Maulana Sheikh NazimOur last destination is the Divine Presence

Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim... This is a new association with our Grandsheikh even though it is late... Sleep is Sultan, nobody can resist it; but it is Rahmet, a blessing, also... What shall we do? We must try to translate something to you. It is as necessary for you as food. You are in need of food for your physical body. You must cook and eat what Allah Almighty created for your physical being. But for your soul you are in need of spirituality, spiritual food.

Now all religions, except Islam, never give anything to their followers, they are finished. This bottle here, if it is full, you may give something from it, but when it is finished, what can you give? Christianity finished many years ago, but they have been trying to do something, to make people interested. They were using so many nonsense, useless and foolish ways for youngsters, knowing very well what our physical being is interested in: Eating and drinking, and running to fulfill the wishes and demands of the ego. The ego is only interested in reaching its own targets...

People living now are only running after their physical body’s interests. Perhaps you may find one out of ten thousand, or fifty thousand, or one hundred thousand people, who may have an interest in spirituality. And the most high spirituality, which is never decreasing, you can only find through Islam. What Allah Almighty granted to Musa a.s. and Isa a.s., was something to be given in a limited place and time to their followers. Christianity, from the beginning, tried to give people what they needed for their spiritual life, but day by day its spirituality went down for the sake of the Seal of Prophets, who would bring perfection, a perfect target for people. Islam came for that purpose. And therefore Jesus Christ was saying: “I am your Lord’s servant, nothing else, and that is my honour.”

Can an ant understand who Man is? Never. Even if it lived for one million years. And as much as man may ask for more wisdom and more from his Lord’s Divine Knowledge, what he can take from it is always going to be small. This is because limited things, even they may appear big in our eyes, are always going to be nothing in the Divine Oceans of Greatness... But people are so crazy, so mad, such foolish idiots, asking to know who Allah is, or how Allah is, or where Allah is... Ya Hu!

Where is Italy? Where is Germany? Where is America? Where is Malaysia? Show me! And you are saying: “I can’t show you from here now, but come with me on a plane, and we shall fly and I shall show you my homeland.” Oh donkey, if you are only asking about Malaysia, and you are in need to take a plane and fly fifteen hours to land there, and then still you don’t know it... Why, or how you can say: “Show me Allah” ?

And I am saying: “Show me beyond these skies. Show me the beginning of space, its limits, where it ends- then I shall show you beyond that. You need thirteen, fourteen or fifteen hours to travel to Malaysia... How many years, or centuries, or billions of years must you fly to find the last point of space? And then I shall show you where the Lord is, where His state is, Alem Jabarut... Alem Malakut, Alem Jabarut, Alem Lahut... Then I shall say. But people in their ignorance are asking: ”Where is Allah?” He created the where. How can you ask ‘where’? He created the time. How can you ask ‘how old is He’?

And I am asking: “How old is our galaxy?” So many billions of galaxies are running... I am saying: “Ride on one of them, they are all running to their Lord’s Divine Presence. Take any one of them, all of them are running in the same direction. Not one galaxy is going in the opposite direction. There are no accidents in the heavenly traffic! Take one, and then you may reach with it to the Divine Presence. What is your payment? You must pay, as a ticket, for riding on any galaxy with your physical body. You must give it as a payment. You can ride any galaxy if you are paying. Give your physical body to them, then every galaxy may take you free... Saluting you, taking you to the Divine Presence. Where is the Divine Presence? Only Allah, the Owner of the galaxies, may say: “This is the last station for this galaxy. Now it has arrived. I am here!”

Good news for those who can pay the ticket-money. Any galaxy may accept you and you may continue on it. Then the Lord of Heavens says: “Stop, this is your last destination. I am here. Come to Me...” Allahu akbar... He is taking away the Hijab-ul-’Azamat, the Veil of Greatness. Supreme Greatness is for Allah Almighty. These veils open and He says: “I am here...” Everywhere... Allah, the most High, most Great... Allah, the Knowing, the most Powerful... Everything is in its perfection for Him Almighty...

You must understand, it is from eternity to eternity... And when the angels ask you: “Where you are asking to reach?”, you must say: “I am moving towards eternity.” “Then come, who is asking for eternity, may come.” Who is asking for anything else, the ticket-collector will kick him off: “ Go. This is only for those who are asking eternity, go away.”


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