Maulana Sheikh NazimThe Power of Allah for His Holy Ones

Allahumma salli wa sallim ala Nabiyina Muhammad alayhi salam, salatan
tadumu wa tuhda ilayh, ma marra layali wa tula dawam...
Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim
Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim
La haula wa la quwatta illa bi-llahi-l Aliyi-l Azim
Meded, ya Rijalallah!

Here is our brother Sheikh Gibril Fuad Haddad, (a) famous author and
authority in holy Hadith and what (is) related (to it), (the)
knowledge of Hadith al-Sharif. And we have been honoured with him
through days, 3 days, 4 days, I don t know... (he is) asking something
for an understanding about secret knowledge in Islam.

And we are saying:

By the Name of Allah Almighty most Merciful, most Magnificent and most
May Allah make us to say something that it should be as a guidance for
whole mankind. He may do- Allah Almighty- an ant to talk and He,
Almighty Allah, if He (is) asking to make through an ants language to
address whole mankind, as it is mentioned in Holy Quran...

And we are saying:

Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim
Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim.

O our Lord, forgive us, forgive Your weak servant, forgive Your Most
Beloved Umma, his nation, we are in need (of) Your Blessings and we
are asking also a support from (the) beloved ones that they are
Awliya, as (with) support from them that we can be able to address to
whole people.

And Islam (is) just coming with a message from (the) first time of
(the) prophecy of the Seal of Prophets up to (its) end (and) therefore
every addressing that (is) coming through (the) most beloved and
glorified servant of Allah Sayyidina Muhammad, it is for whole nations
of mankind.

And (this is) from his holy teachings to nations that: Allah Almighty,
He likes His servants to be in love with His Awliyas, with His Holy
Ones. That is a very important pillar in Islam: that Muslims must look
after holy ones through the nation of Muhammad sallaLlahu alayhi wa
sallam and to be in love with them, to give their love to them and
(their) high respects also. That is one of (the) most important
pillars that Islam (is) teaching mankind: O mankind! You must look
(for) holy ones!

Who are the holy ones?

Once I was passing through Switzerland on my way to Germany and
through that country there is a famous monastery on the way... and his
name (is St.) Nikolas (von der Fl├╝he). Always (when) I am passing, his
spiritual being (is) asking from me to: Come down and visit me! (He
is) a holy one; he was feeling a refreshment every time when I am
passing through there and coming down and visiting him.

Once I was passing and coming, after visiting, coming down the stairs,
I saw a person that he looks like that he must be a priest. I am
saluting, (and) he is also greeting me and I am saying: Your holiness
(are) looking after this holy place? and he was answering: I am
sorry, O Sheikh, I am not a holy one.


You know why , (he was) saying. And I am saying: What about (the)
Pope? And he said to me - I am not lying, insha Allah, I am speaking
(the) truth! I am asking: What about (the) Pope, his Holiness?

Never! Never! Because , he was saying, (the) holy one (is the one)
inside, that I am on his service here.

And he is signing to me, who is holy or not. I was ashamed to say:
What about for me? I was fearing, not to say: You are also like...

O Sheikh, you know something. I know why you are coming here. I
(have) never seen a Muslim authority or alim, scholar, or imam,
coming and visiting here. Therefore I am understanding that you are
not an ordinary one from those people.

I am saying: Allah knows. Why there are not holy ones?

O Sheikh, people that they are official, officiality sending away
sincerity, and sincerity, when (it is) leaving a person, he can t be a
holy one. One of (the) most important conditions (is) to be sincere,
to be a holy one. Whole people, those people, they are all official
people and through official people you can t find a holy one.

He was saying this. And I left him and passing and going.
Now we are coming to our speech that it is from heavenly powerful
ones, from holy ones. They are saying that (the) first condition of
(being) believers (is): they must look and they must try to find a
holy one. Because Allah Almighty He loves His servants to love what He
is loving them and they are Awliyas.

Secondly, another condition of believers - that now people all of them
they left both sides: Muhabbatu-l Awliya, bughdu li-ad i-Llah. Two
legs. And now people, second condition that they are saying that it is
important for (an) improvement through spirituality, through heavenly
levels: (the) first condition (is) to love that Allah loves them,
(the) second (is) to make, to be, to hate from those people, that
Allah (is) hating them.

I am sorry to say that, as we are saying from (the) heritage of (the)
Prophet, just we are on it, that people 100 % through (the) Islamic
world, they left them; they left Awliya-ullah, they left (the) holy
ones and they (are) just fighting (the) holy ones and saying bad
things about themselves. And, secondly, whole people (are) running
after hateful ones; they are embracing (them) and Awliyas (are)
kicking them out!

First happened this in (the) holy land, Hijaz: They destroyed even
Sahabas (tombs) that Allah Almighty (is) happy with them here and
Hereafter and giving His Divinely Pleasement to them (saying): I am
pleased with you!

We have an adab in Islam:
That person that he is an honored one and also he is a holy one, even...
in our real adab we are not permitted even to touch their cats!

