Maulana Sheikh NazimIt is not good for a Mureed to ask to the Sheikh

It is not good for a Mureed to ask to the Sheikh. When we're speaking you may
find your answers through our associations. First of all you must try to be
with Allah Almighty, and who is asking to be with Allah Almighty must be
clean. And cleanliness begins by saying: 'Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim',
because who is going to be with Shaitan is dirty; he can't be with Allah.
Allah is not accepting that person. And Shaitan is always asking to come
closer to you; he likes to be with you always, so that he is not going to
leave you (to be) with Allah. Shaitan is running after mankind for what? To
occupy them, their hearts, so that they can't be able to think of Allah-
just occupied. This is a glass. If it is full, can't be put another thing in
it. If your heart is occupied by Shaitan- how it can be for Allah? Any room
through your heart? It is impossible. Therefore Allah Almighty is ordering
His servants that they must leave Shaitan, must kick him away, so that the
heart of the servant is going to be ready and prepared for Allah.

They are saying about our eternal life, all Grandsheikhs; and their
teachings are from Rasul salallahu alayhi wassalim. They are only trying to
prepare the servants for the eternal life, for eternity. They are saying it
is not important (what you are asking), so that I may ask you what you are
asking me, because you should ask (like) what an ant is asking (from a man):
It is asking for a small piece of straw or of bread or such small things,
asking to be lead on it, and may say: 'I am hungry o man, servant of my Lord'.
An ant is asking from man only that, because its capacity is for that.
And if Grandsheikh is leaving (you) to ask this or that, it is only like
ants asking, nothing else. Even the whole world is only like a small piece
of bread for an ant.

Therefore they are asking from those that are coming and accepting, from
attenders, (to ask) for eternal life, eternity. Don't ask anything. Sit down
and hear, listen. When you hear and listen, then you may move and act. If
you are only hearing and listening, you can't do anything? You are asking
Allah Almighty and His pleasure and that is the highest target for servants.
A servant may only ask: 'Are You happy with me?' All a servant may ask is
his master to be happy with him. And the highest target, aim for servants is
to reach Allah Almighty's pleasure, to make their Lord happy with them. No

As Allah Almighty was saying to the Seal of Prophets sws in the Night of
Journey, when he was in the divine Presence: 'What you are asking, O My
beloved and most praised servant? If My love is with you - what you are
asking? Everything is for you. I am happy with you to give you what you are
asking and more than this, no one knows.'

The servant must be able to be on the steps of Rasulullah sws, so that he
may reach a level, that according to his level Allah Almighty is also asking
and granting to him- because Rasul's level no one can reach. But for
everyone there are levels and stations. According to their level Allah
Almighty with His Greatness is giving, to be on the level of His servants,
asking: 'O My servant, what you are asking? It is granted to you and what
you ask is nothing (in comparison to) what I am giving to you.'

Therefore we try to give something to people for a new understanding. Old
understanding was for past time, but this time's people, this century's
people are in need of such speech and association to be caught, attracted.
This power is now on. It was off, now coming on, and this power is going to
increase, not stopping, not getting less, but more. Therefore- good tidings
for you as a beginning.

We have been sent to Damascus and our associations now in Damascus are not
like in Cyprus, Turkey, England, East or West, because according to divine
appearances that are coming in Damascus- it (the Tajalli) is just different
from others. No comparison. And you are coming from far distances to reach
and to hear such things. Now it is much more affectable on your hearts and
minds, more than before, because time is on, a changing must be on earth.
The period of tyrants, darkness of ignorance like a night just passed, and
now day, dawn is beginning to give its lights and that lights can't be
stopped. All tyrants run away from Allah and make people to worship them and
not Allah, and people are through the darkness of night not knowing what is
reality. They were with these tyrants, but now it is going to be clear whom
they are and what they were doing. And all the representatives of Shaitan
and the supporters of the satanic kingdom on earth are going to tremble from
the new lights of the new day, the new period, that is going to reach to
Sayidinnna Mehdi aleyhi salaam and Isa alayhi salaam.

May Allah grant us to be with them that time. Pray for this. May Allah
forgive us.

Damaskus - 16.04.2002

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