Maulana Sheikh NazimPeace comes only with the Sultans and Kings

As-salamu alaikum! Welcome to you. You are coming from far distances. You are
not coming, but you have been sent to be here and this is a humble place. May
Allah grant you from His endless Blessings. And we are saying: A’udhu bi-llahi
mina shaitani rajim, Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim.

You must know who is your most dangerous and terrible enemy. If you are not
knowing that, you can’t be in safety here and Hereafter.

Meded, ya Sultanu-l Awlia, Meded, ya Rijalallah.

We are knowing nothing! And people they are not asking to know or to learn
something and they are learning only, what Shaitan (is) teaching them. Shaitan
(is) teaching them not to be good servants for their Creator, the Lord of
Heavens. Shaitan (is) saying: “No, I am not worshipping and I am free. Free
ones! If you like to be like me free, follow me!” And people (are) asking.
People (are) asking: “How we can follow you?” And Shaitan (is) saying: “Follow
me and try to be always followers of your ego. What your ego is asking, try to
fulfil it and you should be free ones. Look”, (he is) saying, that he is free
from East to West, from North to South; through Arabs, through Turks, through
Russians, through Americans... “I have (a) free passport. I am free, everywhere
I am going, coming. Try to be like me (so that) everywhere you can go. You
should be so happy. Follow me!“

That is Shaitan’s teaching for mankind, because Shaitan that is (the) most
terrible and dangerous enemy that he was thinking that he should be Number 1
through universities (universes), through Heavens, through earth. And it was so
hardly praying and trying to be through creatures Number 1, not to be anyone
over its rank.

But when Allah Almighty created man and (was) giving to them
(the) highest degree, (the) highest honour through creatures, Shaitan was so
unhappy and greedy one, so terrible. He was saying: “Leave me, o Lord of
Heavens, to be with them, till the last one to... Last Day. Let me to be free
and let me to do, as I like to do for those creatures that You created them and
honoured them to be Your caliphs, candidates.” And the Lord of Heavens (was)
saying: “That is for you. Look, I am giving power for My deputies. If they are
using, what I am giving to them, no one can follow you. If they are not using,
what I granted to them from the power of being deputies, if they are not using
that, they should be donkeys of you! If they are not accepting to follow My Seal
of Prophets that I am giving a power to them to know and to do their best, I am
leaving them to you. Use them as your donkeys.”

And Shaitan was sooo happy, so happy! But mankind, whom they are just honoured
to be (the) deputies of Allah Almighty, when they are not using what Allah Almighty
granted to them, then Shaitan (is) riding on them and making them its donkeys.

Now in front of mankind (there are) two possibilities. One possibility that is a
grant of their Creator: to follow its Prophets and to follow them and to give
their highest respect and to accept to be servants of His divinely Presence. One
party, those people, they should be rewarded here and Hereafter. But another
group of mankind that they are not accepting to be (the) servants of (the)
divinely Presence of their Creator, Shaitan (is) taking them: “You come, you
come, you come, you come, you come...” Thousands, millions, billons (of) people
(he is) gathering and saying to them: “Come with me! I am making you free for
everything. Follow me and enjoy yourself, don’t listen anyone else. Follow me
and enjoy!”

Therefore mostly those (people of) mankind they are just deceived. Deceived and
they are thinking that when they are following Shaitan, they should be happy or
they should reach (the) highest civilisation. Making Shaitan to say (?)... Those
people, whom they are not accepting to be honoured servants of their Lord in His
divinely Presence and they are happy to be donkeys for Shaitan, they are so
happy and proud that they are free to do everything.

As countless men now they are believing for (in) a dirty life and they are
saying that: “Now we reached the top of civilisation.” Man (is) using man, woman
(is) using woman. Men (are) trying to be like women, women (are) asking to be
like a man. And that is their top point of their civilisation! That (is) making
divinely Anger to fall on them with heavenly Cursing. Now look; East and West,
everywhere (is) in trouble. Killing, burning, no one (is) happy for their
positions. They are asking something, that it is impossible to reach. But they
are believing in Shaitan, not believing in Prophets.

Yes, everywhere there is trouble. Man (is) killing man, man (is) fighting with
man and Allah Almighty (is) preventing (that). (He is) preventing His servants
not to do bad things, dirty things, and He is saying: “If you are doing bad
things and troubles on earth, I am giving your punishment (from) among
yourselves. Then you should be ‘democratic’ people.” Democratic people. Yes,
people (are) saying: “We must be different parties. Labour Party and then
Traders’ party, then Poor People’s Party, then Rich People’s Party, and
making... Shaitan (is) making them to be against each other and (he is) saying:
“That is the best life, (the) best life position, life-style...”

