Ask for help from Holy-people who are near to you. Without Holy-people no-one can be successful. We need them here and hereafter. Don't listen to your ego, it always claims to be able to do everything, but it can't do anything. Our egos only have small batteries which cannot carry you. That is why Allah Almighty sent power-stations from Heaven to earth. All Holy-people are power-stations on earth. Connect yourself to them. Stop when you reach to them and turn off your engine. Stop smoking and turn off the engine! Come with your heart to the heart of the keeper of that station and take in.

Those who were sitting with the Prophet were connected from their heart to the heart of the Prophet. Like that the faith grows from the lowest level to the highest. It is the method of all prophets and particularily of the last one. His companions used to sit with him and come in touch with his heart completely. We are only imitators who are trying to do as they did. Even if we are not on that level we hope to also receive blessings by doing like the companions used to.

Allah Almighty is looking at us, so try to be with Him. The Prophet, may peace be with him, is also looking at you, so be with him. They are looking to see what we are doing and what our aim is. Allah Almighty is rewarding you according to your intentions. Allah knows why you are sitting there, He knows your intentions. "Oh, our Lord, you know. We have only come here to ask for more blessings and to be able to give you more servanthood. We are trying to make you pleased with us. We want to know what we can do to make you pleased with us." Muhammad, may peace be with him, went to Ta'if to call the people there to their Lord, "Oh, people, come to your Lord, oh, people, come to Allah!" That was his mission, to call people to themselves.

All people will fall on their knees on the Day of Resurrection in fear of the Lord. Allah Almighty will adress Jesus Christ and said to him, "Oh, Jesus, are you that one who told people to worship you?" The way He speaks will be so heavy that anyone else would disappear at the sound. It will be like an accusation. "Oh, my Lord, you know what I said to them and you are a witness of what they did." No-one of the Prophets ever called their people to worship them. But Christians are liars and they are insisting to be so. They cannot say, that Jesus Christ told them to worship him! He is a servant of the Lord. Everyone must worship the Lord alone. There were 124000 prophets and all of them called their people to worship Allah.

The Christians are still insisting on this falsehood. But time is over now. Before the year 2000 there will be no more Christians, no more Judaism, only the ones who are calling to Allah, Islam. That will continue.

The Seal of Prophets, Sayyidina Muhammad was calling the people. He went from Mekka to call the people, but all of them did not accept him and they also made their young-ones to attack him with stones and injure his feet. He was so broken and he said, "Oh, my Lord, I am only asking for you to be pleased with me. That is all. If all people do not accept me and attack me, it doesn't matter. That does not make me worried. My worry is only not to make you dispeased with me. I only want you to be pleased with me!"

So people, you must try to make Allah Almighty pleased with you. So even if all the others are displeased with you, it doesn't matter! If a person wants to please Allah Almighty, and never expects others to be pleased with him, Allah will make the hearts of the others to be pleased with that person, he will be successful. If a person wants to please the hearts of others and doesn't care about pleasing others, then Allah Almighty makes those people not to be pleased with that person. If your aim is to please Allah, you will be 100% successful and you will be under His protection.

Allah Almighty shelters you. Everything can happen to you, but only those who are sheltered by Allah Almighty cannot be touched by things disturbing them. Muhammad, may peace be with him, was saying, "When troubles fill the whole world and people are covered over their heads with troubles, when all the people will be in troubles, there will be a group of servants who will never be touched." People are now swimming in troubles, but Allah Almighty is putting those people in a position never to be touched by those troubles. Why don't you want to be one of those people? "These are my servants!" says Allah Almighty, "I am keeping them far away from troubles."
If Allah Almighty would send one of them through hell, hell would escape from them. He may even send one of them through a fire, and the fire would turn into a rose-garden. That is what He did for Abraham, may peace be with him. Those people who wanted to grieve Abraham so much gathered everything they could find in the jungle and made a huge fire. Allah Almighty sent Abraham into the fire and it turned into a rose-garden.

Believe in God, believe in Allah and then troubles and miseries will leave you. You will then be surrounded by Paradise even here, because you will have no fear and no sadness. You will be in safety and enjoyful. You will feel no sadness. Nothing will ever make you sad!

London - 01.03.1994

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