Maulana Sheikh NazimOur conscience is from Heavens

We must choose our Lord’s pleasure. If we listen to our conscience, we can know goodness from badness, Halal from Haram. Our conscience is from the Heavens; it is always right. There is no such thing as a sick conscience, but sometimes we put such a heavy load on it that we are unable to hear its cry. Therefore, we must make an intention to always listen to our conscience. If we do this, Allah will give our conscience more power. Our conscience gives us good signs- don’t try to fight against it. Don’t try to justify bad actions. It is wrong. When Allah is not pleased with a man’s actions, he makes all favours for that man Haram, in this life and in the next.

Do not imagine that Allah Almighty is waiting for your prayers, your fasting, your covering your heads or your dressing in islamic clothes, no. He is looking to your hearts to see if they contain an atom's weight of sincerity, and only if He finds that sincerity does He accept anything from you. None of your actions are, of themselves, pleasing to your Lord if they are not motivated by sincere intentions.


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