They are thinking that what they are doing, it is (the) best way for civilisation. They
are doing everything from badness and dirty things and (they are) saying: “Just
we reached (the) top point of civilisation through democracy.” Democracy must
fall down; if mankind (is) asking to live peacefully, they must kick out that
democracy. They must bring... Allah Almighty (is) never saying through His Holy
Books that people they are coming and saying ‘Parliaments’ or ‘Democracy’ and
doing this and that. Allah Almighty (is) sending His divinely Orders and you
must follow! (He is) not leaving you to make earthly orders and making every
kind of oppression on people and to kill poor and weak people and to be on top.
That is (what happened at) the beginning of (the) French Revolution; (they were)
taking (away the) power that (was) granted to Kings and Sultans; (they were)
taking that and giving (the) power to people that they were worst ones on earth.
They are coming out of (the) Bastille prison and doing such a thing that beasts
never did it.

And now people yet they are running after that dirty way and they are cheating
each other, saying: “That is a party on this way. That is a party in that way”
and they are quarrelling. And one (is) coming on power; after a while saying
some party that: “That person is not (a) good one, we must take him away and we
must be on power point.” Now that is.

As long as mankind (is) not kicking away shaitanic democracy, they never going
to live peacefully and they (are) never going to be good ones or they (are)
never going to reach Paradise.

People, particularly Muslims, I am sorry to say that Muslim countries they are
not following (the) holy Orders of Heavens and they are making so many
Parliaments and they are bringing some nonsense orders and asking to make people
under their feet and to continue on their ‘sauk wa safa’, to do everything and
to be high life for them and to make people under their feet. And they are using
every means to do that.

It (has been) mentioned through (the) Holy Quran that Allah Almighty (is)
explaining the Pharaohs’s rules. Pharaohs’ rules Shaitan (was) telling to them:
“You must put people under your feet, so that you should be on (the) top point,
to do yourself like gods. Make people not to raise their heads or not to ask
anything from their rights. Make their rights and heads under your feet.”

That is (the) 21st century and everywhere you are finding (it in) this way.
Allah Almighty (is) sending... only He may send heavenly Orders to His servants
to live peacefully, but Shaitan (is) saying: “Don’t believe. Do everything, as
you like to be Number 1 and make the name ‘highest civilisation’.” Highest
civilisation - and everywhere (is) burning, everywhere (is) in ruins, everywhere
(is) in fire, everywhere (there is) crises.

Why you are not asking: “How we can treat this crises?” Come to me, I may say to
you! I am (a) zero on (the) left(side), but I can show whole nations, whole
mankind, how they may be able to treat (the) crises and (how) to live on earth
peacefully. I am that one that may kill Shaitan! And I am (the) weakest servant!
Shaitan (is) thinking that it is so powerful - no! No! The lowest level
(one), (the) zero, may do, may do (something) on Shaitan and its followers (to
be) under the ruins of Shaitan buildings.

O people, you must believe and you must follow (the) Holy Quran. And I am
shouting first to Muslim countries, including our country also here. They (are)
never taking any care for (the) religious factor through their laws. And if they
are not taking care for (the) religious factor, they should be taken away.
(There will be) no way for them to save themselves here and Hereafter.

May Allah send us from His divinely Presence (the one) that He promised us to be
sent! And that one should take away whole Pharaohs’ ways followers, Shaitan’s
ways followers, oppressors’ ways followers. That one should take (them) away.
O people, welcome to you! You are only (a) handful people, but... This world
(has) perhaps now 5 billion or 6 billon people and finally (they are) going to
(be)come less, less, less... (They will be) killing themselves and (it will be)
coming that huge number to a small number.

O people! Who (is) asking to be here in safety and in eternal life to be with
his Lords - oh oh oh - divinely Presence, must follow heavenly Orders and kick
that democracy outside and bring the Sultans and Kings that they are only asking
to follow divinely Orders on earth.

May Allah forgive us and them. May Allah take away (the) cursing from people and
put it on those cursed people. They should be taken away. O people, use your
good will and your minds in (the) right way. Think (about) what you are... what
you have heard, then you should be here and Hereafter in peace and enjoyment for
eternity, for eternal life.

Allahu akbar, Allahu akbar, la ilaha ill-Allah, wa Allahu akbar, Allahu akbar wa
li-llahi-l hamd...
Allahumma salli wa sallim ‘ala Nabiyina Muhammad ‘alayhi salam,salatan tadumu wa
tughda ilay, mamara layali wa tula dawam... Al Fatiha.

Lefke, 17.4.2009 Transcribed by Khairiyah Siegel

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