Maulana Sheikh NazimOur ego - the representative of Shaitan within us

As-salamu alaikum!
Shukr, ya Rabbi, Shukr, ya Rabbi, Shukr, Alhamdulillah,
Tauba, ya Rabbi, Tauba, ya Rabbi, Tauba, Astaghfirullah!
Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim,
Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim,
La haula wa la quwatta illa bi-llahi-l ‘Aliyu-l ‘Adhim!
Meded, ya Sultanu-l Awliya! Meded, ya Rijalallah! Aiduna bi madadikum!

Welcome to you once again! We are hoping to be greeting by Angels the
Day of Resurrection, to be said: “Welcome, o good servant!”
Everyone is servant; Shaitan also (he is a) servant. Can’t be- everyone
is servant- but (he is a) bad servant. Who (is) following heavenly
Orders, following Prophets, they are trying to be good servants. But
(that) bad servant- that Shaitan- (he is) asking to make people, all of
them, bad servants. And he is trying from the time of Adam- puh- up
today; trying, never tiring, never retiring, never sleeping, never
resting, and his importance (is) to make people bad servants.

Who is helper for Shaitan? Your ego! Your ego is Shaitans assistant!
Shaitan (is) saying: “Ohhh, I have so many assistants, I am using them!”
Mankind they are thinking that they are something- as Pharaoh was
saying: “Ana Rabbukum ‘ala!” Pharaoh was saying: “Oh people, I am your
Lord and I am your most important God that you are praying and following
them”, because Egyptian people they had so many imaginated gods. So
many! They are praying to them, bowing to them, and giving their high
respect to them, even they were making (them) their idol, yes! Pharaoh
(was) saying: “No, I am not (like an) ordinary one that you are bowing
to them- I am over, I am the most high God for you!” Same characteristic
just going to be with everyone!

Everyone they have ego, nafs, through themselves that (is) ordering to
them. That is not outside, looking to you, no, your idol (is) sitting
through your heart and (is) using you! As now computer or internet,
playing people… Shaitan (is) making your ego your idol, as his computer
or internet… spreading Shaitans internet through East and West…
As (the) telephone… this (is) controlled by someone! You now that? No!
You are using this, but you are not thinking that it is controlled by
someone! Anything that you are asking, (it is) answering, because you
(are) under his control!

Don’t say: “How (it) can be? One that you are saying it is Shaitan (is)
controlling (the) whole mankind?”
And I am saying: “Why you are asking such a foolish question? Just you
made an instrument, it is now telephone, and (the) whole world (is)
under that ones control!”
There is a big computer- they are saying, over the earth, up. From there
(its commands are) coming to you and (the phone is) ringing and (you
are) saying, quickly saying: “Hello, who is there? “
“George Bush!”
“How can be? I was asking Pope!”
“No, what we are opening to you, (you) must speak to that one.”
“But I am asking someone else!”
“Just a moment! Shut down and I am making (a) speaking, a line for you
to (the) Pope!”…
Then: “Yes, Sir!”
“Who is speaking?”
“You don’t know who am I?” Never…
“I am that one controlling whole world its speeches or speaking through
themselves. I am over you, I am the controller!”

Yes!… A man just making such an instrument, and controlling whole
mankind now Shaitan. Shaitan (is) much more powerful than our ego and
Shaitan he may be in a… anywhere! And without touching he may reach to
you as well as to everyone from mankind!

He has such an authority, because he is authorized; from beginning the
Lord of Heavens (was) authorizing him, saying: “As you like, to make My
servants not to be My servants, you are free. Who is following you, may
follow you- you and them all of them, I am sending all of you to Hells!
Go, Shaitan!” From Heavens (the) ‘hitab’, (the heavely) addressing (was
coming): “Don’t think that your Lord (is ever) going to be winned! Your
Lord always (is) victorious! You are thinking that you can be able to
carry whole mankind after you to Hells, but I am the Lord of mankind- as
well as for every creation- you can’t do anything! You should be tired,
you are going not to be rest, running after everyone to make them to
follow you! I gave that authority to you; whom they are listening to
you, carry them!”

