Maulana Sheikh Nazim No movement without His Will

Destur, ya Sayyidi, ya Sultanu-l Anbiya, Meded, Meded, ya Sultanu-l Awliya, Meded, ya Rijalallah…Tauba ya Rabbi…Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim, Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim, la haula wa al quwatta illa bi-llahi-l ‘Aliyu-l ‘Azim…

Everything (is) reaching to Allah… Everyone (is) reaching to Allah (and) everything (is) reaching to Allah. Allah, He knows everything, where it is, He knows everyone where he is! We have a saying- old people they were saying and we were believing and also now we are believing, never changing that belief- that if (there is) no permission to move anything from its place or to change its position, (it) can’t be without His Order or (there) can’t be any movement out of His Will. Everything must be with His Will! A leaf on a tree- as old people were believing- can’t move, if its Creator, its Lord (is) not giving permission to move, or: no any bird can open its wings for flying without His permission- can’t open, can’t fly. Everything (is) under such a perfect control!

And He (Almighty) is asking that people must know this! Not to say: “I may go, I may come, I may do, I may not do”, no, everything (is) just controlled! Leave the Children of Adam- but (even) every atom can’t change its position without His Command, without His Permission. (It is) asking: “I am changing my position, oh my Lord?” its desire and (the) divine Will (are) coming (together) and (that is) making its position in another way. And that one, that atom, by itself it is impossible (for it) to ask for a changing of its position. That feeling to ask must be granted to that one. If Allah Almighty is not giving that inspiration to that atom to ask, it is impossible by itself to ask a changing for its position. Allahu Akbar! That (one) must ask and Allah must give.

He is not obliged to give, but His Generosity towards every creation makes everything to ask, because He is (the) Giving One for everything, for everyone. His Generosity (is) making that atom to ask: “Oh my Lord, I am asking to change my position.” That changing has a wisdom, it has a reason; that atom has some need (necessity), so that (it is) asking (that), but that inspiration must come to that atom and its Lord (is) answering to that one and (He is) giving that possibility or giving to that atom energy to use it for changing its position.

Because every movement needs energy. If that energy (is) not granted, that atom can’t move. It is going to be like a car without fuel- (the) car is ready, but if (you are) not putting petrol (in it), it can’t move. That car needs a power for running and therefore (it is) signing (to) its owner: “I finished, take me to petrol station! I am finishing, fill me with energy for movement!” And that atom (is) calling and saying: “Oh my Lord, I am in need of a support from Your endless Generosity as an energy or an energetic support for (to) continue for glorifying You!” From one position to another (there is) coming another (kind of) glorifying and glorifying is endlessly going on for every creation, (for) every smallest piece of creation. They must glorify their Lord and they are asking: “Oh my Lord, from Your Generosity give me energy, give me support through Your divinely Energy Oceans to continue glorifying You!” Subhanallah! You can reach to that point by thinking?

And He is asking only from His creatures, from common ones, glorifying, because their creation is not (the) same like the creation of mankind. Mankind’s creation (is) just different, and man’s creation (is a) creation on (the) top level. (The) limit of creation through its highest position (is just) granted to mankind. And therefore Allah Almighty (is) making mankind on a (special) position; (He is) giving to them so (much) value (and) through that value (He) granted to them (the) dress of honour (and) of glorifying. And man’s glorifying in on its highest-level position.

Our body, every smallest unit of our body is glorifying (Him), but (the) top glorifying that the Lord (is) asking from mankind and (He is) making mankind to be pleased much more, that level (is) to make (glorifying) by their will and to say: “Subhanallah, Subhanallah, Subhanallahi-l ‘Aliyu-l ‘Azim!” To use your will and to say: “Glory be for Allah!” That is the top point!

Unbelievers’ bodies (are also) glorifying (Allah). That person is saying. “No God!” but yet every part of his body (is) saying: “You are our Lord! Glory be for You, oh our Lord!” But that foolish one, heedless one (is) not saying (that) and (he is) making a denying. The top point of glorifying (is) when you (are) saying): “Subhanallah!” Therefore we are beginning after prayer to say: “Subhanallah, Subhanallah, Subhanallah… (33 times)”. From His Generosity (He is) asking from His servants to glorify Him, Almighty, and (that) glorifying from (the) servants to their Lord (is) making them to come closer to His divinely Generosity Oceans, (and) to be granted more and more. That is the meaning of (the word): “Hal jazau li-l ihsanu illa ihsan?” Servants, according to their smallness, they are trying to give (something) through their generosity and to say: “Glory be for our Lord!” and He is granting (His Favours to them), rewarding His servants.

