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O Erdogan Bey

Marhaba O beloved ones who are present. Let us raise our hands to our Lord and say "O our
Lord! We are Your servants. May we live for Your servanthood and may we walk on that path
Ya Rabbana". O Yaran Shah Mardan. What is the reason He (swt) kept us alive? What have we
lived for? What are we living for and what should we live for? Madad Ya Shah Mardan. Masha
Allah, O Allah's lion, O Shah Mardan. O the Lion of Allah whom his Lord loves, who is on His
(swt) Habib's (sas) way, go ahead.
We are sitting in this assembly as weak servants. We are beggars. "Is that so? If you are a beggar,
what do you beg for? What is it that you wish?" Yes! Marhaba O yaran Shah Mardan. "What do
you want? O mankind, what do you want?" Everyday such an addressing comes from the
Heavens: "O Shah Mardan, ask My servants: what do they want?" Madad Ya Deedar (Good
Companion) Shah Mardan. Deedar Shah Mardan. "Ask the people, ask My servants; what do
they want?" This does not come by thinking. This is the most honourable question for mankind.
Shah Mardan wants its answer. "O mankind, what do you want?" "What I want is that, my Lord
created us. We want the rida (pleasure) of Who created us". Who created all of us? O man,
Fakkir! Think O man, what is it that you want? What does Who created you want from you?
Go ahead O Shah Mardan. Your words are al-Haqq (the Truth). We are Your servants, O our
Lord. What we want is Your Rida. Don't look for anything else. Don't look for anything else.
Don't look for jeefah/filth, don't run after carcass. "What do you want?" This is asked every day
from the Heavens. "O Bani Adam! O children of Adam, what do you want?" Allahu Akbar!
Learn how you should answer if you are asked this question. Go ahead O Shah Mardan. "What
do you want, O servant of Allah?" Allahu Akbar. Can you reply - "We want Your Rida Ya
Rabbana? You created us. We want You to be pleased with us. We don't want anything else.
You created us. What we want is that You are pleased with us". Man has an honour. Go ahead,
O Shah Mardan. If he doesn't ask and doesn't seek this honour, he has no value. We should
learn, go ahead O Shah Mardan.
There is the question of, "What do you want" from the Heavens every day. An address comes to
the angels: "What do these servants want? I am Who created them. What do these servants of
Mine want?" "What we want is Your Rida, Ya Rabbana". "If you want My Rida, you need to
know that I created you. I granted you all the things you want too but what you ask for, what you
want are worthless things". O Man! "Yes, O Shah Mardan. The whole creation admires your
knowledge". "Ask them, what does Bani Adam want? I created them! Are they asking 'O Who
created us, what do You want from us?'" Don't be like a cat that looks for mice. Cats run after
mice. What the cats want is, mice. Yes! A cat, what else does it think or care about? All its
concern is "If I caught a mouse, it would be a big feast for me today". Shame on those people
that they have set a mouse as the target of their life. "What I want is a mouse, a rat". "Where
does it live?" They are after the rats that run around in the sewer system. This is not suitable for
O our Lord, may You forgive us. Go ahead O Shah Mardan, O Lion of Allah, declare to Man,
that "you should not be like a cat which looks for rats in the sewer system". What value does it
have? The aim of today's people is this: "Let me search for a mouse, and catch a fat one". But
this is not humanity. Go ahead O Shah Mardan. Addibuna, O Habibu-r Rahman! Teach us
adab O Lion of our Lord, our Shah Mardan.
There was the son of a great Sultan who appointed a teacher to educate that boy. But the boy
was a naughty child. He was unruly, very hard to control. And since he was the son of a Sultan
he didn't listen to anyone. Whichever teacher came, he would make all of them fed up and give
up. Finally they found for him a sweet speaking 'alim, a scholarly person. His name was Fanari
Hz. Do you know him? They told him "Come and educate this child. No one can manage him.
Whichever teacher comes, he makes them fed up with teaching. This is a naughty,
uncontrollable shahzada. He messed up with so many teachers and they gave up teaching".
