Maulana Sheikh NazimNobody remained who can be a Sheikh anymore

Nobody remained who can be a Sheikh anymore...There are no more Muslims,
people have become useless...

Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim - I am throwing a bomb toward Shaitan-

What I am saying is not from myself, it is not my words. Who is speaking
from himself is just a translator for his ego...For us they opened a huge
line, and we are speaking from there.

Adab is the most precious jewel that has been given to man. Without Adab you
cannot approach the Divine Presence. Without Adab you are thrown away,
useless. There is an Ayat in the Holy Quran which tells us to deal with each
other with Adab and to give respect to those who are honoured people. But
because they put the respected ones down, we have no more useful people.
I am asking: Are there any more respected people, whose door is always open,
who people like to visit, kiss their hand, respect them, and whose words are
listened to? No. Not in Konya, not in Istanbul, and that is a city with over
10 Million inhabitants... A shame for people... And everyone is suffering.

Why? What is their worry? Dunya. Otherwise there is nothing to worry about.
And Allah wants to take you out, He wants to save you. Turn to His service,
turn your face towards Him, then no worry remains. People say: We have no
time to listen to Sheikh's cassettes, we are in the economic crises... And
they need police, because there are no more people with turban who are full
of heybet... Worry about Dunya made us useless. O Allah, don't make Dunya our
biggest worry! And nowadays people's biggest worry is Dunya. Even for the
Muslims, and it is not suitable for a believer.

The face of a real believer is shining. His aim is Allah, and therefore
Allah gives him Mu'in-angels, helper-angels on his side. But if one does not
have Allah as an aim, all they time one has to count and worry, and still
reach to nothing, and it makes one crazy, because always Shaitan is
interfering to spoil it.

Grandsheikh was telling the story of a man who was trading with carpets. He
used to do all the prayers and closed his shop when it was time for prayer.
And he used to sell about 100 carpets every day. Then somehow it came to him
that he wanted to increase his business and he started to leave out this or
that prayer, this or that Sunnah, to have more time for selling carpets. But
at the end of the day he noticed that he just sold 80 carpets and not 1oo
like before, even he had ,saved' two hours for business. So the next day he
left more prayers, but at the end he counted and they only sold about 60
carpets. This is a teaching story, no matter if it happened or not, but it
contains truth. Then finally he said to his people: O servants of Allah,
look, there is a lesson for us in what happened. As long as we kept strongly
and respected the order of Allah, He made our trading easy and we were
earning so much. But from the moment that we started to neglect the prayer
and din't follow His orders anymore, thinking that we would earn much more,
our provision was cut down.

O believers, don't think what you earn is from you, because of your effort. But it comes from
the helper-angels that Allah sends to help the believers, and who make things easy and blessed.

There was a Sheikh in Daghestan, Sheikh Surughi Hazletleri. He used to drop
everything and go to the mosque as soon as the Adhan was being called. One
time Shaitan came to visit him in disguise. Sheikh Surughi was building
something, and just they called the Adhan. He dropped the brick that he just
wanted to put in its place. ,O master', Shaitan said quickly, ,why don't you
finish what you are doing? What is the hurry? I am advising you to finish
this, it will be more easy for you.' ,Look, whoever you are', Sheikh Surughi
replied, ,don't you go to the mosque? Then, if you want to help me and do
something good for me, you continue and put the bricks.' But Shaitan had
some excuses and so the Sheikh said: ,Since you didn't come to do a goodness
to me, go to hell.'

The more you keep Allah's orders and respect Him, the more help He will send
to you.

There are so many holy ones in Konya, but the people are only worrying about
Dunya. They are died with the common colour, it is no more a ,green city'
like it used to be... I am leaving everything to Allah. O Allah, send
happiness to the hearts of believers and fear to the hearts of unbelievers,
the enemies of Islam.

Lefke - 09.12.2001

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