Maulana Sheikh NazimNo way for mankind to save itself

Meded. (Help Us.) No way for mankind to save itself here and hereafter without asking
heavenly support, and heavenly support is coming from heavenly ones. And we
are saying first: 'Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim', O our Lord, we are
running to You from our most dangerous enemy Shaitan. Save us from Shaitan
and his tricks, save us not to fall in his traps. Countless tricks for
Shaitan, and he is putting countless traps for mankind everywhere, so that
you must be open-eyed for saving yourself. If not, you may fall in his
traps, and it is difficult to save yourself. You will need someone to save
you from that trap. Most people are in traps- just caught, and someone must
come to open that trap and to save them. Commonly people have been caught by
Shaitan's traps; only Anbiya, the prophets, and Awliya, their inheritors,
the Saints, and are free.

Once Shaitan came to the most Beloved Servant of Allah Almighty Sayidina
Muhammad sws, when he was in a meeting with the Sahabas, his companions.
Rasulullah asked him: 'Are you not knowing that it is forbidden for you to
come to me, to where I am?' Allah Almighty is preventing Shaitan, he can't
come to Prophets and also not to Awliya. Then Rasulullah asked Shaitan about
S.Omar r.a.: 'How are you with Omar?' , and Shaitan said: 'When I am seeing
that he is turning to come on me on the same way or street, I am turning
back on another direction, not to come face to face with him.'

S.Omar was not a prophet, but a Sahaba, and all of the Sahabas had
sainthood. To look to a prophet gives high honour to a servant. We have been
honoured to be from the nation of Rasulullah and we were not with him, when
he had been sent as a prophet. We believe according to the news that reached
our ears, and we accept him as a prophet, without seeing him. But the Sahaba
met him, they heard what he said and they saw him, therefore their rank is
so high. To see and to meet someone and to accept him is one thing; to
believe without seeing, only by hearing about that one is something else. To
look and to believe is much more powerful. Therefore all the Sahaba are
Awliya, and their ranks are so high.

Even if a person just came in front of
the Prophet and said to him: 'O Muhammad sws, I am witnessing that Allah
Almighty is One and that you are His Prophet', this is more than saying it
now times after the Prophet. Seeing him and saying: 'Ya Muhammad, I
am believing what you bring to us about Your Lord's Existence and His
Oneness and I am saying 'La ilaha ill-Allah', following you and believing in
what you say. And I also believe that you have been sent by the Lord as a
prophet. Without seeing the Lord of Heavens I believe in Him, and I am
seeing you and I believe in you and that everything that you inform us of is
true. I accept the Existence of Allah and His Oneness and Eternity.' Who was
looking to the Prophet and saying this to him, Rasulullah is going to be
witness for him in the Divine Presence, and he will say: 'O Allah, this
servant declared Your Unity and Oneness in front of me and he said 'La ilaha
ill-Allah', and also he declared that I am that one who brings to mankind
the last message about the Existence and Oneness of the Lord of Heavens'.
Without seeing the Prophet is another point.

The biggest Awliya are the Sahaba, and the top level is for them. Other
people's level is under that level. Shaitan fears to come to Awliya, and it
is forbidden for him to run after prophets also. He can't. And he fears the
followers of prophets, the Saints, he fears they may destroy his long-time
efforts against Islam, for what he was tiring himself.

We said Shaitan is everywhere and he is coming to everyone except the
Awliya. He can't come closer to them, because they have been dressed
heavenly lights, and those lights burn Shaitan, making him to escape.
Therefore we must try to reach to Awliya for divine support. If not finding
that one, you will always stay on earth or underground, finished.
Why is the Islamic world coming down now? Because the Muslims are misguided
by some representatives of Shaitan. Shaitan prepared representatives for
himself, and those people are trying to show the right path of Islam as a
wrong path. They claim that they make a new way, open a new way for Islam.
We are not accepting that. Islam is in its perfection, its perfect
perfection. Nothing can be changed for Islam. They claim that they live in
the 21st century and that Islam is not suitable for the new generation or
for the 21st century. But they are liars.

All nations, humanity is in need of Islam, because perfection for mankind
may only be with Islam, not with any other idea or way. And there are so
many schools of thought and ideas, which people think on, making so many
ways- all of them are false. So many philosophers or square-head people try
to make a way for mankind- but it is impossible. They claim that they make a
new way, but maybe they are just by themselves or maybe a group of people
may follow them; but they can't reach to make their idea a world-wide idea
which people may be interested in and which they may follow. Only Islam is
in its perfection, and it may carry billions of people after it. Beyond Islam you
can't find anything to make people's hearts in contentment, no.