Finally the job reached this scholar. This scholar said "Ok. Since it is the order of the Sultan, I
should go. What can I do? I will suffer what is my fate".
He went to the shahzada- who never listened to anyone and was very naughty. He said "let me
teach him and see what he is like". But he also hid a stick under his jubba. A stick! He hid the
stick. What was the name of that stick? A solid stick, he hid it under his jubba and came into the
room. That shahzada again was not listening to the Hoja Effendi. When he entered, he again
tried to play the spoiler, play games or run away from the class. So when he entered inside and
the boy started being naughty, he had the hidden stick under his jubba. When he was again
being naughty he took out the stick and started hitting him! The boy was shouting but he didn't
listen. "You will learn and be a Sultan." He said, "You will be a Sultan. There is no more
naughtiness. You will be a Sultan". He beat him with the dogwood stick, that really hurts when it
strikes. So after he hit a few times with it, the boy quieted down. For this the old people said "The
stick came down from paradise". If it didn't come from paradise...
Why did this stick come from paradise? Without this stick, this naughty human could never be
decent. This beating will teach them how to be human. If you remove it, you have no value left.
The shahzada didn't listen but when he got beaten with the dogwood stick he was crushed, he got
scared. He learned adab! The people of this time have no adab also. Why? Because there is no
stick. There is no stick. One day these people will beat the ones in power. All governments are
like this. The streets are filled with naughty animals. Why? There is no adab; a generation with
no adab. They say democracy but they totally messed up even democracy now. Here, the streets
are filled. They are all outside. They don't listen to the government, they don't listen to the police
nor do they listen to or respect their elders. They don't understand?

Let me tell these governments a method of punishment. Catch the ones who do naughty things in
the streets but don't beat them. Cover their eyes & imprison them in the Karachaahmet cemetery
(biggest in Turkey). They will go crazy when their eyes are opened. They don't learn from the
stick? Take them to the Karachaahmet cemetery. Cover their eyes and let them open their eyes
there. See if they will ever go into the streets again after this. They say "Erdogan Bey didn't speak
to them nicely". Don't even try to speak. Why should you? Catch them. Collect them. To where?
Welcome to Karachaahmet! The Karachaahmet cemetery, people don't dare to go there even in
the daytime. Cover their eyes, take them to Karachaahmet cemetery and leave them there. Let
us see if they will act without adab again.
And where to take the women? There is a place in Karachaahmet cemetery where they bring the
corpses to wash. For the women- cover their eyes, take and leave them there till morning. See if
they will ever go out in the streets again. "No, we will beat them". No, not everything needs a
beating. Beating doesn't work for everything. There is also this method. For the ladies - there is
the ghaslhana where they bring the corpses of women. Cover their eyes and take them there.
Leave them and when they open their eyes they will see they are with the dead. Can they ever go
again in the streets? But these governments don't know about this. Public beating- catch them
and beat them in public. See if they will ever do it again. But don't beat them - Tie and leave
them in Karachaahmet Cemetery. Or if they want a nicer cemetery, there is one in Zinjirlikuyu.
Whoever goes in there can't stay there even if you chain them.
The governments don't know how to discipline the people. If the women go out into the street,
imprison them till morning in the ghuslhana (dead-washing) part of the cemetery. They still don't
understand? Tie them cheek to cheek with a corpse. Can they ever go out in the streets? Can
they rebel again? There are many things but these governments don't know about them. What
will they say? "Erdogan Bey deviated from the way". Were your leaders on the right way? If
Erdogan Bey deviated from the way, are you on the right way? So take it now and find your
punishment. You don't like Erdogan Bey? Take them, take them to the corpse washing area in
Karachaahmet. Keep them there, make them stay with the corpses till morning. Can you find a
single man outside the next day?
