Maulana Sheikh NazimPeople must change their ways!

As-salamu alaikum! Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim, Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim.
The worst and dangerous enemy for mankind, (for) the Children of Adam, you must teach
first to your descendants, after teaching them: “Say: Allah, Allah, Allah...” ...Who is going to
be his first speech Holy Name of Allah, we hope that at the end of their lives should be last
word moving from their lips: “Allah, Allah, Allah...”

We must change our ways! From A to Z for Europeans, for Muslims- we must change
everything also, according to Aliph, Ba, Ta... up to Ya. If not changing, whole people living on
earth should be destroyed! They are destroying each other. Heavenly Cursing (is) approaching!
You must leave Kufr, you must leave (the) wrong way, you must leave Kufars’ habits! We
must change everything that we are wearing, eating, doing, reading- everything! Whole homes,
homes of Nimrods, we must take them down! Ardu-llahi wasia’, Allah Almighty’s earth (is) so
big, why you are making one over one? Why? Angels (are) calling those people and saying:
“Why, the son of Adam, what is the reason that you are making your buildings higher, higher,
higher? Are you going to follow the way of Nimrod? Are you claiming to be a Nimrod?” He
was building such a huge towers, particularly (the) tower of Babylonia. Why? He was saying
(to) his Prime Minister- all Prime Minsters they much change their ways also- “O Haman, just
build for me a huge tower! I like to get up and to look where is that Abraham’s Lord!”

Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim, Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim. People that they forget ‘Bismillahir
Rahmanir Rahim’ (are) forgotten! Whom they (are) forgotten, coming on them cursing from
Heavens and (that) cursing (is) not like cursing coming on those people, Qaum Nimrod:
Assuriin, Kaldani, famous tribes... or Dijla... Dijla famous river... Dijla, Euphrates, Nil Mubarak
and one more... (Tigris)... 4 rivers Amu Derya... They are saying that those 4 big rivers they
are coming from Paradise... Therefore- people and Egyptian people, accepted to leave
Shariatullah, taking away their Malik, Sultan, and accepting... who was representative of
Shaitan, Shitani?... and what is the one before him? Lenin, Stalin, both of them, and Mao- they
were representative of Nimrod and Shaitan. (Shaitan was) coming to Egypt through that Abdu-l
Nasir, bringing Communism there and making his worst for Egyptian people, taking away
what Allah (was) sending to people, bringing the pillars of (the) Sultanate of Shaitan.

Our people, they did it; Arabs (were) following them, they follow and they, all of them, (are)
cursed! Iranian people also, they are under cursing- they are saying: “We are so much
powerful”-, because (there is) no republic in Islam, no Parliament in Islam, no government
cabinet! Sometimes I am hearing that someone (when he is) asking to urine, (is) saying: “I am
going to (the) cabinet”... you heard it?... All of them now can’t be able to do anything for
Allah, till they are coming to Shariatullah that from Heavens (is) coming! If they are not
coming, cursing (is) coming after it! I am very fearful for this new year; (the) new year that it
is (according to the) Hijri, (the) pilgrimage, calendar. There is (an) Islamic calendar, it is okay.
Other calendars (have) no strong base- no base! No base- that is everything, as now in
Christianity they are changing, as Shaitan (is) saying to them and then (it has) no value that
European calendar, no! (But the) Islamic calendar (is) on a strong base. What is that strong
base? The Seal of Prophets that just he (was) born through unknown deserts and (was)
growing up (there). Europeans (are) no mind people, Christians more than them. It is
forbidden for Non-Muslims to look (at) the base of Islam!

I am saying sometimes: “O people, what (is) saying your mentality, if someone (is) saying
(something) about Venus? (He) may say: ‘On Venus (there are) so high mountains and oceans
and this and that’...” I am addressing to NASA. It is not really NASA, but it is ‘nasiya’, from
‘nasiya’, ‘nisyian’, ohhh, forgetting... forgot. Therefore they are saying (that) they are NASA
people, forgetting everything that coming from Heavens. I am saying: “What is your opinion, if
a person (is) saying: ‘(There is) something on Venus’ and you are saying: ‘Yes, yes, yes...’
and I am saying to you about on (the) moon, (about the) full moon, and you are saying: ‘We
are not accepting (?)’.” That is their mentality? Europeans and Christians and Non-Muslims’
mentality (is) in such a way?

