Maulana Sheikh NazimOld People and Young People should Mix

The Prophet David* said that from time to time old people have to be with young people. Their energies will be transferred and wake up their physical powers. If all old people just sit together they will get weaker and weaker and finish. This is why they must sometimes go and look at playing children.

At the same time it is just as useful for young people to learn from the old who have passed so many trials from which they can learn their lessons too. They cannot learn such experiences by themselves. These are very good lessons which cannot be learned anywhere else. They must go and visit old people sometimes and listen to what they have to say. When they are interested, the meeting will be fruitful.

If you are not interested in what I have to say, I will not speak. If you do not look after a tree, it will not flourish. Old people have so many experiences which they like to speak about. It will give them contentment, satisfaction and happiness by sharing it. Everyone has been given something from the Creator. Within a long life you learn so much, you pass so many bridges which youngsters haven't come to yet.


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