Allah Almighty created man and purposely put them on different levels so as to test them. Every time we have passed the test, we are given a further level. Just like there are exams every year in school to develop the student. In the same way we are also tested by the Lord Almighty Allah so that we may improve on our way towards the Divine Presence. That is the reason. It would be so easy for Allah Almighty to create all of mankind on the same level, but mankind needs to be tested.

The Holy Quran cites Allah Almighty in saying that He created us to see which one of us will be the best one, which of us will be the best in worship and the best in servanthood. That is why we have been ordered to be the best of his servants and to show the greatest charity towards each other. Nothing else! If you are able to fulfil that, then you are acceptable in Divine Presence. It is not a question whether you are with Cardinals, Popes, Archbishops, Patriarchs or Saints. No! The only question is which one of you gives most respect in servanthood to Allah in obeying his Orders and who will be best towards the others.

Without discipline life is not easy, it is full of troubles. Without discipline people will be troublemakers. Discipline makes them straight, to be good. But people want to be bad, they don't want to be good.

Italy - 01.11.1994

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