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Allahu Akbar! Allahu Akbar Al Akbar! La Ilaha illa Allah Wah'dahu La Sharika Lah. Lahu Al Mulk Wa Lahu Al Hamd Yuh'yi Wa Yumit Wa Huwa 'Ala Kulli Shay'in Qadir. Subahanaka Ya Rabb. Subhanaka Ya Rabb, Subhanaka Ya Rabb! Najjina min ma nakhaf. Thumma Al Salat Wa Al Salam 'Ala Sayyidi Al Awwalin Wa Al Akhirin Rasul Rabbi Al 'Alamin, Shafiy' Al muznibin. Habibi Rabbi Al 'Alamin, Saydina Muhammad (saws). O people, we say Audhu Billahi min al shaytan al rajim, Bismillah Al Rahman Al Rahim. I am a weak servant. I hope for my Lord's mercy & His forgiveness. Subhanahu wa Ta'ala.

O Muslim people! The month of the Prophet (saws) has started. The glorified month of Shaban. Glorify the rituals & rights of Allah (swt), your matters will be blessed by Allah (jwa). O Muslim people it will be blessed this honourable month, Shaban the glorified. It is glorified from the Lord (swt) for His Prophet (saws). Mubarak! For us & for you, for the Muslim people and all the people of the world.

Give this holy month a lot of value O people! Allah (swt) Created creation for the sake of His Beloved (saws) and sent him as a mercy for all creation, glorify him! Give value to his message, listen to his words & follow him, you will be saved.

This addressing, Audhu Billah min al shaytan al rajim Bismillah Al Rahman Al Rahim. We start with His Glorious Name (swt). People asked me from East to West, what can we do? What can we read? What can we do in this honourable month? In short, we say they should do what is possible from goodness. Put all your efforts to follow the Lord Almighty (jwa) and His Beloved Sayyidi Al Awwalin Wa Al Akhirin Sayyidina Muhammad (saws). Whatever you do from goodness you will find it safely kept with Allah (swt), & it is good for you. O people! O believers, this is a glorfied month, the month of the Prophet (saws).

This addressing it came to me specially from some people, for the Egyptian people. May Allah (swt) protect Egypt. Egypt, Egypt it is beloved & it is dear to Allah (jwa) that country. Subhana Allah! Al Hamdulillah wa La Ilaha illa Allah. Good tidings for the people of Egypt. Since the beginning of humanity, the people from Egypt, old Egypt. The first beginning of humanity appeared in the valley of the blessed Nile. That... it is from the rivers of Heavens, Subhana Allah! Zayianahu Allah (swt) wa Akaramahu Allah (swt) It came to us as inspiration that the blessed Nile its source is from Heavens. Good tidings for you, O people of Egypt. It is not possible for you to be poor. Allah (jwa) made you wealthy. O scholars of Egypt, is this true or not? It is true. With the bounty of the blessed Nile, it is among the rivers of Heavens. Good tidings for you & or who eats & drinks from Egypt and from the blessed Nile. Allah, Allah! The blessed Nile is not known from when it began to flow, except its Lord. Lord of the Nile. No person who saw the blessed Nile could change it or make it run in other directions. Even the Pharaohs were not able to touch the blessed river. Therefore Egypt was never poor, the protected Egypt. And it is still protected & blessed. Only The Lord (swt) of the worlds knows its secret, Allahu Akbar! And Egypt was never poor at any time, Egypt was never poor. The blessed Nile is filled with endless treasure. It used to give its blessings to the country, the protected Egypt. Subhana Allah! Subhana Allah! Our Lord, how great is He!

The Almighty (swt) has ordered for the protected Nile to flow, from between the deserts and bring blessings & abundance for the people of Egypt who are living there. Allahu Akbar! And Egypt was never poor. It was never poor & the Egyptians never asked for provision from others. We are Muslims but non Arabs, Muslims that are not Arabs we used to read & learn from the honourable Arab scholars, that the treasures of Egypt are equivalent to the treasures of 7 countries. Allah (swt) has given them, Subhana Allah! granted them a grant that does not end, it does not end. The treasure of Egypt we have learned is equivalent to the treasures of 7 countries. From the time of the Pharaoh that grant was continuing, continuing. Egypt was never poor & never needed assistance from other countries, but the other countries were needy & were given & asked for provisions from the Egyptians and from its Kings.

Those who did goodness & were just Allah (swt) increased goodness & grants. Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala. Till the matter reached to the time of the tyrants. Surely the time of the tyrants, as the Prophet (saws) said "After me will come Caliphs, and after my Caliphs, Princes and after the Princes, Kings and after the Kings there will be tyrants." This news was about the future. The Prophet (saws) declared to his nation about every matter. Because the Prophet (saws) said the truth about everything. The attribute of the Prophet (saws) is to give Haqq, to everything its due right. Islam came to give to everything/everyone its due rights. We are left with the time of tyrants. Tyrants, "after the Kings will come tyrants. "They destroyed the whole world. To the point of what is happening in our days now because people, after the Kings, are tyrants.

Subhana Allah! People are asking, and I am a weak servant and I do not know, or claim to have knowledge, but the treasures of knowledge are with you, O people of Egypt. O people of knowledge O scholars! You know what happened after the Kings; they conquerred you, took you over, the tyrant people. May Allah (swt) destroy them. He (swt) did dishonour them. And now...The protected Egypt that was enough.. what Allah (awj) has given them as grants on its own, Egypt was enough for the whole world & its people. This is true. The country of Kings & Sultans & Prophets (as). Where are your scholars? I am a weak servant, weak servant. Poor servant, I am not able to help myself to speak, but what happened to people at the moment, "Waqa`ati Al-Waqi`ahu" (56:1) (When the event befalls) This is what is happening in Egypt.

