Maulana Sheikh NazimNothing is permanent

Nothing is permanent. Material by itself can't move, can't do anything. Even
atoms can't move by themselves. There is the centre of the atom, the
nucleus, and around it are the electrons. They are moving or not? -Yes.- You
can see it? - No.- But you are saying 'Yes'.The important point is that they
are moving, they are not fixed. Even we say this stone is solid material,
when we come to its original (base), they are not frozen, but moving; and
their movements are so fast, like the speed of light. It may be less or
more, but the electrons are moving around the nucleus. We know that nothing
can move without a power; power makes something to move. Every movement
needs a oushing or a pulling power. And I am asking: 'From where (is that
power coming)? This atom is the smallest piece of matter or mass, and beyond
this we are not seeing any mass. What is that power that makes electrons to
move with such high speed?'

All atoms move with the same speed, and each one has a special orbit and
runs on it. There are no accidents, no traffic lights. No. Such a perfectly
arranged system is in every atom. If that atom wasn't taking any signal from
beyond its existence, it would be impossible for such a movement to come in

Therefore materialist people are so wrong; they deny that there is another
unseen world beyond the material world, which is controlling everything
through this material world.

Now we are coming to our position. We know that man originally is not
moving. Our creation is such that if we are not needy for something, we like
to sit down, not to move. If we are in need to reach something we are
moving. Therefore Allah didn't create man like the angels; our creation is
different from them angels, whom belong to the Alem-ul-Latif, the spiritual
world, and man to the world of density. Therefore we are not moving, we are
like rocks, sitting, not asking to move.

But Allah Almighty is sending on us hunger, so when we are sitting like
this, we start to think: 'I am so hungry, why I am sitting? I must get up
and look for something to eat, to prepare something.' If this sense weren't
with us, we would sit down. And Allah is sending thirst and we are asking
for something to drink. The heaviness of mass or material is with our
structure, it makes us to move, and there are so many different necessities
that make man to move, to do something, to run, to built, to establish, to
learn. And we are, that same reasons, necessities for ourselves. Then we
stand up.

And more than these necessities we have another sense which makes us to move
towards Heavens. Because the necessities of the physical being are in
limits, even they may cover our whole life, and that sense or interest may
make a man to run after it up to the last moment of his life. There is
another need, and that is for our inner life; some interest that we are
feeling through ourselves and we are asking to reach. That is another reason
for man to move.

One belongs to earth, one to Heavens; therefore man is moving. If it is for
material aspects, our material being is enough to run after it, but if it is
for spiritual aspects, we need some other teachings, treatment and
practising for reaching those other kinds of aspects that belong to our
spiritual being.

Now it is going to be clear for everyone that they have two different beings
in one cage. Everyone's interest is different or opposite, and for these
different aspects everyone needs different efforts, works and movements to
reach to them.

Now we sit here and I am saying: Destur, ya Sayidi, Meded! I am asking,
because this gathering is a spiritual gathering, and we are authorized to
guide people on their spiritual aspects or targets. If our position is in
such a way, we must be in connection with spiritually powerful people. We
must look for some people that have been spiritually authorized to make our
connection to Heavens, which has been cut down.

When Adam (alehi sallaam). came down on earth, the relationship between man and Heavens
finished, it was cut off. Heavens was up and we fell down to Asfala safilin,
the lowest point of being down; our position is such, that there is no more
under it. When we were sent down from Heavens, quickly that relationship was
cut. Now we need to renew our connection with Heavens. Until we reach to
that connection there is no peace, and we are going to be under the heavy
burden of the material world. It is coming on us and we can't move. That
heaviness of the material world can't be taken from us, and it is impossible
for a person to save himself from the heavy burden of the material life,
except through his connection with his spiritual position. When he reaches
his spiritual position, he should be saved from the heavy burden of
materials. People are only in trouble because of this matter. The whole
world is under the heavy burden of materials; therefore they are shouting,
because their connection with Heavens is cut, they are not even finding
breathing freely. Sometimes they can breathe, sometimes it is cut off and
they shout.

The people in the entire world are like that, because they give importance
only to the material life, and it kills them, destroys them, making them to
suffer and miseries to come on them.

Therefore Allah sent His first prophet S.Adam a.s. to be the guide for his
sons, to renew their connection to Heavens, to Paradise. And each time
through His endless mercy Allah sent to mankind some heavenly personalities
who are dressed heavenly powers, to renew our connection with Heavens. Who
accepted, became free, was saved; who escaped died under the heaviness of
the material burden.

Now the whole world needs a support from spiritually powerful people. It is
enough that people ran after politicians and governments- they can't do
anything, they finished, they have no more power through their hands to
change mankind's life situation. And all mankind is in need to change their
life-style; it must be changed 100% or by 18o degrees, to come from the
lowest point up to save themselves. The leading governments can't give
guidance, guidance is for prophets, leading is for people of Dunya. Look in
East and West, look to Europeans and Oriental people, Russia, America-
everywhere leaders fell in a position that they cannot save themselves nor
their people. But people are not thinking about another way, which is the
guidance of Heavens.

Allah Almighty is saying: 'I am sending My guide and guidance to you.' When
He sent Adam, He said: 'O Adam, I am sending My guide and guidance to you
and your children. Who is accepting that, should be saved. Who runs away,
should die under the heavy burden of satanic ways.' Therefore now the whole
world is in need of a new change. Everything must go, must be thrown away, a
new establishment must come whose people make our connection to Heavens, so
that people may reach their peace, contentment and satisfaction. No other
way- just closed; impossible, they can't find any other way, because
materialist visions and ideas are bankrupt. Finished- we made an X on them.
Sometimes I am seeing what they call a 'car-cemetery', and the cars there
have a sign on them, an X , meaning they are finished. Now all governments
starting with Turkey, America, Russia, and Argentina, and first-class
beginning with Pakistan and China- all finished, because all of them asking
to save themselves by material methods; and they are finished- the engine
just burned. You must throw it away and put another one, but if they bring a
new one, same time that one is going to burn also, because it is finished,
it can't work. Now coming X on all countries; finished. Don't think England
is better for us- it is same. Pakistan, Hindistan, Malaysia, Ceylon, China-
everywhere the X is signing that they are finished.

You must understand! Up today people run to save themselves by material
means, but finished, they tried every way. After kings and sovereignity they
said there should be one party, and for some time, a little bit it was going
like this, like that. Then they said: 'One party is not enough; because we
can't collect all people under one flag. We may make another one.' And that
second party was successful for some time, but finally finishing. And they
brought more and more; now there are countless parties in Europe and in the
whole world, but they are finished, they can't do anything. Alhamdulillah
that Allah is leaving those people to their mentalities that claimed that
they could live their life-style, as they like.

They left the guidance of Allah Almighty and follow satanic teachings and
come to an end; just closed down and never going to open again. Ask what is
the way of Heavens, to save the servants of Allah that live on earth. Ask
and follow, or you are also going to finish with the others. May Allah
forgive us.O Allah, send us from Your honoured servants to save us from the
darkness of satanic teachings and practising.

Someone asked about a Hadith, according to which in the three years before
the arrival of Mehdi a.s. first 25% less rain should fall and the earth
should grow 25% less, in the second year 5o% and in the third year no rain
at all should fall and there should be no growth. Sheikh Effendi said: 'It
was the last seven years. That finished, and what is opening now is an
opening for Mehdi a.s. This year opening.

Lefke - 12.01.2002

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