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Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, la ilaaha illa-Llah, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, wa lillahi 'l-hamd!
Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, la ilaaha illa-Llah, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, wa lillahi 'l-hamd!
Zidhu yaa Rabbee `izzan wa sharafan nooran wa surooran, sultaanan wa ridwaana. Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, laa ilaaha illa-Llah, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, wa lillahi 'l-hamd! Sayyidina Muhammadin `izzan wa sharafan nooran wa surooran. Alhamdullahi Rabbi 'l-`Alameen. Madad yaa Saahib al-Imdaad.
Yaa Kareem, yaa Rabbee. Yaa Rabb! Anta Rabb! Anta Rabbi 'l-`Alameen! (Mawlana Shaykh stands and sits) Wa subhanak la nuhsee thanaan `alayk kama athnayt `ala nafsik, “Glory be You, we have never praised You as you praised Yourself.”
As-salaamu `alaykum RijaalAllah... jannah. And we are saying, a`oodhu billahi min ash-Shaytani 'r-rajeem. Bismillahi 'r-Rahmani 'r-Raheem.
As-salaamu `alaykum. Afshoo as-salaam baynakum. O our attenders throughout the east and west, may Allah forgive us.

O People! As-salaamu `alaykum. Blessings are coming with every word that Sayyidi 'l-Awwaleen wa ’l-Akhireen, the Seal of Prophets is just saying with honor. For 23 years those blessings have always been raining. On whom? On his Companions (r), men and women. They have been honored to be with the Seal of Prophets (s), the most glorified one in the Divine Presence, Sayyidina Muhammad (s)! (Mawlana Shaykh stands and sits) Tooba! The biggest good tidings for those who are listening from Sahaabatihi 'l-kiraam, Companions of the Seal of Prophets, and Allah Almighty is not closing those blessings, they are always raining. Any time you are speaking and you are glorifying the Seal of Prophets (s), those blessings are coming on you also. Therefore, when you are saying, “As-salaamu `alaykum, alfu salaam,” say to each other, “As-salaamu `alaykum,” and don't use plastic words. We are trying to be obedient ones. (...)

From east and west, people are running. “Oh, to where are you running?” “To collect much more rubbish.” Everyone is running after zibal, rubbish, to make heaps. If it is a golden heap, it is rubbish also, but people running and then finished, empty. One of my schoolmasters entered a classroom to teach mathematics, looking (back and forth). All students ... now they lost it, and they make like a hedgehog? They lost it. Then they were combing their hair, now suflu, kuflu, the youngsters' heads are so ugly. Now it is a new fashion, half the hair must be green, and the second half must be red. Our schoolmaster used to say, “Such beautiful hair is on your head, but inside your head is empty!” Now people are like this. All nations, from first class to last class, have empty heads and they are running after dunya. For what? They like to make heaps of rubbish.

O People! Throughout the east and west, north to south, where are your teachers? Where are your `ulamas, scholars, in Islam, in Christianity, and in Judaism? Where are your scholars? Where? People are running after the rubbish of this world and you are not saying, "O People! You have not been created to collect dunya, but you have been created to be for the Lord of Heavens. You are not putting for inside, but only running after rubbish like a dog.”

"O hello, darling. Prepare tea for me before we eat something, because today I am so tired because I was reaching the top point of my goals that I was asking to reach today. I had no chance, I only caught a small heap."
“What is that?”
“It is rubbish of dunya.”
“Where can you find that rubbish?"
“O my darling! I may say to you, go to the WC (bathroom) and take more.”

This is dunya. No pope, rabbi or shaykh of Islam may say that is wrong. The challenge is to the whole world, with all people running after rubbish to make more rubbish heaps. If it is gold, rubbish, mashaa-Allah. They are saying, "We are reaching the last point of civilization." Mashaa-Allah, you are putting on an apron and running to collect more rubbish.

O People! That is the last point of Mankind, to reach their targets, to collect more WC collections. Congratulations for everyone! Popes, holy ones, rabbis, and `ulamas al-Azhar will be happy with this addressing. No one can say, "You are wrong, rubbish collector.”

There are some big cars in London, written on them, "Transportation," and everyone is saying, "This rubbish is for me! You go to the WC and take more from there. We shall make pyramids! Yes, and I am trying to make mine the most high pyramid." We are speaking now about millions, quadrillions, and pentillions of people are finished. They are never asking for which purpose the Creator created us. People are drunk for collecting of rubbish and they are making so many colors of rubbish, to say, "Not only do I have yellow, black, and blue, I have red also! White belongs to Heavens, but I have other colors." They are making a conference for 24 hours (...) Congratulations, once again, to all nations! Congratulations for rubbish collectors! Shaytan is saying, "Ba ba ba, you are first, no one is reaching to me. Look at the Internet, no one is reaching (...) I am the first one."