Even cats, no, that belongs... sometime cats (are) coming and (are)
sitting on their Sajadah, (their prayer-)carpets, you can't do like
this... because (it is) sitting nearby to that holy one! That (is)
making (the) holy one unhappy.
How about their followers, or how about Prophet's beloved Sahaba,

And they are destroying (their tombs)! Allah (is) destroying their
kingdoms! And everywhere that people (are) not asking Awliyaullah,
holy ones, they should disappear, to be taken away, to be carried

I am looking today that TV and there is a program that American or
Western technology (is) improving some planes (to fly) without a
driver in it, by itself. And they are never be caught and their forms
- so ajaib , so wonderful, how they are flying, bombing. And they are
saying: Laser bombing. You know that, the last technology. (There
is) coming a red laser on anything- uhhh! I am looking, I am
trembling. Then Grandsheikh (was) saying to me: O Nazim Effendi, why
you are trembling?

Ya Sayyidi, these are huge ones, we have nothing!

We have nothing? We have something! They have nothing, we have
something! That (what) we (are) knowing, they are not knowing! Ya
lamuna zahira min hayati dunya. They are knowing something that
belongs (to) this world, but we have something (that is) beyond this
level of technology, we have something else! Do you remember?

Yes Sir!

That at the end of (the) Second (World) War that French Armies, they
are bombarding Sham Sharif? And I showed you that from Mezze (the)
French army (was) bombarding Damascus with biggest bombs. Just (one
was) arriving to the tomb of Sayyidina Yahya, just coming on it, and
just appeared a hand and (it was) taking this bomb and throwing (it)
away. I showed you (this), why you are fearing? What is their
That power that Allah Almighty sakhara lahum, (is) giving them a
permission to do this, to do that, but they (are) never reaching over
Heavens, they are always under Heavens. Whom they have Heavenly
Powers, they are up, whom they are not granted, always (they are) down
- don't worry!

(These words were) making through my heart a peace. Pleasure and
peace. Now I am okay. I am not fearing what they are doing. You, when
I am ordering to you: Make your finger like this, all of them (are)
falling down!

But people, they are not understanding Islam, not understanding the
power of (a) Wali! They (are) never understanding (the) Holy Power
that (is) through Awliya, holy ones! And (the) Christian world (is)
running and they are saying: We caught, Romans caught Jesus
Christ and we are putting him on (the) cross. What about Awliyas of
every time? And he was prepared...

That is some secret knowledge that we are speaking on it; you can't
find that through their books or other books. We are not making it
more clear; but Jesus Christ, when he had been invited to rise up to
Heavens, he was prepared; not even from one kilometer distance, can't
be anyone to put one foot towards to him, to catch him! What they are
thinking (about) Jesus Christ? Hah? What is that, no mind people! If
(he) was using that power, opening, he may burn East and West, when he
was ready with Archangel Gibril to take him up! They are understanding

Allah Almighty!
And I am saying also for Sayyiduna Hussein, radiallahu anhu, alayhi
salam, that they are saying (they were) cutting his head. Do you think
that he was alone there, (in) Kerbela? 70 Kings of Jinns with their
countless armies (were) just surrounding that place! And just the
soldiers of Yazid (were) just catching one, but they are not knowing
wa lakin shubha lahum... He was not Sayyiduna Hussein!...

He was, Christians (are) saying: Jesus Christ (is the) lamb (of
God)! Lamb! What lamb? Ya Shayatin, Sayyiduna Isa was lamb? Sayyiduna
Hussein was not a dik , a goose, to be cut their heads!

This is a secret! Time is over now, they should understand, people!
Through East and West this (is) not given permission to speak on it
anyone, only Grandheikh. Therefore: ...Anna l-quwwata li-Llahi jami
an. Sadaqa-Llahu-l Azim. True or not?...

May do Allah Almighty... When Nimrod (was) throwing Sayyidina
Ibrahim sallaLlahu alayhi wa sallam - into fire, one ant was
running. One person was looking that he is so quickly running: O
small creature, to where you are running? Never answering. Then,
after a while, he saw that (ant) coming out and coming back: O my
Lords servant, I can't answer you first time, because I was carrying
through my mouth water to extinguish the fire of Nimrod!

Sadaq! That ant's answer 100 % it is okay! It was enough to take away,
to extinguish (the) fire of Nimrod, that ant, what it is carrying
trough its mouth! People (are) never understanding, Hisham Efendi.
Yes. Subhanallahi Aliyi-l Azim wa l-quwwata li-Llahi jami an!

And now (not) understanding people what happened in ... that Americans
throwing that... what is that country?... Perhaps one month before they
are making 40 years or 50 years or 60 years anniversary of that
place... Hiroshima!... What happened? Atomic bomb making Hiroshima
down - up, up and down. Then they are understanding, what we are
saying now: that it was carrying a man-made fly (plane) throwing on
Hiroshima that atom (bomb). They are saying: Yes, okay.

But if I am saying that: Allah Almighty just extinguished the fire of
Nimrod with an ants mouthful of water, they are saying: Oh! (It) can't
be! That can be, and this can t be? What is that?

(The) first munkir , first deniers for Islam, (are) coming through
Islam, at the end of the world, now. They are first munkir, deniers
and they should be punished! Therefore they are killing each other
through themselves. May Allah forgive us. I think that it is enough...

Fatiha, Allah yahfaz...

This professor coming to ask something for understanding - they are
making me to speak on behalf of them. If he is not satisfied, I may
send him to them...

Lefke, 14.06.2008

Transcribed by Khairiyah Siegel

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