Therefore Shaitan’s representative through yourself it is your ego and
Shaitan (is) addressing to your ego, not to you- and saying: “Look, try
to make everyone from people of Hells; what you need, I may send to
you!” Therefore Shaitan he is so happy to make such a power, reaching to
everyone from mankind: (he is) putting one representative through
everyone, through yourself, and that (is) controlling you and saying to
you: “Do this, don’t do that!” According (to) shaitanic waves, orders
(are) coming to you and you are saying: “Yes, o my commander, I am fully
obedient to you, what(ever) you are saying!” And that is the way of Hells!

(The) first one and (the) first cursed one is Shaitan, because he said
to his Lord: “No, I am not bowing!” Therefore, everyone whom they are
not bowing to their Lord, they are also one Shaitan and they are cursed
ones! Beware, o people, what (is) coming to your heart through your ego!
(Your) ego (is the) representative of Shaitan and also (the) first
servant to Shaitan! Therefore they are going to be bad servants…

Prophets (were) coming and calling them to be good servants, but they
were saying: “No, we have our Lord, our Lord; we are waiting for our
Lord, we are not following your Lord!” Just now people on that line! As
much as you can call man to come the line of obedience, the line of
servanthood, they are saying: “We are not in need, we are not believing
in you!” “To whom you are believing?” “I am believing what inside my
heart (is) saying to me!”

They are all bad servants and cursing (is) coming on them! Anyone that
(is) working for Shaitan, that is (a) bad servant. Good servants (Are
those) whom they are following Prophets.

Now (the) whole world they are working for Shaitan! They are saying:
“Democracy”, they are not accepting Holy Books, they are not accepting
Holy Orders, (the) Holy Commands from Heavens. They are saying: “We are
voting and we are electing for our people”- whom they are followers 1oo%
Shaitan- “We are making a Parliament and we are doing our orders and
we are trying to make people to be obedient to our orders.
And we are following (the) true way, we are not believing (in) your ways!”
Now (the) whole world (is saying): “Parliament, Democracy… Parliament,
Democracy!...” Everywhere now troubles, endless problems and that is a
punishment, the result of cursing (is) beginning to appear!...
Understanding, X., or sleeping?...

(In the) Muslim world also they are following (the) shaitanic advice.

They are saying: “There is election in Asia, election in Syria, election (in) Iran…” Eh, whom they are here, our first class Muslims, they are saying, the first class Muslim: “What is Parliament?” “Parliament that making laws.”
“Allah (is) sending His heavenly Laws and Orders- what you are sitting there? How you are Muslims? You never be Muslim!” Cursing (is) coming on them! Turkey (is) making election… (In the) Non-Muslim world everywhere
they are saying- they are never following Holy Books- they are making Parliaments, making elections, making so any parties… Workers party!”
We are saying: “What is that, workers party? What they are doing in Parliament?”
“They have also a right to be MP!”
“They are leaving axe and shovel and coming to Parliament? Worker, what doing in Parliament? Worker party!”
“Not worker, Labour! Ya Sheikh, correct your word! They are not workers, labourer, and they are working!”
“Labours, what they are doing in Parliament?”
“O Sheikh, you must know this, that we have rights to be government and governing.”

“Ohhh, idiot ones! If you are giving… there is a big aircraft in America- Roosevelt or Eisenhower or Bush? Big aircraft!... If you are making an election on aircraft and saying: ‘Who is going to win must be commander on aircraft’, what it should be? Heh? “Anzilu nas man naziluhum”; that is important! The Lord of Heavens was saying to His most beloved and praised servant, S.Muhammad: “O Muhammad, say to your nation that you must put everyone on their own places!” Don’t put chairs on the heads of people; don’t put shoes through the pockets of people; don’t put (the) crew in (the) captains place! (The) captain put the place of captain, (the) servant put on his servanthood!