Millions of people are hungry & exhausted. And they do not know what their leaders want to do. On what way are they leading them? This is a great mistake, because Allah (swt) made everything clear in The Holy Quran, to follow the steps of Prophets (as). There are the steps of shaytan "La Tattabi`u Khutuwati Ash-Shaytani" (24:21) Allah (swt) says. Subhansin Ya Rabb! Save us from what we fear.

The month of the Prophet (saws) started, Ya Rasulallah! O Prophet of Allah we are asking your intercession! Allah Allah! Allah Allah! People are asking, "what do we do?" There is an answer. Say O servants of the Lord, Say: "O our Lord, O our Lord, O our Lord save us from what we fear. Save us from what we fear. Subhana Allah! Subahana Allah! Save us from what we fear. An inspiration came to my heart Allah (jwa) "Lanuhlikanna Az-Zalimina" (14:13) You understand O people of Egypt? " "Truly, We shall destroy the oppressors." (14:13) What can we say, but they asked me about this.. O our Lord save us from what we fear! O our Lord save us from what we fear! People are asking. Let them ask from the Lord of the worlds. O our Lord save us from what we fear. We are oppressors, save us from what we fear.

Two words were inspired to me that are suitable for all the people of Egypt, and it's to say O our Lord save us from what we fear. O our Lord save us from what we fear. "Lanuhlikanna Az-Zalimina" (14:13) The believers should say, O our Lord save us from what we fear. In this month (of Shaban) this is what people should say. Let them say "O our Lord save us from what we fear." Rabbuna Najjina min ma nakhaf. Rabbuna Najjina min ma nakhaf. Allahu Akbar! This came to my heart.Ya Munji Al Halka/ O saviour of the oppressed. O Saviour of the oppressed! Save us from what we fear. Say this O people of Egypt This is what came to my heart at the beginning of this blessed month. This inspiration came to me "Ya Munji Al Halka Najjina min ma nakhaf Inna Mu'minun." Cry in your mosques, in your homes!

Shame on you, O Servants of Allah, O Egyptian people, to congregate in the roundabouts leaving mosques & not asking your Lord, O our Lord, Saviour of the oppressed, O Saviour of the oppressed, O Saviour of the oppressed, save us from what we fear. You have no wird other than this (to lean on). Are you satisfied ? If not then a Heavenly whip is coming down on you kick out those who do things against Allah Almighty's Commands. Throw them out! Leave them and return to your Lord and say: O Savior of the oppressed, O Savior of the oppressed. Don't say other than, O Saviour of the oppressed, save us from what we fear. Send us a King to fight for your sake. O our Lord. O our lord Forgive us and have Mercy upon us. Guide us to the best path. "Send to us a king, and we will fight in the way of Allah" (2:246)

It's a Quranic verse (2:246) O religious scholars. Have you not considered the chiefs of the children of Israel after Musa, when they said to a prophet of theirs: "Appoint for us a king, that we may fight in the way of Allah."(2:246) Do you think The Holy Quran is a book of stories?! Take your lesson where Haqq (swt) is informing us of what happened with the Bani Israil. Once they were in difficulty they went to their Prophet and asked him to ask God to send us a king, not a president, not a parliament, They are the worst of unbelievers. Leave them! Ask for a King! Is that not what The Quran says or not O scholars of Egypt? How do you understand the words of Haqq (jwa)? Say O saviour of the doomed. O people say O saviour of the doomed, send us a king to fight for Your sake. To fight Satan and his helpers for Your sake. We repent to You O our Lord, we return to You.

O my Lord send us one who would straighten our path, and show us the right way so that we leave the things that the obscene disbelievers hold firmly to. This is our advice. This is Allah's (swt) order, coming from the weakest of servants. If you accept we will pray for you. If you don't accept then you you will carry it. O people of Egypt, keep Allah's (swt) boundaries and say: O saviour of the oppressed. This is the Wird of Shaban. O Allah we repent and return to you. We are believers Ya Rabbi. Accept our prayer and send us a king so we may fight for Your sake." (2:246) Ya Rabbi Subhansin Subhana Allah, Sultana Allah. This is a very short speech. What can we say? Say: O saviour of the oppressed, Save us from what we fear. Do not fear..

Straighten up! The Prophet (saws) used to say when standing before prayer, "Straighten up!" The biggest of miracles is to be straight! This speech is to the whole nation. Straighten up! Don't walk askew! Straighten up! He will help you. If you go astray, Shaytan leads you to fire in dunya, then to Hell fire. Allahumma we repent and return to You our Lord. O people I have informed you. Keep the words of your Prophet (saws) and Straighten up! Don't walk askew! No, no. Straighten up! O Allah i have informed. O my master, Rasulullah forgive me, strengthen me, strengthen me to hit the people of disbelief and to destroy the ruling of devils. This is what i intend. O people of East and West, pay attention to the correct path to win. Or you bear your sins! We repent to You Allah Astaghfirullah. Fatiha.

Ask your Lord for forgiveness. He is the most Beneficent and the most Merciful. Ask forgiveness O people of Egypt. We had a saying, that the treasury of Egypt is equivalent to seven treasures of other countries! How did you become the poorest of people?! They ask people think, and learn. And follow! Follow the steps of Prophets (as). Peace be upon them all, and especially the master of Prophets, Rasulullah. Peace be upon you.

Where are you? O Nujaba', Nuqaba', Abdal of Egypt (Pillar Saints of Egypt) They don't listen to you? Fatiha.

Fatiha. Thank you.

Lefke, 21.06.2012

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