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{{image url="images/pics/random.php" title="Maulana Sheikh Nazim" class="left" alt=Pictures of Maulana Sheikh Nazim}}**Not let us forget His holy Name**

We are asking from Allah Almighty not to let us forget His holy Name... This
is an association, and its main target is to wake up people who are
attending the gathering... The Prophet sws was saying: 'Allahumma la tunzina
dhikrak', 'Oh our Lord, don't leave us to forget Your holy Name.' That is an
important advice. A person must try to be always with Allah Almighty and not
to cut this connection. Who is cutting that connection is falling into
danger. As long as your connection with Allah continues, you are under His
divine protection and support. Therefore it is important to make this Dua:
'Oh our Lord, don't make us to forget Your holy Name, but to remember it
always.' How?

When you say: 'Bismillahi-r-Rahmani-r-Rahim', it means you are with Allah,
you are in connection, and must be protected and supported, and also guided
and directed. Grandsheikh was saying: 'Every way to make a connection with
Allah Almighty is closed now, except to say: 'Bismillahi-r-Rahmani-r-Rahim.'
When you pray, no doubt you are going to be with Allah- more or less, but
when the prayer is finished and you go, you enter Dunya and- finished.

Worship is alway temporary, you come and you remember and are in connection
with Allah. When finishing, no more connection with Allah, the ego feels
free and is very happy to be independent, not to be there anyone to command
or order, to look after, direct or guide him, because the ego never likes
that. The ego never likes to be ordered, commanded, but asks to be in the
position to command. It claims to be there, no one over him to command him.
That is the egos speciality or characteristic.

When Allah Almighty created the ego, nafs, and said: 'Come!' it went back.
When He said: 'Go back!' it was coming forward. That is its main
characteristic and it is enough for everyone to know about his ego. If you
don't know about your ego's characteristic, you are never going to be saved
from it. It is doing everything opposite. Therefore oppositions represent
Shaitan- in parliament, government, every opposition is with Shaitan. First
opposition to ourselves is our ego. First opposition to Allah Almighty is
Shaitan, because when Allah ordered to make Sajdah to Adam Shaitan was
saying: 'No.' Both, ego and Shaitan, are on same characteristic. As long as
you can't be able to control your ego, you are not a servant of Allah- you
can't be.

Every kind of worship is only to help you control your ego, it is not for
Allah. That means your worshipping is not giving any benefit to Allah. All
Heavens, countless angels and countless creatures are bowing to Allah,
making Sajdah to Him and glorifying Allah- no need from you anything,
nothing is reaching to Allah. Our prayers are not giving benefit to Allah-
He is not in need to take benefit from the creation which He created.

The nafs is always opposite. Therefore you must try to break the naf's
pride, not to let it rise its head, but to make its head down. When the ego
makes its head down, then you should be accepted and called, becoming a
servant of Allah. Everyone must ask and try to reach to Allah, that is the
main purpose of your creation and for your life. All prophets' and holy
books' purpose is to make people to reach Allah, nothing else, not to reach
to Dunya.

If you have billions of gold coins or Pounds or Dollars- when you die, where
is that which you claimed to have reached from Dunya? Where are your
treasures? It means you have nothing, you can't reach to anything from the
material world through tis life. No one can reach any material target in his
life, no matter how long he may live. When he is passing away, he leaves his
material on earth- the material in the outside, and he can't even carry the
material of his own body with him. Our body is our material, and even your
material you can't carry, but so many people must come to carry your
material- it is not you.

They say: 'Who is that dead person? For whom is this funeral?' May be famous
and richest one- where is he? In his coffin. If he is there- why is he not
speaking? He may adress us. But now we are seeing there only a piece of
wood, and nothing else. We adress him- but no answer. We touch him, but no
reflex. You may say: 'That is Janaza for Ali or for Wali. It is his Janaza-
where is he? He is not there. Janaza means his material. But he is not
there, only his material is there, he disappeared. So how you can claim that
you may reach material from Dunya- and billions of people run after Dunya to
take more material- when in the end you cannot even take yur own material,
your own body?

The main purpose of the creation of mankind, insan, is to reach to Allah-
material cannot be a target for us- and we must try to reach to Allah. And
we can't reach to Allah if we are not travelling from ourselves to the
divine Presence. You must travel from yourself to Allah Almighty's divine

If you are asking for a journey to Hajj, you are using some means to ride
on- camels, or cars, coaches or planes or ships. To travel to Allah, you
must ride on your ego, that is your ride. You can't use any material means
to reach to Heavens. Don't be cheated and tell me that you may travel by
rockets. No, you can't do this, it is useless, like the toys of children.
But you must use the ride of your ego- and this is the answer to those who
may ask: 'For what did Allah give us the ego?'

The ego's characteristic is like animal's characteristic: animals help you,
they give service to you, but it is not from you. Only you may use them for
your purposes, to help you, and you may ride camels or horses or load
something on them. And same with the ego- it may carry you from yourself to
the divine Presence.

