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{{image url="images/pics/random.php" title="Maulana Sheikh Nazim" class="left" alt="Pictures of Maulana Sheikh Nazim" }} **Nothing is going to be as a servant is asking it to be**

Destur, ya Sayyidi, Meded, Mede ya Sultanu-l Awliya, Meded, ya Rijalallah, aiduna bi madadikum…la haula wa la quwatta illa bi-llahi-l ‘Aliyu-l ‘Azim, la haula wa la quwatta illa bi-llahi-l ‘Aliyu-l ‘Azim…Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim, Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim, la haula wa la quwatta illa bi-llahi-l ‘Aliyu-l ‘Azim…

Nothing (is) going to be as a servant (is) asking (it to be). If a person (is) going to be servant, servant to a Sultan, do you think that his will (is) going to be or Sultan’s will is going on? What is that foolishness from people, form everyone to ask to be everything as he wishes, as he is asking? That is (a) big mistake from servants: to run after impossible. That (is) making this world to be in endless problems and to fall into depthless sufferings. (It is the) main point, because people (are) running after to catch (the) impossible. Shaitan (is) showing them an aspect and to reach to that aspect or target or limit, it is impossible!

Sometimes a person is playing with his cat: binding a piece of eat with a string, making like this… (up and down)… approaching to cat, when asking to reach, making like this… jumping, and that person (is) never leaving (the cat) to reach to that piece of meat. And then (the) cat (is) making like this…. angry, running away.

Now Shaitan (is) showing people a target, saying: “You must try to reach to that point”, and it is beyond of our limits; neither our physical being (is) suitable for reaching to that point nor what we are using from some means to carry a person to that distance. But Shaitan (is still) saying: “You must do this.“ Look the endless foolishness or unlimited foolishness from mankind: I heard before 3-4 days that now there is a new travel agency. This is new! What is that new travel agency? (They are) saying: “It is for travellers (that) they are cutting a ticket going and coming.” “How much?” “Only 2o million Dollars one ticket!” You heard such a thing? 2o million US Dollars. For what? One ticket, return ticket, but they are saying: “Only we can’t give any guarantee for returning”… What is that! And (they are) saying: ”Oh my darling, you heard such a ticket? We must be first travellers!” “To where?” “Space! Travelling to space! We are putting you in a missile, your head must be down, your feet must be up. If anything (is) happening, your feet (are) going to be taken, not your head, head down!” What they are saying, ordering me to speak it is ajaib! People (are) running after impossible… This American here not knowing yet, heedless Americans…

Making man, playing with their minds, with countless tricks and traps, putting for mankind that Shaitan. “Return ticket” saying, and: “We are saying that no guarantee for returning…”

I was fearing from Concorde- because (it is) so quick, so speedful, taking from England to America (only) 3 hours- and people may say to me: “We may sent you from England to America”, like our brother (was) saying: “We may cut a ticket for you, (in) 3 hours you should be there”… But I (was) never getting a guarantee for that Concorde place and quickly that finished. Now they are not using it, (it is) retired, and I am rest now- no one (is) asking me: “Come ya Sheikh, with Concorde we may sent you!” What about this that their aim is to reach beyond of atmosphere? And atmosphere, as they are knowing, it is only 7o or 8o km. Subhanallah! Allah Almighty (is) making everything in a suitable position, because if (it was) going to be that thickness of it more our blood (was) coming out, exploding everyone. Allah Almighty (is) making (everything) suitable: “Wa wadana’l mizan”… We are putting everything in its best order for Our servants, not to be disturbed by atmosphere, by rains, by winds”- only sometimes, when the Lord of Heavens (is) getting a little bit angry, (He is) sending hurricane…(making everything upside down), carrying people and throwing them into ocean… no one knowing where they went, only Allah Almighty…

Now so many people (are) asking to be first ones for that travelling, to be written their names through Encyclopaedia Britannica: “That first foolish ones who are paying 2o million Dollars and going up for travelling through space…. But, I'm sorry, no one (was) coming back” and therefore (that) agency (is) taking a guarantee from that person, (saying): “If anything happening (and) you can’t return, no one (is) coming from your inheritors to ask about (your) return ticket money! You used 1o millions, they never come back, 1o million give us!” So that no one (is) coming to ask (a) refund…

Now I am looking who is going? I am offering to all Presidents, Prime Minister, and top-level people- generals, field marshals, to be first ones to look after that area, because they are understanding what is its distance to make a division for parcelling space beyond atmosphere… and I was intending to send as my deputy Y… may be on behalf of me to look big parcel for Sheikh, for Dergah…

