Maulana Sheikh NazimThe Power of Real Faith When No One But Allah is Watching

Our Grandsheikh is explaining to us what the power of real faith is and how strong it may be. He said that the power of real faith is such a power that would enable a man to be stranded alone on a desert island for forty days with a very beautiful girl without any indecent thought entering his heart in relation to that girl the power of real faith would bar him from even considering a for­bidden act with her. The presence or absence of purity of heart will become evident in such a trial. One may ask if such purity is within the capacity of the human being; purity that would prevent the normal animal urges from even entering the mind of a man alone with an attractive woman for such a long period of time. The answer to this question is, of course, yes: what if that girl was your daughter or sister, would it not then be natu­ral for even any normal man to be free of lustful intentions concerning that girl? For a man of real faith, that female stranger is no different than his daughter or sister, his heart is spotlessly clean.

You may ask yourself how you would stand up to the following trial: You are walking down the street of your hometown, along a dark alley, in the middle of the night, when suddenly a door opens and a very beautiful lady calls you to come inside; it is twelve o'clock midnight, and nobody is watch­ing what you will do. What is your ego going to lead you into? Will you fear Allah and leave her, or will you be pushed by your ego into doing a dirty action? If you can keep yourself in such a moment as this, then you may know that you are a real believer in your Lord; for in such a situa­tion you would believe that no one is looking except your Lord, and your fear would be of Him alone, thus making that action acceptable in the Divine Presence.

We vowed on the Day of Promises (the day be­fore our creation when all the souls were taken in front of their Lord, and asked to recognise their Creator and promise their loyalty unto Him) to keep our faith in this manner; not to behave any differently whether there would be witnesses looking on or not. Now, here, in the presence of so many people, if a lovely lady were to walk in, you wouldn't look you'd be ashamed to look; but if no one else were here, would there be any change in your behaviour? If so, then you haven't yet attained to real faith. A real believer is always with his Lord, always aware of his Lord's Presence with him but it is not easy to reach this level. One may, however, more easily control oneself if one has a guide, and feels his presence alongside him, guiding him, not going away. When a person says, "This is my guide," then he believes that that person has the power to be with him all the time; if you can feel your Murshid with you always, it will give you power so that you will be able to feel your Lord's Presence with you. In this way Tariqats are leading people to real faith May Allah Al­mighty grant us that real faith, too!


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