Maulana Sheikh Nazim Ordinary and heavenly rain

Destur, ya Sayyidi, ya Sultanu-l Anbiya, Destur, ya Sultanu-l Awliya, Meded, ya Rijalallah, aiduna bi madadikum! Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim, Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim, la haula wa la quwatta illa bi-llahi-l ‘Aliyu-l ‘Azim… It is an association. We are asking from Allah Almighty to send us from His endless Mercy Oceans!

One day the Seal of Prophets, the most honoured one in (the) divinely Presence, S.Muhammad sws, he was coming home- (to) his holy, perhaps (the) holiest place on earth. Sayyidatana Aisha- Allah bless her- was coming and looking to (the) Prophet, like this making (touching his clothes)… and he was asking: “Oh Aisha, why you are doing this?” “Because there was heavy raining and I was worried about you, oh most honoured one, most beloved one in (the) divinely Presence, if you are (going to be) wet under that heavy rain.” And (the) Prophet was saying: “Subhanallah, Glory be to Allah!” (And she was saying): “I am seeing (that there is) nothing on you (and you are) not wet!” And Rasulullah sws, (the) most praised one in divinely Presence, was asking: “Oh Aisha, what was on your head that time?” She answered: “Your cover, your scarf I was putting.” “And this (was) making you to look and see something that belongs to (the) spirituality that is surrounding this world. Just (when) you were putting that scarf on your head, it was an opening for you to look and to see another kind of rain (that is) always raining on earth. It is true. It is not that ordinary rain that you are knowing, no!”

(The) ordinary rain (is) giving life to (the) whole material world; (it is) even giving life to living ones on earth and (to the creatures) through oceans also. Some people may ask: “What is the benefit (that) clouds raining on sea, on oceans?” Everything (that is) coming from up (is) giving life; every atom is in need (of) heavenly Mercy to live and to continue their lives even through oceans. And just (it is) reaching to ourselves (the) traditional knowledge that Angles (are) bringing (the) rain from Heavens on earth. We are not philosophers to follow their foolish ideas that rain is coming from seas: (water is) getting up, evaporating…They are saying that (the) water (of the) seas is sending up from gas, and (it is) going up and being clouds and from (these) clouds (it is) coming (down as rain).

I am saying: “Ya Hu! You can carry one gallon (of) water? You can be able to carry it up and to send (it) around and (then) to send it down? What is that! How it can be?” And they are saying (that) a cloud that (is) carrying Rahmatullah, rains, a middle size or a small size (cloud alone) it is carrying tons of water! They are saying this, they are knowing and saying- and (then) they are saying this is coming up from oceans! How? No mind people! They are ashaming to say that: “Allah Almighty (is) sending rains! (It is) from Heavens coming; Angels (area) bringing it down!”

That rain is giving life to everything on earth that belongs (to) our material world: “Wa ja’alna mina mai kulli shayin Hayy.” The secret of life is through water; no water- no life.

And you (also) are coming from a drop of water; not a gallon (of) water, no, only one drop! (It is) another kind of water; it is not a solid thing, no, it is a kind of water also. One drop of (that) water (is) coming (to be) a person. Our physical being (is) just coming through that one drop of extraordinary water or most distinguished water on earth. Most distinguished water! Other waters (are) giving trees and plants life, but this is a special water that (is) making you to come into life and to be prepared to carry (the) heavenly Amanat, (the heavenly) Trust. Therefore it is another special and most distinguished water.

They are trying to find what is in it- they can’t see! They are making so any theories and saying: “DNA…” In Turkish ‘dana’; ‘dana’ means: the son of a cow, calf. “DNA”- Europeans can’t speak and (they are) saying: “DNA.” Our people may say: “Dana”. “You looked after your ‘dana’?” “Not yet I am entering through machine to look which kind of ‘dana’ I am coming from it…” (The) most special, most distinguished, the secret of your personality, the secrets of your living physical body that it is commanded and directed and controlled through your unknown personality that it is not belonging to your physical being.

That rain, (the) ordinary rain, (is) coming for your physical being and everything on this material world (is) taking their shares (from it), shares of their lives, but it is not enough to continue the lives of people on earth. They are in need (of) some other kind of raining that can’t be seen by ordinary eyes; it needs some extraordinary eyes that belong to our real personality through our hearts to look and to see. Whose hearts (are) closed (and) their eyes are blind through their hearts, they can’t see! And that rain is for supporting (the) life of mankind on this planet and everything they are in need for that raining also. If (it is) not coming, (there is) no any energy to be reached to you through your eating and drinking! That special rain must rain to everything; everything must take their shares.

