Maulana Sheikh NazimPeople spend their time with useless things and Allah will ask us about what we did

By the name of Allah Almighty, most Merciful, most Beneficent and most Magnificent. May Allah give you from His divinely lights. If a person is not given divinely lights, that we may better say heavenly lights, he is going to be blind. If no lights through our eyes, we can't see, and everyone needs eyes to see what is around himself. And he needs also, to look into himself, another light that belongs to Heavens. Sun enlightening our world, so we can see. We are in need another sun belonging to our spiritual world, spiritual life and being, we are in need another sun that belongs to Heavens. And heavenly lights only come through the lines of prophets. Out of their lines you can't find heavenly lights, it is impossible. Therefore who is going to be with prophets, from their hearts running those lights to their hearts, and enlightening the person. And the line of prophets just began with the first man and first prophet S.Adam, one after one up to the Seal of Prophets. For every beginning must be an end, and prophecy just began with Adam alayhi salaw wa salam, peace be upon him, and ending with the Seal of Prophets S.Muhammad sws.

Jewish people can't say that prophecy just ended through Moses. They may say? They are not saying, because it is informed through the Old Testament that Allah Almighty informing through Moses the Children of Israel, that in future, when last days coming: 'I am sending to you a Prophet like Moses, from their cousins'. Not saying from them, but from the line of their cousins. They were Children of Ishaq, Jacob and twelve tribes of Children of Israel. And Moses coming after that, after thousand years or more and he was informing that Allah Almighty is saying: 'I am sending to the Children of Israel before last days a prophet like you, like you but not from you, from the cousins, S. Ismail. Ishaq and Ismail. Ismail was the first son, and Ishaq was the second son. So that Moses was not saying that 'prophecy just finished with me'. No, even now Children of Israel looking someone that was given to them good tidings about that one, that they say 'Messiah'. The Orthodox of Israel people are looking for that. Others are not too much looking, modern Jewish people are not too much thinking on it, but Orthodox people that keep their ways so fanatically say that: 'We are expecting the Messiah that we have been given good tidings about that one'.

Then Jesus Christ also was never saying: 'I am the last one', but he was saying: 'I am going'- as they are believing: 'I am going to father', that is their words, we are not believing in it, but according to their gospels he was saying: 'I am going to father and father sending to you someone after me'. He was said 'Parakletos', they are not saying the real word that Jesus Christ was saying about him. This Parakletos is a Greek word. It is like to be Ahmad, praised one, or praising one. So that he was not saying: 'I am last one', but when S.Muhammad sws was coming, Allah Almighty informed him that: 'You are the last one', beginning with Adam and ending with Muhammad peace be upon them.

All prophets just coming with heavenly lights, if they are not bringing heavenly lights, no one can approach them, no. Therefore the lights of Heavens just reach to mankind on earth from first man up to S.Muhammad sws, and it is impossible before Judgment Day that lights to finish. That light must run through East and West, from North to South, must be. But as we are looking sometimes electricity, running power in wires, power on it, but if not taking this, it is not giving lights to you. You must use this transformator to make a way to bring here, when putting there, coming lights. But if not using this, you look and say no, no lights. If using it, you look, oh, where it was? It was hidden. And man is in need to find a way to heavenly lights. If not, he is going to be blind, and a person who doesn't reach heavenly lights is blind here and hereafter. And you can't find now that lights through universities and academies, because they don't take any care for heavenly knowledge or heavenly teachings. They don't give any value for the teachings of prophets, teachings of Heavens, they say No. Even the holy Name of Allah, you may say God, they may say dieu, deo, it is prevented and prohibited or forbidden to speak, to say the Name of God, or theo, dio or other words that people say. It is forbidden. For what?

That means heavenly lights you can't find through universities, through schools, secondary schools. From elementary schools even it is forbidden to speak on that heavenly knowledge, and they are learning everything that they may see through this sunlight. Sunlight, what showing to them, they say yes. When going to be nighttime, saying: 'Nothing'. When sun coming, shining, saying: 'Oh, there are so many things'. When darkness coming and covering everything, they say: 'Nothing'. Through darkness lights show what is in it. If no darkness you can't see stars. Must be darkness that you may see lights.

Therefore now people lost their ways. No more spirituality. Even through religious people, even through Muslim religious people, they are not asking, they ask only lights of this sun and nothing else. Not interesting in spirituality, Sufi ways, saying: No, because they are blind people. May Allah forgive me and bless you. It is a short but good association to be for everyone in Europe and Non-Muslim world, and Muslim world may take a benefit, because we have a line from lights of Heavens. I am claiming. Alhamdulillah, Allah Almighty not closing, not making it off, for yourself. If you are not coming, my light stopping, not going forward, and that is an association as I said that you are like a person coming to a supermarket, supermarket people are not forcing you that you must buy something, no. A person may come and look around. Some people take this and that and pay and get out. Some people come only for looking around what is here and there and empty going out. Don't be such a person that comes into a market, a big hypermarket or supermarket or mini market even, and not taking anything. That is an imperfection. A perfect person must try to take something. It is not necessary to buy the whole market, no. You may take from this and that, it is okay. May Allah grant to you from His divinely light to be in Paradise here and hereafter for the honour of the Seal of Prophets. Fatiha.

Omayyad-Mosque, Damaskus - 25.04.2002 (Friday Damascus 10 and 11 , Duas at the tomb of S.Yahya a.s.)

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