Maulana Sheikh NazimNothing Really Exists

Is it possible for an ant to understand a bee? Is it possible for a cat to understand a dog? If a cat isn't a dog, he cannot know the real position of a dog. A dog will understand a dog, a cat will understand a cat. Everyone understands their own level. An ant cannot understand a man. All it knows, is that if it lands under the foot of a man, it will be finished. It knows we are a great creature which moves, but it cannot give any description.

Only a man can know about another man. A man cannot even know about a woman, just like a woman cannot know 100% about a man, because they are fully different beings. So how could it be possible for mankind to understand the Creator? Only another creator could do that. But there cannot be two creators, it is impossible. The greatness of the Creator is that He knows everything, every detail of His creatures.

One divided by infinity is zero. That means nothing is in existence. Every part of your body can be divided to the point of zero. Infinity multiplied by zero is zero. What we are seeing is in reality nothing, shadows. You look into the mirror and you think it is you, but in reality it is just your image, your shadow. Every part which is in existence can come to a point where it cannot be divided anymore.

The Creator in His endless Oceans of Wisdom and His Will creates countless universes, worlds, servants, creatures and kinds of creatures. He calls them, "Come into existence!" and they appear. If He tells them to go, they will disappear in His endless oceans. No-one can refuse His Will. Man must know that they are nothing. When they admit this, they will lose the pride which prevents them to be in the service of the Lord.

People do not even have the most simplest knowledge about the Creator today, even though they do not even have any real existence! That in the mirror is not you! A photograph doesn't exist, even if it looks like it. Everything you see is an image: nothing!

On the Night Journey Allah said to his beloved servant, "I will make you a mirror of me!" This is why we are saying, "La illaha illa'Llah, Muhammadur Rasul Allah!"

A television would be nothing without a screen, without it nothing can be seen. If you would change the material of the screen it also would not show. In the same way. Muhammad sws is the only one who can serve this purpose. Without his creation nothing could be in existence. In the coming years of the second millennium such real realities of the Lord Almighty Allah will appear.

This is like a feast where the elephant who comes would take its provision, just like the ant would. This is a power station and everyone who comes here will take their share, whether they are aware of it, or not.


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