Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, subhan Allah... Our Zikr reaches from here up to the Divine Throne even though we are so small. Beside the greatness of this universe you are less than an atom, but Allah Almighty has given you the understanding to be able to know Allah. You are so small, but when you say, "Allah, Allah..." the greatest name, it reaches the Throne.

What is the benefit of being in an association with a sheik? The heart of the sheik is with his grandsheik. The heart of the grandsheik is with the heart of the Prophet. And the heart of the Prophet must be with Allah. That is how you can reach Allah. Our meeting takes us to His Divine Presence and blessings come on you.

Shah ul Naqshband is giving us from his lights. He was the main pillar of the most distinguished Naqshbandi Order. If a tent doesn't have a pillar in the centre, it will fall down. In the same way the main pillar of the Tariqat holds it up. And that is Shah ul Naqshband. People like him, who were very great, were also very anxious to be simple, or even unknown. They did not want to be famous. They only wanted to be in the Divine Presence of the Lord.

Whoever wants to be with Allah must pay. The price you pay when you come to this Priory is your ego. Your ego fights you. You have to push it and pull it to bring it here. Your ego would never come by himself. Wherever you go, you have to pay. You will not find the same price everywhere. Some places are very cheap and some very expensive. Whoever wants to be with Allah must pay. He doesn't ask for money or gold or jewels. He wants a sacrifice. Make a sacrifice and come! What kind of sacrifice? A camel? Or a sheep or a cow? Or a goat or a cock? He doesn't need sacrifices like that. No! He wants your ego to be sacrificed.

When you have given your sacrifice, you may be with Allah. As long as you are with your ego, you cannot be with Allah. The Holy Quran gives everything, you can find everything in it, but we are speaking on our level, according to our understanding. The Holy Quran gives the Seal of Prophet something and it gives something else to another prophet. But other prophets cannot reach the oceans which the Seal of Prophet was granted with the Quran by Allah Almighty. A small vessel can pass through the Baltic, but it cannot move into the Atlantic. For that you need a transatlantic boat. In the same way, where the Seal of Prophets enter, the other prophets cannot enter. Where the prophets are entering, the companions cannot enter. Where they enter other holy people cannot. Scholars have another ocean of the Holy Quran which no others can swim in. We are the lowest level people for the understanding of the Quran.

That is why I am being asked to speak in a most simple way, so that people will understand easily. Sometimes people can come with another level and I can speak to them too, up to the level of Archangel Gabriel. Grandsheik can speak on all those levels, I am only translating his words to you. Even this what I am saying now is being given to me, I do not know in advance. They give me what you need.

Everything is in the Holy Quran. Allah has no partner. That means, there is no-one else in existence, except Him. He is the only Real-one existing. Our egos claim that they are also in existence. Allah doesn't accept to have a partner, so the ego has to go. Sacrifice your, and then go to Allah. That is a command from Allah Almighty.

It is wellknown that when the children of Israel were worshipping the golden calf, Allah Almighty was very angry with them. He ordered for them to be killed. They understood the meaning of it. But the way Holy-people understand this additionally, it is a command for all nations to sacrifice their ego to their Lord. But we are all full of ego. Everyone represents their ego instead of representing Allah Almighty.

Allah Almighty made the children of Adam his Calipha. That means you must represent the Lord of Heavens. You must be on behalf of the Lord of Heavens. You must be his representative. But no-one is representing Allah, everyone wants to represent his ego! Shah ul Naqshband is bombarding our ego! In a million you cannot find one person who is representing the Lord. They are the Holy-ones and Allah Almighty is with them. That is the whole story. The Naqshbandis are calling all people to represent Allah Almighty. It is so simple, but so difficult.

May Allah forgive us and bless us. In the Greatness of Allah how can we claim to be anything? But if you sacrifice you will be something, you will be with Allah. When you represent Allah, Allah will represent you.

London - 01.03.1994

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