When Abu Yazid reached the divine Presence, he knocked the door and asked
Allah Almighty: 'O my Lord, how can I reach to you? I like to come to You, o
my Sultan, how can I do that?' And the divine answer came: 'Leave your ego
and come.' Because no one is coming to the king and asking to reach to him
and insisting that he must go in front of him riding on his horse. Everyone
must come down and walk to the king. Allah said: 'Leave your horse outside
and come. I don't like that one, the nafs, to come to me.' Therefore it is
very important that our horses should behave and be under our control to
take us to the divine Presence. Don't think that if you have a jet-plane you
can reach East and West by yourself; no, you need a captain in it, who may
fly it or teach you how you can fly yourself. People are therefore of two
kinds, and some of them come and say: 'We can't make it to use our ego to
reach Allah Almighty's divine Presence, but you know- we follow you.'

The inheritors of the prophets may use that means, a plane, and they may reach.
But there is no need for all the passengers to know how to use the plane.
We are in need to teach our egos through our life and to know how we can be
able to use it up to the divine Presence. When someone reaches there, Allah
will order that person: 'Come to Me, but leave your ego outside.' He is not
accepting egos to be in His divine Presence. It is a very important point
that we must know how we can be able to control our ego. All obediency and
servanthood, worshipping and prayers are only to prepare us how we can be
inthe divine Presence.

You must have someone for teaching you how you can be able to take yourself
to the divine Presence and to make down your ego. The ego is never asking to
bow to anyone, and you must make it to bow to its Creator, to Allah. The
Prophet was saying in his prayer: 'O our Lord, don't leave us in our ego's
hands even for the blink of an eye', because, if we are left to it, quickly
we will fall down. Not to be in the hands of your ego you need your
connection with Allah Almighty to be continuous, and nothing can be done for
that purpose except through the remembrance of the holy Name of Allah-
making Dhikr. You can only do this. We are asking to make one step to say
'Bismillahi-r-Rahmani-r-Rahim' for standing, 'Bismillahi-r-Rahmani-r-Rahim'
for sitting, for eating, drinking, speaking- for anything and everytime you
may say: 'Bismillahi-r-Rahmani-r-Rahim', and your connection will be
continuous, never cut, always.

Grandsheikh said: 'Now in our days it is enough for everyone to keep the
connection if he says: 'Bismillahi-r-Rahmani-r-Rahim' for everything he is
asking to de or to be in. If he is forgetting, he will be forgotten.
There is a fuse, if it is broken, everyting is in darkness, no connection to
the power at home. When a person is forgetting his Lord's existence, it
means that his connection is cut, and he is in another place and Allah in
His glory, and he must quickly make the connection again. When he says:
'Bismillahi-r-Rahmani-r-Rahim' he is quickly making that connection and it
is okay. When the fuse is blown, the Besmela makes it as before. No one can
touch you.

If you need to do something, according to your intention, the power will
come to you. The only condition is that you must do and intend to reach to
Allah. If not, that connection is never going to be made, and the fuse is
broken, and you are automatically going to be with Shaitan. You fall in
darkness, can't see, and can't do what you are asking to do. You can't see
right, left, up, down, in front or behind- you are imprisoned through the
darkness, in a dark world. Therefore be very careful to use from now on
'Bismillahi-r-Rahmani-r-Rahim' for everything. If your fuse is broken,
quickly renew it or change it for a new one.

This is an important association to be known by everyone, not only by
Muslims, Arabs or Turks, no. Even people in the non-Muslim world must use
it, because everyone is living in the same situation, or under the same
circumstances. People are living in the same atmosphere. In winter we are
all under the circumstances of winter; when the summer is coming, we get hot
and say: Ohhh. This is never changing. Therefore man must try to do that, to
use His holy Name, or His three holy Names, in the Besmela.

If not, you can't reach to do anything with its perfection. Anyone who is
not in connection with Allah Almighty is ever bringing anything to its
perfection. Therefore everyone living on earth now must try to remember that
he is always in the divine Presence. As a mirror showing people their forms,
you are going to appear in mirror what you do. For everyone there is a
special mirror- looking in it and coming in existence, and you should be free
to choose for good or bad. If reaching that choice, you are happy and lucky.
If you are not able to choose, that means, you never reach a perfection.

Many people can't choose by themselves. Therefore we are in need of
someones- prophets and saints, their inheritors- who may choose for us what
we are in need of really for our perfection. Everyone has a perfect position
in their creation. You have a perfection that belongs only to you- no one
else can be in that perfection. X has another perfection through his
creation that no other person can reach, Y has again another perfection-
like goats on mountains, each one is independent. When you are reaching to a
person who may know your real and final position in the divine Presence and
your perfection, who is looking to the Preserved Tablet, he may lead and
guide you. That is the reason that mankind needs guides. The first man was a
guide also. Prophets are all guides.

O Allah, You are the real Sultan, the eternal Sultan. Try to be His right
servants, true servants- for that purpose we have been created. May Allah
bless you and our gathering and give us a good understanding. We need guides-
without guides, no guidance.

Lefke - 30.12.2001

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