Don’t say: “We selected”, you can’t select, you can’t elect, no!
Must be- therefore from beginning there is two lines: (the) line for
(the) Prophets, (the) line for (the) Kings! That is (a) good governing
system or best governing system that Allah Almighty (is) saying: “That
line (is) going to be for Kings, Sultans, that line (is) for Prophets!”
Therefore you can’t find any Sultan not to be from that line, all of
them (are) from that line!

(There were) 12 tribes of Israel; one of them, the first line, is (the)
line of Prophets. (The) second most important (line is the line of the)
Kings that they should be able to govern people. You can’t bring a
worker or a labour to be Sultan, to be King, no! Noble people; they have
been granted something for that purpose!

O people! From the time of 1789, (the) Big French Revolution, that (is)
bringing them, up today, to govern everything in France… they were so
happy that they brought ‘freedom’ to nations, now they are crying and
surprising, astonishing: “What we can do now?” Daily can’t reach police
forces to people to stop them from doing bad things, because (there is)
no King, (but the) elected!… People (are) saying: “As you have right to
be (the) head of state, I am also!” That is quarrelling! Shaitan (is)
making that parties to quarrel (with) each other and to be cursed.

No, true! Say, show to me! In Pakistan, Pakistan also; you are so happy
people, claiming ‘We are first class Muslims”, killing each other! For
what? For nothing! Not for nothing, (but) for Shaitan! Then they are
claiming that “Pakistan, that clean, clean country!” For what? That is
clean that (the) blood of people (is) running on streets, making dirty
streets? Men and women (are) running on streets and shouting… O Pakistan
people, you haven’t mosques to go and ask from Allah Almighty? Why (you
are) running on ways, (on) streets, and (you are) quarrelling, fighting
with each other, fighting with immigration powers, police powers? That
is (what) your Shairat (is) saying? Holy Quran like this (is) saying?
And you have so many ‘Maulana’, ‘Maulana’, ‘Maulana’… full Pakistan also
(with ‘Maulanas’) and they are claiming: “We are (the) most learned

Not most (learned)- (but) worst learned people! Worst, not best, most, no!
Iran- same, they are also… Doing something that it is no good for them
and for whole mankind! Yes, they may quarrel with one big state and a
war (is) beginning, then that war (is) firing and burning everywhere!
Who (is) giving to you that authority? Shariat (is) saying this? No!
They are not knowing Shariat!

Turkey, Iran, Pakistan, Arabistan, Egypt, Libya- (they are) not knowing
Shariat, not keeping Shariat! They are following ‘Democracy, Parliament
System’. No Parliament System in Islam! Islam, they have only one Sultan
and his Orders (are) Orders as (the) Orders from Heavens! Yes, Sir!
Sheikh X.! Say: true or no!... Sudan people- Democracy! Abyssinia-
Democracy! Somalia…. What is this? This is coming from Heavens?
No one (is) saying (this), (they are) fearing from Shaitan! Why you are
fearing from Shaitan? Say truth! May Allah forgive us!

O people, try to be good servants and goods servants (are those) whom
they are following (the) Holy Commands from Allah Almighty, not anyone
else! No Parliament System in Islam! No new laws in Islam! Islam just
brought everything in its perfection!

“Al yauma akbalta lakum dinakum!” Allah Almighty (is) saying: “Just I
sent to you My Shariat; it is (the) most perfect rules for mankind! If
you are not going (to listen), My Revenge (is) coming on you!” May Allah
forgive us!

O people, come and accept Truth or people (are) going to finish!
Therefore from five (people) four (are) dying and one (is) living now!
Armageddon (is) coming!... (The) Biggest War, Merhamet Kubra, (is) coming!…
Ya Rabbi! Tauba, ya Rabbi, Tauba, ya Rabbi, Tauba, Astaghfirullah!
Say: “O our Lord, we are on (the) wrong way, please send us (someone) to
show us Your Right Path to follow!”

For the honour of most honoured and praised servant, S.Muhammad, sws, Fatiha

Lefke, 13.5.2007

Transcribed by Khairiyah Siegel

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