Maulana Sheikh NazimPeace on Earth

Everyone must believe in their Creator. I believe in the Lord of Heavens, the Creator of mankind. I am a servant of the Lord. Abdullah is my name, even though people call me Sheik Nazim. I don't think that a Muslim, a Christian, a Catholic, an Orthodox, a Methodist, a Buddhist, a Hindu or a Jew would refuse to be called a servant of their Lord. Bishops are servants, Sheiks are servants, the Pope is a servant, an Emperor is a servant, Sultans and Kings and Queens are servants. Everyone is a servant. No-one can pass over from being a servant to being a lord. There is only one who is a Lord. That is what we believe. We also believe that this life is temporary. There is an eternal permanent life. We believe in the eternity of the Lord. His Kingdom stretches from pre-eternity to eternity. It is never-ending.

We are now trying to take away the kingdom of satan and to establish the real Kingdom of Heavens on earth. As long as the satanic kingdom is enact there will be no peace. When the Kingdom of Heavens has been established on earth peace will come. Without that we will not be able to defeat the devils and overcome the evil. We are trying to achieve this in a general way within all religions.


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