Maulana Sheikh NazimPeople here in Cyprus are very ‘himmetsiz’

...(I am shouting to our people here, in Cyprus.) They are very ‘himmetsiz’,
they are never taking for any (heavenly) Command! If you are saying something
for them, they are saying: “I don’t care!” If you are not taking care, who is
taking care for you, ya Shaitan?” “I don’t care...!” They are not praying, they are not going to
mosque! He may go to nightclub, he may go to casino, he may go everywhere that our egos
(are) getting his freedom, they are doing everything, they never interesting (in) any heavenly
Order. “We are not believing!”

Therefore I am shouting to them! And I am looking that
through that Ramadan passed away...? Subhanallahi ‘Aliyu-l ‘Adhim...? (We are) praying
Salatu-l Eid, and Allah Almighty (is) saying: “O My servants (are) coming to My obedience. O
my Angels, just for the honour of My most beloved servant Muhammad sws, I am forgiving
them, I am blessing them!” But big blame for those people that passed away one month and
not fasting, not putting forehead on earth! I am fearing from Allah Almighty! O my Lord,
forgive us and send us someone that he may be able to collect- not our physical bodies, no,
send us someone, who may collect the hearts and souls of people, to collect them! If he is not
coming, we are finished...

May Allah forgive us! Allahu akbar, Allahu akbar, la ilaha ill-Allah, wa Allahu
akbar, Allahu akbar wa li-llahi-l hamd...

Lefke, 30.9.2008 Transcribed by Khairiyah Siegel

PublisherKhairiyahSiegel, CategoryCyprus, CategoryFasting
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