Once a Bedouin was saying to himself: “I must go to Baghdad (to visit the Caliph)”…

People (there) lost to glorify their Lord and every cursing (is) coming on them, on that people (of Iraq)! Allah Almighty through (the) Holy Quran (is) teaching (His) servants. What (He is) saying? “Oh believers, don’t make your sounds (voices) (over) the sound (voice) of My beloved Prophet! Leave his sound to be highest. Don’t shout! Let humbleness be your characteristic, oh Muqmins!” People (are) running, they are thinking that (the) Prophet is not with them! “Wa ‘alem annahu fikum Rasul!” The Prophet is not away from his nation. Allah is saying: “He is with you!” Not only (with those) that (are) sitting in front of him! That means: (he is) with his whole Ummah! Therefore: “Keep your sounds, don’t shout! Leave (the) Prophet’s sound to be high! He may address on behalf of you to your Lord!”

What they are doing in Islamic countries! People are running like foolish ones through streets and (they are) shouting, shouting and saying: “Russia down… America down… England down…” shouting and running! Why you are saying (this), shouting this? Why (you are) not humbly saying:” Oh, ya Rasulullah, look after your Ummah!” Or (you go to the mosque and say) through (the) mosque: “Oh, ya Rasulullah, on behalf of us you can be in (the) divinely Presence (our) intercessor! For you (it is) granted, please use your (power of) intercession for us to be saved from the hands of those cruel people from wolves, from foxes, from dragons! Oh Rasulullah, make your intercession for your nation!”

(They are) not saying (this), (but they are) running through streets, thousands of people, (and they are) shouting. Leave men, (but) women, that Allah Almighty (is) ordering to them: “Stay at home and don’t fall back into the ignorance (of the time before you came into Islam)”, ordering to Muqmin women to be through their homes, not to be seen and He is prohibiting to get out from their homes as the people of the time of ‘Jahiliyya’, the time of ignorance (before the arrival of the Prophet Muhammad) were (doing), running through the streets with their ‘zina’, (their) decoration, to make men to look after them…

Allah Almighty (is) preventing them- how they are running through streets and shouting and (for men to hear) their sound is Haram also! What (is) happening to Islamic territories (it is) because (people are) on (the) wrong way- men and women! They are running on (the) wrong way and (on the) wrong way cursing (is) coming on them, (on the people in) Baghdad and other Islamic territories.

No, it is not permitted (for) men and women to run through streets and to shout! No! Muslims only may go to (the) mosque and cry and ask (for the) intercession from the Prophet, (to ask him) to be their intercessor in (the) divinely Presence and to ask forgiveness (for them there). Not in streets! (The) Muslim world (is on the) wrong way now! (Therefore) cursing (is) coming on them! (They) can’t blame America, Russia, China, Turkey and other countries, no! (But the) blame is on (those) ignorant groups of Muslims shouting through (the) streets, (who are) not getting in mosques to ask forgiveness from Allah Almighty and His beloved one’s intercession! La haula wa la quwatta illa bi-llahi-l ‘Aliyu-l ‘Azim!

That person, that Bedouin was living in (the) dessert and one day he was saying: “Oh my darling, I like to visit the Caliph, Amir-ul-Muqminien. Oh my darling, what you are saying?” She is saying: “As you like, my darling. You may go.” “Yes, I may go, but, (as) you know, we are going to visit the Amir-ul-Muqminien- I must not go without a gift through my hands. That is not good manner. I must take something to him.” They were thinking: “What we can send to the Caliph, Amir-ul- Muqminien?” Then they were making a decision: “Oh my darling. Fill that jug of clay with water; we may take (that), because it is so much valuable in our place. I may take (that); I must bring to him our most valuable gift. Through desserts nothing can be more valuable than water.” “Good, very good!” (And) she was filling (the jug), he was taking (it and) putting (it) on his shoulders (and he was) going to Baghdad.

