Pictures of Maulana Sheikh Nazim Through this meeting our egos (are) going to be imprisoned

Meded, ya Sayyidi, ya Sultanu-l Awliya, Meded, ya Rijalallah, Meded, ya Ashabu Nauba…Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim, Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim, la haula wa la quwatta illa bi-llahi-l ‘Aliyu-l ‘Azim…alhimna rushdana…

At least (the) benefit for such a meeting is (that during) one hour or less or more (that) we are through this meeting our egos (are) going to be imprisoned, because if you are leaving it, it is going to do something (that is) hurting people, harming people, giving trouble. That is its nature. Always (the) ego is (a) trouble maker, because its teacher is Shaitan and Shaitan (is) never teaching to his students or followers or servants, only (he is) saying: “As much as possible make trouble and give harm to mankind.” (This is the) main target for shaitanic teaching: only he is asking to take his revenge from mankind, to make them in trouble here and Hereafter.

Therefore (the) main purpose of his teachings is to make people troublemakers and first (of all he is) using people, making big big advertising for his teachings, saying: “We are ‘positive knowledge representatives’ and beyond that we are not accepting anything. Positive- you must be positive perspective.” Trainings centers of Shaitan all these… after teaching (centers there are) training centers (where) Shaitan (is) teaching (them) how they should harm (other) people with troubles and Shaitan (is) teaching (them) to make countless troubles for mankind. And (for all the) unsolved problems for mankind that is (the reason). Through universities, academies, colleges, O level, A level, eschek level- they are teaching centers. Then (he is) sending (the graduates) to (the) community for training, practising (as) practitioner… countless… Subhanallahi-l ‘Aliyu-l ‘Azim!

And all shaitanic efforts, high-level efforts, (are) trying to make people troublemakers. And, for example, (they are) giving to an ox one tablet poison. Then, when that ox (is) getting ill, (they are) calling (the) vet. (He is) coming (and asking): “What happened for that ox?” “We gave a tablet to make it more strong, but coming more trouble.“ “Ah. We must use another one, trying, till we are killing ox. Before killing, if we are getting hopeless, when we are getting hopeless, you may cut it, you may slaughter and give to people and people (are) eating, coming another illness to people and we are going to treat them…”

Beware of Shaitan! Everywhere that there is (a) trouble, look, that is a person sitting on that center, who is (a troublemaker). Who is going to be most troublemaker, he is getting up. If (they are) calm people, never giving trouble people, they are on base, never giving trouble people. And others according to their trouble making, they are getting ranks, ranks, ranks. Top rank (for the) much more troublemaker. Sometimes (they are) using some people that are not troublemakers, but Shaitan (is) taking such people for his advertisement: “Look, such good person also we are putting (as) President, putting (as) Minister, (putting as) Commander in chief” and under it (it is) full with mines. Putting them first to make them, when explosion coming, uhhh… first they are going and they are downstairs, (saying:) “Ohhh, we are very happy these people going! Now power (is) in our hands…

Troublemakers, beware! But no one (is) taking any care that Shaitan is the source or Shaitan is (the) ocean of trouble and every troublemaker must belong to Shaitan and Shaitan must graduate that person and (he is) giving a useless title: “You are Dr”, means: “You are on behalf of myself. You must go through (the) community and move people to make troubles, ordering hundreds of people, thousands of people to come together and to shout, to ask much more troubles. And they are in (a) good position, but Shaitan making them… injecting in them, to say: “No, you must ask more” and (the community is) saying: “Ya Hu- we are in troubles”, and saying: “Trouble only may leave you through another trouble”, and trouble multiplied with trouble going to be double (trouble). Shaitan (is) saying: “No, now you are in trouble. Make a big meeting, ask freedom, to be more free for troubles, because your rules (are) preventing you to do more troubles individually or through community!”

Now everywhere (is) just full with troublemakers. (Shaitan is) making people to sacrifice their most precious life to make much more trouble; putting on himself bombs, explosive things, tying on himself or herself, giving their precious life to make much more trouble. Sacrificing him or herself. What is your hope, if you are not taking care for troubles, the sources of troubles, coming from Shaitan? Shaitan is (the) most terrible creature on earth for the Children of Adam, asking to make much more trouble, so that no one (is) going to be happy through their lives. And they are asking endless wishes or desires, asking more, giving more, asking more, giving more, asking more… and it is going to be like a circle- (a) person (is) running on it, running on it and never ending their desires for freedom. They are not getting satisfied (with) what is going on (on) earth from troubles; (they are) asking to be able (to do) more trouble, they are asking to shoot people, to kill people, but (that) no one (is) touching to them. That is 21st century’s civilization! Puh on such civilization that (is) all against (the) Children of Adam and they are the followers and representatives of Shaitan.

Therefore we are saying here: At least (the) benefit of this meeting (is that) we are keeping ourselves, our egos even one hour, ½ hour or more, to imprison our egos here, because our ego is going to do something that is no good. There is a good word in Arabic literature: “Naumu dhalimu ‘ibada..” (The) sleep of a representative of Shaitan, dhalim, (is his worship). Who is dhalim? Who (is a) first class troublemaker, that is dhalim.
Through historical periods we are knowing some oppressors that for satisfying themselves they were asking for their eating (the brain of man), (as) Shaitan (was) teaching them: “You must eat (the) brain of mankind” and daily so many people were killed and taken their brains to that representative of Shaitan. In such a way, that is dhalim, oppressor, first class, that have golden medals from Shaitan to be first class Number One representatives. They are giving trouble to people and they are getting happy as Nero, one of the famous representatives of Shaitan, that he burnt Rome and he was laughing. Even he was in such a big pleasure as a man sleeping with his wife, how coming, he was looking burning people through Rime, and he was (in) such a position happy to do that trouble, big trouble for Romans, Italians… they are first class… And now like Nero countless Neros and also in our time countless Nimrods, countless Pharaohs- from miniature-size up to king-size ones.

Therefore a cleaning (is) coming from Heavens to take these monsters. Must come! Earth needs a big cleaning and we are looking that (a) cleaning (is) coming. Before Mehdi a.s. (is) coming, people (are) going for their ‘muhasaba’, trying to take their revenge one from the other and (they are) killing themselves by themselves.. As Allah Almighty (is) writing on that nation of Muhammad sws that (a) revenge (is) coming now- they are killing each other; therefore don’t say: “What (is) happening daily in Baghdad, daily in Turkey, daily in Spain, daily in Germany, daily in East, in West…”- don’t say! (A) cleaning (is) coming! This (is) only (like the) small drops before a windy storm (is) coming on a city. When (the) full power of cleaning (is) coming, (it is) going to remain from 6 people one. 5 (are) going to be taken away, dirty ones. Who are dirty ones? (Those) who are representing Shaitan and who are giving trouble to people. Be far away from them! Don’t give your support to them, don’t elect them, don’t follow them, or (else), if you are supporting Shaitan’s representatives, oppressors, you should be punished as they are going to be punished.

May Allah bless you and forgive me, for the honour of the most honoured one in His divine Presence, S.Muhammad sws, Fatiha…
Shaitan is showing himself so big… but, when the permission is coming, even an ant can finish him …

Lefke, 26.06.2004, transcribed by Khairiyah Siegel

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