You may say something, and someone is saying: 'I may say what he is saying,
or I may say something else.' Similar or not- but you are going to be the
first one to leave your own way. The philosophers in all the schools of
philosophy themselves changed through their life so many times their way.
They may say something in the morning and in the evening they may say the
opposite, saying: 'It was not true.' Nighttime they may say something, and
when the sun is shining, they may say something else again: 'O, what I said
night time, it is useless.' In summer thinking something and putting some
ideas, when winter comes, saying: 'What I said in summer is all useless.'
Everything that is man-made you can't trust on it, mind productions are
nothing. But people insist by satanic advice and they say: 'We must do this
or that to correct the life of mankind', or they are claiming that they may
change the mentality of people from one way to another way.

And it is so difficult to change people's mentality and minds, because when you say this,
someone else is saying: 'No, why should I follow that one? I may think
something also. That is his mentality and his mind production, but I have a
mind and mentality also, so I may do as he did. That one can't be; maybe no
support for his ideas and he is going to vanish and finish. I have the power
for this country in my hands. Therefore I may say and order, encourage
people or force them to do as I am doing or as I am saying.' That is the
only chance for those who do something without heavenly support through
their mentalities and mind productions, the only chance for those who keep
power in their hands. Therefore there are so many -isms, like Socialism,
Communism, Capitalism, Kemalism, Liberalism, Feminism, Hayvanism, so many,
because they have power. Through their power they force people to follow
them. Even people hate those ideas, but they do by force, because they are

And that is a punishment from the Lord of Heavens for people, because they
refused to be servants of the Lord Almighty Allah, so Allah makes them
slaves for those devils. That is a punishment from the Lord of Heavens, who
is putting on them some tyrants. Why tyrants are coming? Like the German
tyrant Hitler, the Italian tyrant Mussolini, the Russian tyrants Trotzki,
Stalin and Lenin? And other tyrants in Turkey, in Iraq, in Egypt, in Hijaz,
in Yemen- everywhere Allah Almighty is sending on people tyrants. It is a
punishment from Him, because people refused to be servants of the Lord,
asking freedom, freedom, freedom. And that means freedom from religious
commands or heavenly commands. They are asking to save themselves from all
heavenly commands.

One hundred years ago in Turkey people brought down Sultan Abdul Hamid and
they were saying: 'Freedom, hurriyet', because the Sultan was keeping the
holy law of Allah, the Shariat, and people were asking to save themselves
from being servants of Allah. The Shariat, the heavenly law, is asking
people to be servants for the Lord. When people refused it and took it away
to save themselves, Allah Almighty sent on them tyrants as a punishment. It
is not a blessing. They were asking freedom and Allah gave it to them, but
making on them a tyrant, who is also free to deal with people with every
worst dealing. No justice, no mercy, no any good thing comes from tyrants to
people, they are dealing with people in a worst way. They are all
oppressors, sadists, dishonoured and dishonest people. Allah is sending them
on people.

Now whole Dunya in our days is living in fear, and most people, 99% of the
people, is living without any hope- they lost their hope. When a person
looses hope, it means, he is like dead, his book is closed. Who is hopeless
for tomorrow, he is finished. And after hopelessness fear is surrounding
them from outside and rushing on their heart, so that they are going to be
in the worst condition, and their life is going to be the life of Hell. If a
person looses hope, it means he died and every cursing is on him.
To be hopeless is forbidden in Islam, and we say: 'Alhamdulillah- today is
better than yesterday, tomorrow is better than today.' This hope may only be
given through the Awliya, through their heavenly powers, and they may give
to those, who believe in them and who come together around them. Like in the
time of the Prophet; when the Sahabas were alone, they were fearing and
hopeless, but when they were with the Prophet, they were full of hope, power
and contentment.

And every time you may find his inheritors in the world now. All people are
in need only the declaration of such a person, and him to reach to people
with his spiritual power, to take away from them the darkness of their
hopeless thinking about what is coming on them tomorrow.

Who is reaching to the Rijalullah, to the Prophet and his inheritors, the
Saints, who are all friends of Allah Almighty, may say:
'Bismillahi-r-Rahmani-r-Rahim' and sleep. No troubles with them, no. They
may say: 'O my Lord, my soul is in Your Hands. By Your command it may be
taken when I am sleeping. If You are asking to take my soul, keep it through
the lights of Paradise. If You are asking to send my soul back to my body,
keep me with You, not to be with Shaitan and his followers.'

This is a strange association, that may go in different directions, but as a
summary it is signing what people are in need of and it is telling also
about people's spiritual difficulties, how they should be saved and how must
be the saviour of mankind. May Allah forgive us and give you what you are in
need of from Him and His Prophet. May Allah bless you.

Lefke - 03.01.2002

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