Maulana Sheikh NazimPeace comes with obedience

As-salamu alaikum! As-salamu alayna wa ‘ala ‘ibadika salihin. Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani
rajim, Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim. Meded, ya Sultanu-l Awliya, Meded, ya Rijalallah! Bi
barakati ‘ala Shahru Mubarak Ramadan Mubarak alhimna rushdana wa aisna min shurri
anfusina, ya Rabb!

By the Name of Allah Almighty All-Most Merciful, Most Beneficent and most Magnificent.
Meded, ya Rijalallah! Always ask heavenly Support! If no heavenly Support, our world can’t
move. If no heavenly Support, (it is) no raining. If no heavenly Support, oceans (are) going to
dry (up). If no heavenly Support, whole countries (are) going to be deserts. If no heavenly
Support, mankind (is) going to finish, no live for them! Even we are rebellious ones, but Allah
Almighty (is) granting; granting-Subhanallah, Glory to Allah!- from pre-eternal up to eternal.

O people, keep your obedience with your Lord Allah Almighty, the Lord of
Heavens! Allah- jalla jalaluh- Allah, (the) most Glorious, He is not like His
creatures! He is Creator, we are creatures. Try to keep high Adab with your Lord Allah
Almighty. May Allah forgive us! O our Lord, we are rebellious, disobedient creatures. We are
leaving our Lords Commands and (we are) following (the) orders of Sadanas, Shaitan- how
we can hope (for) peace on earth? It is impossible! But for the honour of (the) most Beloved
one, Allah Almighty (is) granting from His endless Favour Oceans and He is looking what His
servants (are) doing: if they are thankful, if they are saying: “No God, only You, o our Lord,
Lord of Heavens, Lord for everything, You Allah! We are asking forgiveness! Forgive us!”

It is (a) holy month, Ramadan, (the) fasting month. For what we are fasting?

Fasting is a obedience; it is (the) most important obedience and worshipping and servanthood
for Allah. First of all He, (the) Almighty, (is) calling His servants:

“O My servants, come and do servanthood! Leave everything and listen and hear,
what your Creator (is) saying!” This Sound of calling people to servanthood, it is like waves,
covering everywhere, reaching to everyone’s ears. Calling: “O My servants, come and give
your obediency for Me! Come, keep My servanthood, because you are servants of Me, of
Mine!” Calling! That announcement (is) never cutting. Every moment, every second, (it is)
covering (the) whole world that announcement, saying: “O My deputies that I created you and
just I honoured you and you promised to Me that you are going to keep My servanthood! O
My servants, come and give your servanthood for My divinely Presence! If you are not
hearing and listening, I am punishing you! Before you are going to death, before (you are)
coming to Me, I am going to punish you!”

What is the easiest punishment? (The) easiest punishment! “I am punishing you with (the)
easiest punishment. If you are not listening to Me, I am punishing you and that punishment it is
so easiest, very simple. I am not giving big punishment to you, no. I am punishing you!” - O
our Lord, You are our Lord, Your Command is Command and your Orders must be obeyed!
You have rights to punish disobedient ones! - “I am punishing you, o disobedient servants,
very very simple.” What is that?

If I may ask people- I may ask to Pope, I may ask to Patriarch, to Hakam Basi...
what they should say? Perhaps this my speech may reach to their ears. I am
asking to also Dalai Lama... who is riding on Lama... I am asking to you also: “What is that
punishment? (A) very simple punishment, (the) most carriable punishment?” “No, I am not
giving, I am not giving big punishment, but (the) most carriable punishment!” Say, what it
that, o Pope? There is also Sheikh ul Azhar, there is also Mufti of Mecca Mukarrama, there is
Dalai Lama, there is Hakam Basi... I am asking and looking what it should be (the) most or
lightest, (the) most carriable punishment?... Looking books... 70 years, 70 months they are not
going to find...

It is one word that just heavenly Knowledge put in my heart, my Grandsheikh.

Yes, we may say now, because no one (is) able to say (the) much more carriable punishment
for 21st century people. “Say!” “Yes, Sir!” (Allah is saying): “I am taking peace; (I am) taking
up peace from earth to Heavens. No peace for them!” True?... True?...True?... That is most
carriable one! No peace! (There is) no peace for any country, for any nation, for any level of
people. No peace for governments, no peace for nation. Before nations they were fighting to
neighbours, but now they are fighting (within) themselves. Yes. True? Eh! No peace through
your cities. No peace through your homes. Which one may say that: “I am in peace through
my home. I am in peace, living in peace with my family, with my children, with my
neighbours, with my workers, with my business”? Who can say: “I am in peace”?

Which government may say: “We are happy with my nation”? Because nations going to be
black sheep (and) white sheep. Black sheep (are) saying: “No, we must be on power, because
our colour is better than yours!“ (The) white sheep (are) saying: “No, we are more important
that you! We are white ones, we can’t carry you!” This (is a) sheep, that (is a) sheep!

Nations! Democracy, pocracy! “Hah? What happened?” “We are trying to take away
someones! We must try to be Nr.1, Nr.1 on earth!” Americans (are) saying: “You are saying
(this) to me and I am here? You are getting to be Nr. 1? What about for me, you are forgetting
my majestic power!” Russians (are) saying: “No! Who are you? If I am roaring (?), you are
going to die!” Haha! Yes, Sir? Merhaban, Ahlan wa Sahlan, ya Shahru Ramadan! No peace!