When they start going out and shouting, make someone blow a bugle. Make a terrible sound
come from the bugle. If such a terrible sound comes not a single man remains in the streets. But
these governments are no good. Come to the Shariat and the Shariat will discipline them. Does
the stick discipline these people or not? They were nice to the people and now they try to walk all
over them, meaning, they take the government for a donkey. What kind of a government is this?
If you can't explain yourself to these people, then give up being the government. Go ahead O
Shah Mardan. To discipline the ill-mannered ones Prophet Adam came out from paradise with a
stick. These people don't learn without the stick. Put them through beating, falaqa - Beat them
on the soles of their feet. Let them swell. Let them split open and bleed. Can they ever go out
again in the streets? What can we do?

The Prophet of all Prophets (sas) said: "Addabani Rabbi". My Lord taught me the best adab. But
these ones are not listening. If they don't listen, there is Shariat. Beat them, hit them with the
stick. When he beat him with the stick, the shahzada remained quiet in his place. He started
behaving sensibly and later become a Sultan. Don't let the people do as they like. Saying
democracy dirt-ocracy, these people will walk all over you. Then at that time you will deserve it.
Come to your senses. Man is honoured. There is a stick for who doesn't keep the honour of Man.
Recite "Allahu Allah, Allahu Rabbi. Ma li siwahu Allahu Rabbi". (I have nothing except Him).
Hang the falaqa in the schools. Who you catch, lay him down and beat him in front of the people
publicly. Will he learn or not? Turn off the lights and let (his) dunya be all dark. But they are
fearing from other governments because of democracy. Say - "May your democracy collapse
with you!" and beat, hit with the stick. Still not understanding? To the Karachaahmet cemetery.
If it doesn't work, to Zinjirlikuyu. If not, to Edirnekapi cemetery. There are many cemeteries. Tie
them till morning and see, will they learn or not?
But these governments are no good. The people walk all over them and they can't object. Ok,
take this government! "Addabani Rabbi" said the Prophet of Zeeshan (High Honour), alaihi ssalatu
wa s-salam, "My Lord taught me adab". There is no adab above it. "I also teach with
adab. I take the people under control with adab". The seven-year-old boy, sabi. "I will bring
these unbelievers into Islam. I will teach the ill-mannered ones adab. I will hang the ones who
don't accept the Shariat up above their heads". Say like this! You pet them like petting a cat? Do
this and they walk all over you! Man has an honour. Put those who corrupt man's honour in
falaqa. They made the government like a toy in their hands. They say "I am me and you are
you". (You are not different than us). Meaning you are a donkey and I am a donkey too. No,
can't be! There is the donkey and there is the owner of the donkey. The donkey can't tell him
"You are a donkey and I am a donkey too". If you are a donkey, you should accept your donkeyness
and act accordingly. If you are a human, you should know your humanity and act
Listen to this advice, O governments. If not they will hang you, they will exile you. O our Lord,
our Subhan, Our Sultan. Send us a Sultan. Without the Sultan, people have fallen into this
disgrace for 90 years. They kicked out the Sultans. They didn't respect the Sultans and they are
all miserable now. Democracy, take the (...)racy. You either be a man, or to Karachaahmet.
Learn adab. "I sought and (found that) knowledge comes last, only adab, only adab" said the wise
ones. Adab comes first, not knowledge. Teach these people adab. They filled everywhere with
universities. What comes out of them? They educate and graduate bandits! The students have
become bandits, they rule the government. MashaAllah. How can this be? Students ruling the
government, what kind of a thing is this? They walk all over you, saying democracy.
O our Lord, send us a Sultan. Send us a Sultan who will discipline, punish this wild nation with
the dogwood stick. See if they will do it again or not? But these governments are of no good.
People tell them "You are you, I am me". Is that so? "If you are you and I am me than leave that
position & I take over". O our Lord, may You send us the majestic Sultan who will teach us adab
Ya Rabbi. Say "Allahu Allah, Allahu Rabbi. ma li siwahu illa Hu". So it comes to this! You don't
pray. You don't perform salat. You don't go to the mosque. You have brothels. You have bars.
