Maulana Sheikh NazimNo time to travel and visit

Bismillahi Rahmani Rahim

No time to travel and visit. One moment no planes, no ships, no coaches. After the end of October from the beginning of November I am not carrying my responsibility for visitors. It is difficult. Perhaps Armageddon, billions will die.

Last night the order was coming for fighting, not from senate but heavenly order; it will start, the terrible last war; dangerous, terrible, terrible war, last war. No more wars, this is a king size war; Armageddon.

No one should come, everyone must know. It is the heavenly order that is coming and what the Seal of Prophets said about these days, it must be... I can't prevent coming events, no, everyone must be with families, fathers with children, husbands with wives, in the house.

See what happens when not protected. Billions without any reason coming and going. Who is outside there is a danger on them; no protection. If for a need coming, it is okay, maybe protected. If not, without any reason or need: under danger. I am welcoming but I must say to all of you to take care what is necessary.

This will not be a long war, it will finish in 3 months, at least six months, you must try to keep in your house the food and drink that is necessary (for this time period). Everything is going to stop. If centrals hit down, no more electricity, nothing going to work, people dying, can't reach food and necessities. Therefore keep at least one month of supplies. Paper money will have no value. Take something or change to gold, buy food and what is necessary. If whole city is shut down, no more markets, everything going to stop, no more cars, you must think on it. Not time to walk around the world from beginning of November. Give (this talk) everywhere to whole people.

Yesterday has passed away, centuries in imagination now. No more yesterday today. No one can ask their lives to be the same. Future is terrible. No one asking - lives wasting, giving everything to Shaitan; bringing cursing from heavens... They can't reach what they did yesterday. Twentieth century has finished. Limit of kufr - Shaitanic actings. Shaitanic ideas must be taken away, false ideas against heavenly rules on earth. Heavenly rules now coming and going on. No more tolerance - finished. Heavenly rules, no more chance to renew what they were doing before. Finish. It is a big earthquake but not a normal earthquake bringing biggest states to come down. Huuuuu...! Huuuuuu...! Seventy states this year going to come down. Who is going to be with Allah will be protected. Anyone who is asking shelter from Allah Almighty will be protected. Who is not running for shelter from Allah Almighty will be taken away. And no time for burying, even the bodies of people are never going to be identified. No one knowing, going to be ground then finished, so terrible weapons prepared. Whole states trying to destroy humanity but it is only going to be in a limit then finish.

Coming Haqq.

May Allah bless you and forgive me.


Lefke - 01.10.2002

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