Allah Almighty is the Creator. Only He knows the beginning and the end of the creation, what will come and what has been. Our brother Jussuf Islam is asking us about the Seven Heavens and about the galaxies:

There is the heaven of the world, that is our sky, also called space. Allah Almighty has ornamented this first heaven with stars, most of them being galaxies. Beyond that are the Seven Heavens. We are not inside. The three dimensions within we see and hear are necessary. If we had 4, we would not be able to see. Also if we had 5, 6 or 7, we wouldn't be able to. Everything which we are reaching with telescopes only belongs to the heaven of the world. It is like the roof of this world. We cannot see beyond that until we spiritually enter the heaven of 4 dimensions. If it is necessary, we can enter in such a way the 5th, 6th and 7th dimension. After that there are no more dimensions. Nothing! That is beyond our imagination, because it is the limit of our intellect. The Angel which is representing the intellect is Sayidina Gibril, Archangel Gabriel. When he stopped on the Night Journey, it meant that from that point on the intellect could not move anymore. It means that from then on it belongs to the eternity of the Lord Almighty, the Creator. You cannot move in it.

Everything which we can reach is within the material world. The stations which you reach up there are without gravity. We say that these places are billions of lightyears away, but it is also a very short distance. There are much much bigger worlds that we cannot even reach with our imagination. With this Allah Almighty wants to show something of His Greatness. We are so small and we want to make ourselves so mighty. We are like atoms beside this huge space. But we are mighty creatures on earth. Beside this greatness our bodies are less than atoms. With our eyes we can look up 10 kilometers. You cannot see man on earth from that distance, but that small spot can look into deep distances of space. Our lights are big enough to reach there. That is the greatness of Allah Almighty. And Allah Almighty has chosen us to be His Deputies. Allah is Almighty and He has given some of His Might to the children of Adam. Even though we are just a spot within this enormous universe, we are more valuable than the whole universe. We have also been authorised to walk in it. We are allowed to travel through that huge space and we must try to keep that honour.

Why is the creation of mankind so respected? Why has the Almighty Lord given from His Divine Love to us? And we don't even give love to each other! We bite and kick, like horses. Allah Almighty wants our attributes to be like His. That is the Hadith of the Prophet.

The Holy Quran is explaining everything, but we are not looking with our hearts to take the pearls from it. We are satisfied when we find shells on the beaches. Why don't you ask for the pearls? Because it is difficult. They are under the sea. Shells are thrown onto the beach. People are not taking care of Islam. We are always introducing the shells to the nonmuslims and we tell them that they can find the pearl inside. If you are able to give them a pearl, they will not ask you if it is from Saudi, Malaysia or America. They will just see that it is a pearl. But usually they only get shells. For centuries believers and holy-ones were diving to find pearls. Nowadays people think that it is easy. They take from this book and that, not understanding that they must practise to dive. They must ask themselves how they should dive, because there are sharks in the sea. Every treasure is protected with something. There are guardians, security powers around the pearls. Not everyone can reach it. Treasures have dragons waiting. If you cannot kill the dragon, you cannot reach the treasure. Everyone has treasures, but the dragon of the ego is not leaving you. Kill it and you will reach to your treasure! How can the dragon be killed as long as I am happy with it? But at the same time, as long as you are keeping your dragon you will never reach your treasures. You will find the same which is written in the Holy Quran in your heart.

Man is the most important creature since pre-eternity until eternity. No other creature is created or will be created to be more perfect or more respected in Divine Presence. Even angels are not on that level. But the biggest veil preventing us to reach that level, is our ego. Allah Almighty is closer to us than our jugular vein.

Abu Jazid, who was one of the kingsize saints, asked, "Oh, my Lord, how can I reach to you?"
"There is only one step and you can reach."
"But how?"
"Step on your ego! Leave your ego and come. Your ego is preventing you from me. When you take that away, you will be with me."

Allah Almighty has no partner. He is the Real Existence. Whoever claims to be next to him has no value. No-one can be it. Our egos claim to be partners. That is why Allah is never happy with egos. These huge universes within the greatness of this space will also only be a spot in which it will not even be possible to find your galaxy. So how do you, under such circumstances, want to find your solarsystem, your world or even yourself? How dare you want to be a partner to Allah? Try to imagine trillions and trillions of spaces like this, and you will see that our space is even less than a spot within the endless Power Oceans of Allah Almighty.

Nevertheless our egos claim lordship and never want to accept servanthood. But there can only be one Lord, never a second. It is impossible, but the ego isn't ashamed to keep on trying. How can you claim such things? The ego just doesn't want to be nothing, but everything is nothing within the greatness of Allah Almighty. All of it are only Power Oceans, endless Power Oceans: these huge universes, even Heavens, even the Seat of Allah and even His Throne. How many Thrones are there? No-one knows! Allah Almighty, the unknown Lord. No-one can be able to know His Essence. You are always just given a little bit. In a million or trillion years He may give knowledge, but it is only a little bit. There are endless Knowledge Oceans and endless Wisdom Oceans which belong only to Him. That which is seen, are endless oceans, but there are levels which only belong to His Essence and which are impossible to conceive, even for the Seal of Prophets. 'Hu' (one of the Holy Names of Allah, meaning 'He') will always be unknown. May Allah give us some understanding.

London - 01.03.1994

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