You have all kinds of dirty places and then you claim "I am the government". Can't be. They
walk all over you and humiliate you.
O Ghani Sultan, the Sultan of all Sultans- Our Mawla Who is the Sultan of Earths and Heavens.
May You send us a Sultan who will discipline us. Huuu! People have become ill-mannered ones.
What they need is adab. If you don't teach this, there are things to come on you. One day they
will hang you on a pole and watch you. Say Allah. Say Allahu Akbar. Say Allahu Akbar and if
the people still don't disperse, there are the jinnis & they will plague them. O our Lord, may You
send us a Sahib, a Sultan, Ya Rabbi. May You send a Sultan who will keep and teach Your
Shariat O Lord. Go ahead O Shah Mardan. You words are more valuable than gold. Go ahead
O Shah Mardan. Teach adab, not how to read & write. Don't teach how to read and write, teach
It doesn't work with Erdogan Bey or Erdogan Bey's mardiwan (ladder) Bey. Teach adab, not how
to read and write. Teenagers come against you. The Hoja made the shahzada (quiet) like a lazy
cat. And later that Sultan conquered Istanbul. The Prophet (sas) said about him "What a
beautiful commander is he". O our Lord, may You send us power and humiliate those who
humiliate us. Who comes against Islam may they be humiliated, may they be scattered. O our
Lord, forgive us. You are Subhan, You are Sultan. Subhan Allah, Sultan Allah. The Mulk
(Sovereignty) of Earths and Heavens belongs to You, O our Lord. "Fal-Hukmu Lillahi l-'Aliyi l-
Kabir". (40:12) (All judgment is with Allah) Say "Allahu Allahu Allahu Rabbi. Allahu Allahu
Allahu Hasbi" and march.
Ya Rabbi, send us a Sultan. Send us the Sultan who will teach the ill-mannered ones adab. May
there be no generations left who humiliate the governments. The people need to learn adab. He
says "It is coming. It is soon. It is soon". He will come in the end and discipline them. The Sultan
will come. Tawfiq/ success is from Allah Almighty. Lutf/ kindness is from Him (swt). Go ahead
O Shah Mardan. Explain to these people about being human and about being Muslim. Teach
them Adab. They all became ill-mannered ones. "'Ati'u Llaha Wa 'Ati'u r-Rasula Wa 'Uli l-'Amri
Minkum" (4:59). This is the order of Allah O governments, did you teach people? O people, first
obey the order of Allah. Then obey the order of the Prophet (sas). Then obey your government
who is the 'Uli l-'Amr. If not, the stick is coming.
May Allah Almighty bring khair (goodness) on us. May He (swt) send a Sultan to lead us. It
doesn't work with Erdogan(man-rising) Bey, or with Gundogan Bey (day-rising) or with
Gunbatan Bey (day-setting). It doesn't work with Ak Party (White Party, Erdogan's), or Black or
Red Party. Look to the order of Heavens. Don't form a made-up parliament or later you will
regret it. Tawba Ya Rabbi, tawba astaghfiruLlah. Go ahead O Shah Mardan. O holy Sultan
who is the Lion of his Lord, May you come to our rescue. Amin wa salamun 'ala l-Mursaleen
khususan 'ala Sayyidi l-Mursaleen. We should learn adab and find salamat (safety). Fatiha.
There is also fasting, to discipline. Don't give food to the ill-mannered ones, leave them hungry.
Imprison them and see if they will be disciplined or not. Go ahead O Shah Mardan. The people
of irfan-wisdom are all admirers of your speech. May the Sultan come to our rescue. Bi hurmati
l-Habib, bi hurmati l-Fatiha.
Allahu Allah, Allahu Rabbi. Ma li siwahu illa Hu. O scholars of Al-Azhar, O scholars of Hijaz. O
scholars of Turkey, India, China, Afghan, be careful about the Shariat. If you are not careful, the
stick will come on you. May Allah forgive us.

Lefke, 22.06.2013

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