What is the nearest to our time? S.Muhammad sws! You are saying about (something)
years ago, the names of Prophets. You are believing (in them) and that (even though) only
their names (are) remaining through your books- and I don’t think that (there are) some people
(who are) following them, no! And (you are) looking (the full moon) S.Muhammad sws- 2
billion people (are) following his way and (still) you are saying: “You are not (a) Prophet”? Ma
sha Allah, what mentality! I am fighting them! I know their names! They know my name...
but my pencil is writing something, (it) can’t be turned back! Therefore whole nations now
they are responsible, because they are not thinking on it!

Jesus Christ is (a) Prophet and after him- peace be upon him- 6oo years (there was) coming
another Prophet that just his name (is) blessed and (there were) good tidings about him. (He
was) just granted to nations and you are saying: “He is not (a) Prophet”? Who should be
Prophet now? Where is Jesus Christ’s Evangelo? We are not asking Evangelo for Mark, for
John, for Mathew, for Luka! Once I went to (the) biggest shop in London, big, every kinds of
books (there)... I am entering the (part)...that it is for Christianity books, I am saying: ”I am
asking an Evengelo.” “Yes, Sir!” Quickly (they were) bringing 4 (books) to me. “What is
that?” “This (is the) Evangelo for Lukas, this (the) Evangelo of Mathew, this (the) Evangelo of
John and this (is the) Evangelo of Mark.” “I am asking (for the) Evangelo that just had been
sent to Jesus Christ!” “We are sorry that this is our Holy Books...” “Finished! No need,
because (the) Evangelo (was) not coming to Luka or Mathew or John or Mark, no, (the)
Evangelo (was) coming to Jesus Christ. You may say: ‘He is son’ or other things- (this) doesn’
t matter for me, but I am asking: If Allah (was) sending Jesus Christ to save nations- what
was with him? (The) Holy Book Mathew? John? Luka? Mark? How you are saying to me,
how you are calling me to be Christian? The Lord of Heavens sent Jesus Christ and sent him
(an) Evangelo- where is that Evangelo?” Finished! (It is) like a spring; just there is tap, but
(there is) no more water coming. They are putting 1,2,3,4 pipes- even one of them (is) not
running, never giving satisfaction!

Therefore- my addressing (is) to (the) whole world! Sometimes I am nothing, behind of One,
zero. Sometimes they are making me in front of One- I am something that time! I am weak,
perhaps two legs on the floor of (the) graveyard, but my words, no one can refuse it, no one
can defend that ideas! Even though now Christians, Muslims, Jewish people, they have big
foundations for their religions, but I am looking (that) not anyone may give anything to our
spirituality! We are hungry and thirsty! Dunya (is) nothing! If (the) Pope thinks (about) what
happened through 2ooo years (of) other Popes- he must think on it! Jewish people, now (it is)
15 centuries, yet they are not trying to say: “Muhammadun Rasulullah sws.” Why? Anything is
wrong? Anything (is) wrong in (the) Holy Quran? Say! Up to morning their heads (will be)
going away! Now it is (a) very terrible time and should be used heavenly Powers and from
earth people (are) going... as the Children of Israel; when they did (something) wrong, Allah
Almighty (was) ordering to kill some of them that they did that wrong thing. Now therefore so
many (of) that people (that) they are not coming to real belief, real Islam, they should be killed
by each other. May Allah forgive us!

O people, come to yourself! And our new year, we are speaking on it, (the) thirstiest new year
in Islam, beginning from the Holy Night, that 15th of Shaban Muazzam -not tonight, not
tomorrow night, but after tomorrow night, the Night of Saturday night reaching to Sunday.
Everything what is coming... therefore, o people, what is going to happen through this year up
to (the) next Laylatu-l Baraat, (the) holy Night of Baraat, everything that should be on earth,
written by the Will of our Lord, our Creator, should appear. Keep yourself! Keep yourself! No
one can escape from heavenly Revenge! That (is) coming and finding them! May Allah forgive
us! Prepare yourself for that night! Anywhere you can be and pray to Allah! If you can pray
100 Rakaats that night, Allah Almighty (is) giving to you, what it is best to you here and
Hereafter! Try to be (the) servant of your Lord! That is (the) teachings of Islam and I don’t
think that other religions (are) saying that what I am saying is not true! Through whole Holy
Books (it is) written: “O people, remind (remember) that you are servants!” May Allah forgive
us and accept our (prayers)... Fatiha...

Lefke, 14.8.2008 Transcribed by Khairiyah Siegel

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