Rabbi, saeubere mich fuer Deine sauberen Diener!’ Die Welt will gereinigt werden...

By the Name of Allah almighty, most beneficent and Most Magnificent. Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim, BismillahirRahmanirRahim, la

Mankind lost their creation’s wisdom. Just they have been occupied with something that is not necessary for them to run after. Allah, the Creator, Exalted, the Great and Exalted, He Almighty and Exalted never asking to be His servants in such dirty positions. He is never happy with what mankind is doing now on this planet, on earth. He created them for something and they are running away in an opposite direction. Allah Almighty creating them and asking them to run to Him! But mankind now running away from Him Almighty. That is biggest problem that waiting a solution, but whole nations including Muslim territories, Muslims and their states, they are doing what is wrong. They are doing something that is opposite to heavenly Commands. They should be punished. Government putting a law and calling people to obey, and people trying not to be against that law. They are fearing from a handful people that may punish them, and they try to obey a handful people on earth. Like now our country here, in Cyprus. There is a government, and every day bringing some new rules, some new orders and calling people to be obedient. This is the smallest country perhaps on earth, and who is living here, must be obedient.

What about for the Lord of Heavens, the Creator of whole Existence? He is putting some rules, sending His Orders and sending to His creatures, whom He created, His commands. And feeding them and looking after them, sending daily provision to them and they are not hearing. And He is warning: ‘Look, I am not touching you, because if I am touching, whole universe going to disappear’. Disappear in less than a second. In such a short time whole universe may be disappeared, no in existence anything. ‘I am not touching. But I have different ways for you, to make you to be punished. I may send to you from you, I am sending someones from you that should be a handful people and that handful people may lead you’. Guidance is from Allah Almighty, leading is not. A guide is always showing what is best for mankind, therefore all Prophets are guides, not leaders. Leadership belongs to shaitan, guidance is from Allah Almighty. Guides walking in front and people following them with their good will, but leaders lead people behind them as a pheasant putting in front of him his oxen, his animals, and keeping in his hand a stick with a needle at the end of it and sending them as he likes. As they like. Therefore leadership is for satanic ways. It is a new term, since big French Revolution. Before people were running after their Sultans, their guides, but after that big French revolution people were going to be like cattle or flock of sheep, just had been sent without looking their wishings or wills, not using their wills. Through leadership no one can use their free will, no! They are big liars through 21st century that they say ‘freedom’. But they are liars and biggest cheating ones, representatives od shaitan and supporters of the satanic kingdom. And those leaders, from the time of beginning of 19th century up today, whole leadership bringing people to what they are in it now.

But Subhanallah! Leadership also just reaching to its limits and people are awakening and understanding that these people are wolves, jackals, bears- wild creatures, that their wildness is more than the wildness and violence of jungle’s wild animals. And people are beginning to ask guide and guidance to their happiness, to their honours, to their best life here and Hereafter. Leadership everywhere denying heavenly orders, and never giving any respect to mankind. Their respect is only like what a shepherd or cattle shepherd is giving to his cattle or sheep. More than this never 21st century people on earth are giving respect.

That is what we are saying now. People on earth, because they are running after their leaders, cheating each other, the Lord of Heavens is saying: ‘I sent to you guides for guidance to the best life here ad Hereafter, to take you to the way of Eternity and to establish My Kingdom, the heavenly Kingdom on earth. But you refused and you accepted leadership that is only a satanic trap, satanic trick, now you should be punished. And I am not sending form Heavens armies, no. But I am making your punishment through ourselves, making you so many parties, so many groups, because they run away from truth’. Because we run away from true ones, therefore so many groups and parties. ‘So that I am making you to be each one against another ones, and you should be punished, someones from you by someones from your same nation, from your same community, from your same home, from your same people’.

Now it is that time and people must be punished. They are bringing these huge, terrible weapons, they are calling (for it to happen), and it should be. And divinely Punishment just giving its final Decision that this world and everyone on it who runs away from their Lord and their real target or from their creation’s wisdom, they should be punished. Finished. Because they are on wrong way, on accident. Don’t ask anything! All Awliyas also looking and they are waiting the holy Command for beginning this cleanliness on earth and then, when going everything against heavenly Orders and Commands, just going to be taken away satanic kingdom on earth and its supporters also. Then Dunya going to reach peace. Yet people running on streets, making nonsense shouting, and movements and swearing. Yet they are not coming from their wrong way to right path and to say: ‘O our Lord, we did wrong, we are asking forgiveness, pardon, o our Lord! Clean ourselves with Tauba, with repentance!’ No one saying. They shout to each other, one saying: ‘I am going to kill you’. Second one saying: ‘I am also going to cut you and to kill you’. This is. It is not last point of our creation wisdom, of our creation purpose to say mankind to each other: ‘I am coming to kill you’ and second one saying: ‘I am coming to kill you.’ It is not our last target. How it changed!

Now they are claiming that they reached the top point of civilisation. Civilization means perfect perfecting through their minds, through their efforts, through their works, through their lives. Where is that perfection? Nations to say to each other: ‘I am coming to destroy you and your country and to kill you’, and the other one is saying: ‘If you are coming, I am going to destroy all of you’? If there was period more than this, they should do a long fighting, and fighting now is like a fire running through a jungle- everywhere going and leaving only ashes, no more. No more civilization on earth that thousands of years people built, and no more man living there. Buildings just destroyed and their builders just vanished and finished. That is 21st century’s civilization? Uh! You must say for this Bravo, you must give capital to nations, as the English say. If they live to kill and to destroy, it is not a civilization, it is not a perfection for mankind, it is not real humanity’s attributes, no.

And we are in it now, and the Lord of Heavens is saying: ‘I am going to punish you, each of you with another people, and I am cleaning this earth. Then I am bringing- as I brought from the Arch of Noah 8o people, and you are coming from them, 8 billions- I may take eight billion away, if remaining 8 people on earth, I am going to make this planet to fill with My servants, respecting servants to My divine Kingdom’. This is last Word.

May Allah forgive me and forgive you and bless His obedient servants and take away whole people that are never thinking or interesting about their Creator the Lord of Heavens. For the honour of the most honoured one in divine Presence, S.Muhammad, sws. Fatiha

Lefke - 18.03.2003

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