(He was arriving and) asking: “Where is our Amir, where is the Sultan’s Palace?” They are saying: “Here, there, here, there… and (finally) he found it (and he was) coming (to the gates of the palace) and (the) guardians (were) saying: “Who are you?” “I am a Bedouin, coming from the dessert, asking to meet the Amir-ul-Muqminien.” “Oh, you are asking to come and to meet him?” “Yes, I am from his nation, a citizen, and I am looking (that) I have a right to meet my Sultan.” (The) guardians (were) looking to each other: “What we can do?” One (of them was) saying: “You sit down here. We may sent (message) to (the) Amir that one of (the Bedouins (is) coming to see him. If (he is) accepting (to see you), you may come (in), if not accepting, we can’t do.” (And they were) running to him and saying. “Oh, Amir-ul-Muqminien, one pheasant, a Bedouin (was) coming and (he is) asking to meet and see you.” “Leave him to come!” (They were) coming (back and) giving good tidings: “ Come, follow me”, (until they were) reaching the Throne Hall.

“Welcome.” “Oh, Amir-ul-Muqminien. (It was) coming to my heart (the desire) to visit (the) Amir-ul-Muqminien and I am coming (from a) far place, from a dessert and- Alhamdulillah- I am seeing your brilliant face, that the Lord of Heavens (is) putting on you the brilliance of Iman and (He is) crowning you with His Greatness, (putting on you the) crown of greatness, making you on the line of (the) Prophet sws! I am happy, I am thanking to Allah Almighty!” (And) his words were entering to the heart of the Amir. He was (still) carrying the jug of water on (his) shoulder and Amir-ul-Muqminien (was) saying: “Put your jug here. What is that?” “Oh Amir-ul-Muqminien, it is (the) Prophet’s advise (that) if someone (is) visiting another (one, he) must bring something as a gift. If (he has) nothing (for) bringing (and) on (his) way (he is) finding a nail, (he may) bring (that) and say: “I had only this, take this as a gift to you.” Therefore (this is) from (the) Sunnah, (the) holy command of your Abba, your grandfather, from Rasulullah, (and) therefore I am bringing to you a gift that it is (the) most valuable gift anyone can bring to you.” He was saying: “What is in that jug?” “Water.” “Oh, may Allah bless you! The Lord of Heavens (is) saying: “Wa ja’alna mina mai kulli shayin hay.” You did your best for me to bring (the) reason of life to me. I am thankful to you, oh my citizen, oh Abdullah!” (From) his good manners (he was) not saying (that:) “The river (of) Tigris is running through Baghdad and we are sitting (in the middle of) water”, but (he was) saying: “You did your best, you brought your best gift” and (he was) ordering to his servants: “Take his gift and fill the jug with gold!” Because if someone (is) giving a gift (to you), you must also- as much as possible- give something to him. And he said: “Fill that jug with gold and give (it to him) to go back.”

This is a story, historical history that happened. When we say a story, don’t ask if (it) happened or not, but you must look what is (the) wisdom in it! All tales (are) giving some lessons and teaching mankind with something, teaching mankind to be much more perfect.

(So they were) filling (that jug) with gold and giving (it) to him. “He was bringing (the) most valuable gift (that can be found) through desserts and we have treasures (also) and we are returning (something) from our treasures to him.”

And when Allah Almighty (is) ordering His servants to glorify Him Almighty- He is not in need for your glorifying; (your glorifying is) not even coming to be like water to Amir-ul-Muqminien- Allah Almighty from His glorifying Oceans (is) dressing to that one (a) glorious dressing that no one can think its price, its value. Therefore (He is) ordering. Our bodies every part (of it is) glorifying (Allah), but heedless people (are) not using their tongue to say: “Subhanallah, Subhanallah, Subhanallah!” Blame to mankind that they are claiming to be civilized people, but they are never civilized people, because (they are) not knowing (the) Rights of the Lord of Heavens, to give their best grant (which is) to glorify their Lord! And until (they are) coming to that point, troubles (are) never ending, (they will) continuing until remaining on earth not even one person. It is enough (to be) one man and one woman. It is enough.

As He Almighty (was) beginning the generation of Adam from one man and one woman. (So) even if (there is) remaining (only) one man (and) one woman, He may give (them a) new generation that their importance (is) only to say: “Subhanallah al ‘Azim, Subhanallah, Subhanallahi-l ‘Aliyu-l ‘Azim, Subhanallah wa bihamdihi!” and to glorify their Lord with countless kinds of glorifying.

That is the time coming- the time of Mehdi a.s. (and) then Isa, alayhi salat wa salam! Be awakened! Beware of Shaitan and wake up to catch the train, before (it is) running away. Get in, don’t remain in the station hall. Oh man! We are addressing to (the) whole mankind on earth, from East to West, from North to South.

May Allah bless you and forgive me! For the honour of the most honoured servant in His divinely Presence, S.Muhammad sws, Fatiha.

Lefke, 03.05.2004, transcribed by Khairiyah Siegel

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