Maulana Sheikh NazimNow there is no more mankind, but animal-mankind

(Someone was asking Sheikh’s advice for mankind today)

Now there is no more mankind, but animal-kind…

Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim, Bismillahi-r-Rahmani-r-Rahim. Destur, ya Sayidi, ya Sultan-ul-Awliya. That is first obligation for everyone if he/she is asking to do something, to know, from mankind. It is most important acting for everyone from every kind of believers. Believers believe in an unseen existence, therefore they are believing. If I am saying: ’Believe that this is a recorder’, it is not true to say: ‘Believe this is a tape-recorder’, but you may say: ’Look, that is tape-recorder’, because you are seeing, hearing and touching.
Believer means someone who is accepting the existence of some other kind of beings that our five senses never reach; or, it is impossible to reach those beings through our five senses. Therefore we say that unseen worlds you can’t see, can’t hear, can’t smell, taste or touch them, and believers are those who believe in some worlds or beings that are in existence without looking, without hearing, without using their five senses.

If you are one of those people (who use their five senses), then you must know that you are in need to reach the reality of those unseen world’s existence. You must know something, and you must learn something, and that knowledge also you cannot touch. Knowledge is a cevher; that means, without ‘arab can’t be seen. Cevher and ‘arab. ‘Arab is without blackness, without dimension, you can’t see. ‘arab, like sifat, attribute, giving the description of the essence, that can’t be known without ‘arab… They are not understanding, but you must understand… You are believing; and belief is the way for your real being to reach to the essence. They never belong to material beings, no.

Now people living on earth through the 21st century are mostly imprisoned through their material being, and they are never going to be able to cut that and to reach beyond their material world. And the only means that may take you beyond the material world is belief- there is no other way, no other means. Or you should be like a fossil. If a person remains through his five senses, later he is going to be like a fossil in the earth-layers; no way to reach heavenly worlds, unseen worlds and universes.

This is a powerful introduction for everyone, they must know it. But most people never take any interest to cut the layers of the earth and to get out. They say: ’It is okay for us to be among these layers.’ They belong to the material world; no chance for them to reach to Heavens. They are through darkness. The creation that belongs to darkness should be forever there, up to eternal, ebedi, because they were not asking something beyond their body, their material being; they were never interested.

And on the Day of Resurrection they ask: ’O our Lord, send us once again to our first life and we should be as You like.’ But Allah is saying: ‘No; when you go there once again, you should do the same, your interest should be only for the material world. If I am sending you back 1o times, 7o times, or 1oo, 1ooo times, you are interested in the material world and you are not going to ask to get out.’ Therefore up to eternal they should be through their layers of the material world, which represents the darkness of creation. You must understand why they are going to be forever in Hells. It means that they choose darkness, their choice was darkness, and therefore divinely Justice is giving to them what they are asking. No oppression, no dhulm, no. They are asking, and they say: ‘Send us once again to the world; we should be as You like’, but they come here and their nature and interest runs to the material world once again, and once again they are going to be liars.

The interest of all people, of the whole population on earth, is through their material being; the whole world’s interest is only Dunya. Beyond Dunya people don’t ask anything, they don’t do anything, and they prevent people to even think on it. They say: ’You are not creatures suitable for our century, you must go away. We don’t like you to be with us, because your interest is not what we are interested in- Dunya, this life. You say something else- hereafter. We are not interested.’ The interest of all nations, governments, rulers and ruling systems is only darkness, this world, nothing else. When they pass away, they should say: ’Send us once again’, but Allah knows that they are not going to change their interest, no. When they come here once again, they should forget, and their interest should be only this life.

This is a very important point; it must be well-known, because so many people ask: ’Why for a short life so many billions of people are going to be send to Hells?’ Hells means the dark territories of the divine creation, that people through this life were running on it. They were interested only in the darkness of this life, never interested to be enlightened by divine lightening.

Therefore every time prophets come those people say: ’No, we are not accepting you. We are interested only in this life.’ Why Abu Jahil and others were fighting with Rasulullah? They said to Rasulullah sws: ’You call us to leave our interest and to come with you. And we are never going to leave our interest- gold, silver and enjoyment with our physical being without any hindrance in front of us, up and down. When you come and call us, we are not going to leave our interest in the material world. Go away. If you insist, we will fight you, if you are insisting more, we are coming to kill you, to take you away.’

From the beginning of prophecy on earth common people were always saying to the prophets: ’No, you make a hindrance in front of our interest, for our material pleasures and interest; we are not accepting that.’ Noah was calling his people for 95o years, and every day they were fighting with him, saying: ’No, we are not coming to you, because our interest is only this.’

The same illness, the same interest, is growing up now more and more and more under the name of ‘freedom’. People ask freedom, an absolute freedom for them, as people live in jungles. First they take away religious hindrances, throwing them away, and after that they begin to take away also the rules of the country that rulers put on them, which prevent them from an absolute freedom to do everything as they like. From 1789 they began to force to destroy those limits also, so that there is no more any hindrance in front of people, and they found as the most suitable field what they call ‘democracy’: Absolute freedom for us.

They make as much as possible advertisement for it, and now people fight for democracy, because they know that the alternative for democracy should be theocracy, heavenly rules. ‘When heavenly rules come we are finishing’, they say, ‘therefore we must use all our ability and capacity to stop it and to take away everything under the name of rules coming from Heavens. Because if that alternative comes, there is no more enjoyment and pleasure for our egos.’

Therefore they may live a very short life, but they have been given their judgment to be in Hells up to eternity, because their interest was Hells. But they are not believing that Hells is their material appreciating. They don’t want to come on alternative for their physical being’s pleasures, and in the Hereafter they should be called: ’Come here’, and fire attracts them like a magnet attracts an iron piece, quickly catching. Fire approaching the Judgment Plain, where all nations, all mankind should be. Fire approaching those people; like a hover taking dust, fire appreciates them, and taking them…

Ahlul Jannah, people of Paradise, can’t be touched by that fire, but others are taken, finished: ’Come to me, as you appreciated me, I am so appreciating to meet you and to take you into my own being.’ That is the meaning of nafs being created from nar, from fire. A small mass is just attracted, taken by the big mass, joining. People find there what they were asking… Divinely Justice… We know only that they are entering, attracted, and going to be through fire layers. They should find there what they were asking for here.

And Paradise people, heavenly people, are taken away. From Paradise should come a subtle wind, quickly going in, and they should find what they were interested in. The people of Hell should be asked: ’Did you reach what your Lord promised to you?’ ‘Yes’, they should say. It should be there very suitable for them. And Paradise people should be asked also: ’Did you find what Allah promised to you?’ ‘Ohh’, they should say also.

Therefore, o people, look after yourself what is your interest. If it is material, prepare yourself for Hells; if it is spirituality, we are waiting for you, looking after it… The ego never says: ‘Enough’, and the fire of Hell has the same greed, asking: ‘Is there no more to take in?’

Lefke - 31.01.2002

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