We are in need (of)- and we are asking from our Lord Almighty Allah to send us- some of His lions- that they are special; they have (a) special creation- to send (them to us) for directing everything on earth, because now everything (is) just passing away from their orbits and it is a dangerous direction; mankind (is) running faster and faster and faster on that bad end…

And we were beginning to say- they are making me to address to you for some occasion- that that raining also (is) coming on Prophets, on (the) top level, and also from Prophets’ level (it is) getting more and more (down). Then, when (the Prophets are) passing away, their inheritors are going to be appointed for that Mercy Oceans’ Rains, heavenly Rains. And always we are asking (for) a beloved one in His divinely Presence, to reach to him or he may reach to our meeting, our Jamaat, or gathering, so that these meetings are carrying much more from that special raining.

I am happy to say that Sheikh X. (is) coming today and I was happy that for his spirituality that rains (are) coming on us. Therefore today is just honoured with such a special servant. You saw him, you may recognize him, may be that you are knowing (him) only (as) Sheikh X. But may be his personality through the spiritual world just different and bringing power to our meeting. Therefore the value of meetings (is) according to attenders. (Among them) which one’s himmet, aspiration, (is) going to be his high, (he) may bring much more (from that) divinely Rain on ourselves!

Therefore- Allah Allah, Subhanallah- Allah Almighty (was saying) through the Holy Quran: “Wa kunu ma’a sadiqin.” We have been ordered to ask (for) such people who are true with their Lord! To be with them, (so) that you may reach every moment a new refreshment from (the) heavenly Rains.

Now people all of them are all without life. Their lives are material lives and (the) material life is only like (the life of wheat on fields). 3 months ago (you were seeing that) everywhere was green (and) now all the fields they are dried (up). Only trees (are) keeping their greenliness, because their creation (is) just different.

And people also they are mostly like grass: For a short while they may be green, giving pleasure, and in a short time (they are) disappearing. But trees, their beauty, their life (is) going on. For grass you must renew their planting every year, but not for trees every year you are cutting and putting a new tree there, no! They are growing according to our situation, (and) it is enough. Therefore in Paradise trees (are) growing (and) getting much more brightened and giving much more pleasure to Paradise people. No need to renew (them), but (they are) growing and granting every time much more pleasure to people.

Therefore perfect mind people (are) asking to follow and asking to reach such people whose refreshment continues and (who are) carrying Mercy from Heavens. This is the reason that Allah Almighty is ordering: “Oh My servants, run to those people whose refreshment and Light (is) never coming less, but (it is) growing up! If you like to be happy here and Hereafter, follow that ones. Don’t ask every year (a) refreshment or shelter from grass; grass never continues their refreshment and they can’t shelter you, but trees (can)!”

Oh people! Now (the) whole world (is) in its most terrible days, as it is informed through (the) Prophets speeches and (as) their addressing (to) people; they were giving news for the Last Day, when (that time is) coming, what should be. It is written, but people (are) so foolish, even (in the) Muslim world (they are foolish even) more than others, (because they are) never opening that Book (the Holy Quran) that (in it) is signed (the) signs of (the) Last Day. And (they are) running (around) as a drunk person, to save themselves by themselves. (It) can’t be! (They are) not asking a heavenly ‘Shelter’, heavenly ‘Safety’, (they are) not asking: “Oh or Lord, save our souls!” No! (They are) running like foolish ones, crazy ones and drunk ones, heedless ones, asking to arrange the world and everything on it.

Every day (that) newspapers (are writing it and) that Shaitan’s box, TV, (is) showing and saying (that): (The) whole Dunya (world is) in (the) hands of terrorists! And if you collect them, (they are) not (going to be) more than or one million (people). Everything, all are trembling (from fear of them). Why (you are) not running to good ones? If bad ones (are) threatening you, go and run to good ones that have power from Heavens! Terrorists may have power from shaitanic ways on earth, but true ones (are) supported from Heavens. Why (you are) not running to them?

(Events are) grinding them now! They should die (and) everything that they built on behalf of Shaitan should be destroyed! Everyone who (is) living for Shaitan should be taken away, (and everyone) who (is) living for Allah should stay and Allah should make them ‘warithuun’, inheritors on earth up to an appointed time- for (the) Last Day.

May Allah grant us that inspiration to run to good ones! Yet people (are) not running (to find good ones), (yet they are) not asking true ones and good ones. Yet (they are) running from one bad one to another worse one!

May Allah give us and protect us for the honour of the most honoured one in His divinely Presence, S.Muhammad sws, Fatiha

Lefke, 30.06.2004, transcribed by Khairiyah Siegel

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