People! Subhanallah- “la yukallifu-llaha illa wusaha”… Allah Almighty (is) never asking from His servants impossible. Our possibility (is) everything that may be according to our power possible. (That) possibility we have been granted, but beyond (that) possibility there is (the) impossible, Allah Almighty (is) never asking. If you have been given billions of Dollars, but you are not going to be offered that you may take a return ticket to travel through space- no, it is not for us! Allah Almighty (is) never happy to make His servants… or (for they) to run through impossibility or impossible. (The) biggest Bela, (the) biggest cursing that people (are) running on it, it is from Shaitan: to make them to run after impossible (things). And if you are going to make a list of (all) impossible things and (to) speak on it, it may take weeks for us.

Now through (the) 21st century people- that they are so proud people- they are saying: “We reached (the) top limit of civilization, we reached the limit of being able to control nature and natural powers give us that possibility, giving us an authority to ask impossible things.”

(Because of) that possibility that mankind (has been) granted now through (the) 21st century, Shaitan (is) never leaving them to enjoy what they have been granted from possible chances, possible pleasures, possible favours; they are leaving it and asking to run after impossible, because after (the) possible there is (the) impossible area. No one (is) giving a guarantee to you when you (are) running to (the) impossible area, but Shaitan (is) making them to be proud in such a way like Nimrod, (who) was asking to reach Heavens and to fight the King, the Sultan, the Lord of Heavens. Just he passed his limit, (and) then he was shot down, Nimrod…

Those people now (are) asking what Nimrod asked and how Nimrod (was) punished, another punishment (is) waiting for those heedless people, inhabitants of all (the) world that (are) asking to run beyond possibility to impossible areas. They should be punished also! Everywhere, through every field of life, people (are) running and asking impossible areas. Through every field of life: doctors, engineers, business men, governments, nations, power engines… universities, farmers, shepherds, shippers, flying people- all of them they are asking (the impossible), they are not saying: “Thanks to our Lord who created us the possibility to use these powers from nature and we take benefit and safety for ourselves! It is a grant from Allah to us! ‘Wa zakhara lakum ma fi samawati wa ma fi-l ard’- that is from our Lord’s Favour that we have been granted!” They are not saying this, but they are listening to Shaitan and Shaitan is showing them: “No, it is not a limit for you to be in (the) possible area only, you must run through impossible (areas), to look after impossible areas through space!”

What is your possibility to jump into space? Who (is) giving you that authority? They are not looking our manifestation, our physical being and its possibilities? No, they are not looking, never looking, but shaitanic ideas (are) always making people to leave (what is) important and to run to unimportant things. You are living your life only very short time, oh people- why you are running and wasting your energy and physical being running after (the) impossible? (The) impossible area needs another structure that it is not granted to mankind that they have been landed to live on this planet, not to jump up! Allah created some other creatures, Angels’ world, that they may use this impossible areas that are possible for them, impossible for ourselves.

Everything- we are (on the) wrong way: Our governments (are on the) wrong way, our Presidents, our leaders (are) on wrong way. Particularly universities (are on the) wrong way. Every teaching center (is) under (the) control of shaitanic ideas and teachings- how you can hope (for) a good future for mankind on this planet? As long as they are running after (the) impossible, that means they finished, (except those) whom they are saving themselves and keeping their limits, that it has been granted to them to live on this planet…

Even flying from continent to continent is also beyond our limits; therefore all of them (are) travelling under a big dangerous atmosphere. Any moment may happen something for a flight, and no one (is) going to be saved because even these 1o km, not 1o, but 3 or 4 km, it is so, we may say, on earth limits, but beyond this, that rockets, all of them (are) passing away, passing their limits, therefore mostly their riders (are) looking and seeing some figures approaching them and coming around this (rocket)… They are not saying this, they are keeping (it secret), not giving any knowledge about them, but very few, some people are saying that: “When we are passing up, the guardians of first space (are) coming and looking whom they are you and what they are doing, and (then) coming (a) big fear through them, they are going to be like drunk people and they are asking to move down. They are not seeing safety up, but they are looking safety for them (is) to come down… Oh people, come down, don’t pass your limit! You are not spiritual beings no, your creation (is of) another kind. Keep it! Keep your Lord’s respect and Glory for the Lord of Heavens and try to give to the Lord of Heaven your glory to be happy here and Hereafter.

May Allah forgive me and bless you. For the honour of the most honoured one in His divinely Presence, S.Muhammad sws, Fatiha.

Lefke, 23.06.2004, transcribed by Khairiyah Siegel

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