It is not suitable for a person who is glorified in the Heavens to run after rubbish. The Lord of Heavens did not create people to live for the rubbish of dunya! Yaa Rabbee, Anta Rabb! Anta Rabb! Send us a person to teach us with such heavenly perfume.

Once upon a time, I was in Madinat a-Munawwara, as-salaat wa 's-salaam `alaa nabiyina, Sayyidina Muhammad (s)! (Mawlana Shaykh stands and sits) It may have been the season of Hajj. We were travelling and just coming to visit our Grandshaykh in his seclusion. One person came from India, whose age was 140 years, and his son was 90 years old. I was there also, and he was with Grandshaykh and kissing him and Grandshaykh said, "O Nazim! Look at that one; from his mouth is coming the best-smelling perfume." Look at billions and billions of people, their mouths are smelling like WC and the Angel of Death is coming and never likes that smoking, dirty smell. Laa hawla wa laa quwatta illa billahi 'l-`Aliyyu 'l-`Azheem. What are we going to do?

All people are running for saving more rubbish. Tawbah, astaghfirullah. That is the understanding of their civilization, to construct buildings with 70 floors, and another one competes, saying, "I will build 80 floors." Where are `ulamas in Islam? Why are they not warning them? No one is speaking, not Muslims, Christians, Jewish people and their rabbis. No one is opening their mouths to say, "O People! Don't try to collect more from the dirtiness and rubbish of this dunya." What shall we say? No one likes to say this.

May Allah forgive us and send us a holy guide for us, a holy imaam, to arrange our hearts and our understandings. All people are on the wrong understanding of Islam. Christianity and Judaism are leaving people to drink wine and eat pork. That is haraam, forbidden in Judaism, and Christianity. Also, Jesus Christ never ate pig! Can anyone bring an authority that Jesus Christ ate from pig's meat? No one can say that Moses drank wine and became drunk! It is never written in the Old Testament or in the New Testament, so why are they doing that? They will be asked in the Divinely Presence, "Why did you drink that? It is dirty! Was there any command from Me to you, O Jewish people, O Christian people, O Muslim people?” How are more than half of Muslims drinking? Is there any authority with them? They are finished, they are rubbish collectors!

O Mankind throughout the east and west! Look after holy books once again, and what they are saying to you. He, Almighty Allah, said: (Mawlana Shaykh stands)

وَمَا خَلَقْتُ الْجِنَّ وَالْإِنسَ إِلَّا لِيَعْبُدُونِ
Wa maa khalaqta 'l-jinna wa 'l-ins illa li-ya`budoon. I have only created jinns and men that they may serve Me. (51:56)

(Mawlana Shaykh sits) If anyone understands, I am happy. Even if one person understands and keeps himself or herself from the rubbish of dunya, I am going to be happy, but people are running after Shaytan, a`oodhu billahi min ash-Shaytani 'r-rajeem! If we are going to speak up to next week, from next week to next month, from next month to next year, it is not going to finish. We must change our understanding about our beliefs, which are blessed for believers to eat and drink, but so many things are forbidden for believers, but we are not teaching that. If you are saying something, why are you not teaching in schools the holy books, the Holy Qur'an for mu`mins? They are saying, "O Shaykh, this is a school building, not a monastery, mosque or synagogue. If you like, go there and learn." That is their answer. They will be grabbed by their necks and their heads will come in the WC!

May Allah forgive us. I think that it is more than enough. I am asking forgiveness for me and for you. And we are all sinners, asking the Lord of Heavens, send to us! Those good tidings just reached us, for Mahdi (a) to come first, and the second one who most nations like him and are keeping his ways, Dajjal, the Anti-Christ. And the whole world is also looking for Jesus Christ, `Isa (a) to come from Heavens and give to people what they have been needing. Whoever is asking for Paradise, the way to Paradise is opening. Those who are not asking for Paradise will quickly go to the Fire. May Allah forgive us.

O People! Tooboo il-Allah, we must ask for forgiveness! May Allah send us those true ones to change the ways of Mankind towards Paradise, or else all of us will be in the Fire. Wa min Allahi 't-tawfeeq.

All nations! Hear and take care for yourselves! O RijaalAllah, Holy Ones! Help us to take way rubbish from our hearts and to be good servants for our Creator, Allah Almighty. (Mawlana Shaykh stands and sits) Bi jahi nabi al-kareem.


Lefke, 05.11.2010

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