Yes, (it is) coming now: (There is) no peace even through yourself, with yourself! You are not
in peace with yourself. Quarrelling! (There are) two poles through yourself: One belongs to
Heavens, one belongs to darkness. One belongs to (the) Lights of Heavens. They are quarrelling.
(The) black one that we have through ourselves, that belongs to Shaitan, saying: “You must
obey to me! I don’t like that you may obey to anyone, no! You must be my obedient servant!
Kill and reach, burn and reach, destroy and reach, what I am asking!”

(There is) no peace through yourself, because you are not believing (in the)
holy Orders of Heavens. You forget your Creator and that is the most carriable punishment
(that) Allah (is) punishing you (with)! “...An yajalahum shayan faudika ba’adahum batha baad...
(?)... Wa Huwa-l Qadiru an yabatha alaykum adhaban min fauqikum aw min tahta arjulikum
aw yalbithakum shian faudika ba’adakum batha baad...”

Yes, through yourself! (He is) making you two blocks. Now (the) whole world (is) running to
be on 2 poles, two camps. (The) Prophet (was) saying, “(The world is) going to be under 2
camps: one East, one West. One (is) believers, one (is) unbelievers, and they are going to
punish each other.” No peace, no peace! Peace (is) taken up. It was once upon a time this
world they were in peace, because they were hearing and listening (to the) heavenly Orders
and obeying and Allah Almighty (was) granting them peace: trough themselves, through their
countries, through East and West!

O people, listen and obey! Or, (if) not, you are going to be taken away! First- just taken up
peace from earth. This Cyprus, (the) Turkish part, (there is) fighting a handful people: they are
9 parties (and they are) fighting by each other. Women (are) fighting to men, men (are)
fighting to women. Women (are) fighting to women, men (are) fighting to men- everywhere
(there is) fighting, no peace! Understanding my English or not?

Therefore I am asking: “What is the much more carriable, most simple punishment?”

When they are leaving not to listen (to the) heavenly Commands, Allah (is)
punishing them: (He is) taking peace and they are getting to be like beasts, asking to kill, to
drink their blood, asking to be Nr. 1 everywhere, asking to be (the) whole world under his
command and (that) all of us (we are) going to be chairmen of Satan! (There is a) big
assembly for Shaitan and everyone (is) asking to be chairman there! Insha Allah I am not on
chair; no chair; no one (is) giving to me to be chairman. They are saying: “Eh, dustbin! Throw
him away!”

Everyone now (is) unhappy, no one (is) happy now! No one (is) happy! At least, when you
are looking peoples’ misery, (that is) making you to be sorry, you can’t be happy. When you
are looking that TV, (there is) no a(ny) good news, everything (is) making you to be, to fall in

Therefore- you are reading newspapers; everything (you read is) giving to you a kind of
misery, making you to be in troubles. Everything! You look like this- you can’t be happy, you
may look like that- you can’t be happy. Through your home, you can’t be happy, through
streets, you can’t be happy, (through) your country, (you are) not happy, (in) East and West,
(you are) not happy! People, they are in trouble, no peace, no happiness, happiness (is) just
taken up!

La ilaha ill-Allah, la ilaha ill-Allah, la ilaha ill-Allah! O our Lord! O our Lord, for the honour of
this holy month, send us that (one that) You promised to Your most glorious deputy, (Your)
most glorious beloved one! For this honour You promised to send us one (of Your servants),
to take away from earth everything that belongs to Satan, Sadanas, and to bring Your holy
Orders, to be on! O people, ask (this) through this holy month! Therefore, should be so many
events going to be, coming, that a person can’t carry!

Ask from Allah Almighty not to see, not to hear and not to be touched
from heavenly Revenge! This is a, perhaps may be last chance for whole nations through this
holy month, (to see) what they are doing. May be (it is) going to increase crises and miseries
and problems on earth, reaching to (the) top point, then going to explosion. May Allah forgive

O people, run to Allah! We must run to Allah, we must try to keep (the) holy
Orders of Heavens as much as possible. Then you should be sheltered by heavenly Shelter. If
not, nothing can shelter you! May Allah forgive us! O our Lord, Tauba, ya Rabbi, Tauba, ya
Rabbi, Tauba, Astaghfirullah! That is (a) holy month that helps you and (is) urging you and
forcing you to keep (the) holy Orders of Allah Almighty. Make your willpower much more
powerful, to keep (the) holy Orders of Heavens.

If you are not fasting, you are going to be destroyed... as dust, no one (is)
asking (for it)... May Allah forgive us! O our Lord, Tauba, ya Rabbi, Tauba, ya Rabbi, Tauba,
Astaghfirullah! Shukr, ya Rabbi, Shukr, ya Rabbi, Shukr, Alhamdulillah!
Bi jahi Nabiyika-l Karim, ya Allah, yubathu lana Malikan yukatil fi sabili... to take
away satanic powers and to defeat them from Your servants and to be this world as You like-
the flags of Islam, the flags of Tauhid, Unity, of (the) Lord of Heavens, everywhere. Amin!

Lefke, 4.9.2008 Transcribed by Khairiyah Siegel

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