Maulana Sheikh NazimProphets Knowledge is like pearls

As-salamu alaikum! Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim, Bismillahir Rahmanir
Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Aziz Allah...
Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Karim Allah,
Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Subhanallah,
Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Sultanallah! Ma sha Allah!
You must know that He is Sultan!

Astaghfirullah! Meded, ya Sultanu-l Awliya, Meded, ya Rijalallah!
The holy Prophet was saying: “Talabu-l ‘ilmi fardun ‘ala kulli muslimin wa
muslimat (To look for knowledge is obligatory for each muslim end each
muslima).” The Seal of Prophets S.Muhammad sws, muallimu nasi-l khair, just he
had been sent from Heavens to teach people what it is necessary for them to
learn and to know and to act. That is his real mission: to teach people. That he
is coming for teaching people to teach them what it is necessary to know and he
was saying that to learn about his position and about who created him or who
created ‘Dunya wa ma fiha’. You must learn. That is real knowledge! Not real
knowledge to make- what you are saying- to ask to know what it is not necessary
to know, not obligatory on them.

Now people they are running after some no meaning efforts. Yesterday I was
looking that Shaitans box TV, just I am looking, there was so many scorpions.
Scorpions. One person that maybe his age like Dr.S. and he has so many
assistants and he was keeping a microscope and taking some instrument, catching
the tail of scorpion and taking its poison. Perhaps may be in a box 20
scorpions, less or more. I am saying: For what his? What they are learning? They
are looking only what that creature, how it is carrying that poison and what is
the power of that poison. And how- they are not saying how, but we must say- he
was occupying himself with such a thing? And I am saying: “This person must lose
his mind, because his effort (is) only to know that poison through that
creature, what is the power, what is its effect. Never coming to that person to
say: “Who is creating that creature?” and that creature (is) on (the) same
level, on earth, and never asking: “That creature, how it has such a terrible
poison?” That eating something on earth and another kind of insects, spiders,
also eating, countless creatures on same area they are eating, and it is going
to be for someone poison, for another one it is going to be a medicine.

We have a saying the rain of April (is) falling and every creature (is) asking
to reach even one small drop from that April rain. “For what?” I am asking
Grandsheikh and Grandsheikh was saying to me: “Because the rains coming through
April (are) taking something also from Paradise.” It is a secret happening and
secret event and you can’t think or you can’t learn anything the secret of that
rain. (The) same rain (is) raining and some poison creatures- snakes, scorpions,
spiders and such a poisoned creatures- they are asking to reach to that, from
that drops and that drops (are) going to be through, in their stomachs going to
be quickly changing into a poison! Through the mouth of a snake or dragon (they
are) going to be changing into a terrible poison!

And also through oceans; through oceans every creature (is) coming up, up (to)
the surface of oceans and (they are) opening their mouth to reach one drop from
that holy rains coming from Heavens and they are changing into pearls!
That is a knowledge that (is) reaching to mankind from Heavens through Prophets,
but now so many foolish scholars, as I said to you, (are) catching the tail of
(a) scorpion and (they are) taking some drops from its poison tail to look what it is.

Why you are not listening? It is not something that you have been ordered
to learn, no! What heavenly Sources (are) bringing to you, realities, you must
try to take your wisdoms from (the) Holy Books. Holy Books (are) full with
wisdoms, but their knowledge it is going to be like something to be thrown into
a rubbish, dustbin. Their knowledge, it is not real knowledge, it is a shaitanic
way to occupy mankind from real reality and to make them to loose their minds,
their capacities, their mentalities on something that it is rubbish. Rubbish,
because they are not saying: “This from the Creator.”

And now people (are) occupied, all of them: “We are learning, our children just
finished O level, E level, T level, K level, X level...” Then: “My son (is)
going to university to be a doctor, to to be PHD...” What is that PHD!

Prophets knowledge that (is) reaching from Heavens, you must try to learn from
that knowledge, not to occupy yourself (with) what (an) ant (is) eating, how it
is carrying... if (an) ant (is) carrying a wheat seed, and it is too big, too
heavy from its own being, how it is happening? That (kind of) knowledge...

One person was saying: “I am knowing everything, you can ask from me.” One
person like this one... (was) saying: “O my master, so many years I am thinking
on a thing, it is more important for me.” “What is that?” “I am asking to learn,
if you are knowing everything, I am asking to you.” “Yes, you may ask.” “An ant,
people they are wondering how (an) ant (is) carrying a heavy piece of wheat so
easily. (They) may ask (this). But I am asking to you something, it is (a) much
more wonderful question and I like to know it, but no one (is) giving (me) a
real answer.” “What is that?” “You know that (an) ant (has) two parts, headside
and backside. I was always looking and wondering (about) its intestines, if it
is headside or backside...” “I never heard such a question or such an answer! I
never... making me to change whole my knowledge now! O person, from where you
are coming?” “I am coming from Bedouin, always I am with ants, I am looking this
side and this side and what it is going to be(the) joining place, (is) on 0
point. How it is carrying this, not leaving this, as train leaving some wagons
and running others...”

This is more important for that idiot person! (And) that (other) idiot person
(was) asking to learn how, what is the power of scorpions (that is) making (a)
person at least, if they are not dying, at least 24 hours (to be) shouting,
crying, from that one spot, little spot from scorpion. This is much more
important than ants!

People (are) working on something that it is, we are saying, ‘malayani’,
useless. (The) Prophet (was) saying that sws: “Min husni islami barra tarkuhu-l
malayani (?).” Now whole nations (are) making research and (they are) spending
billions of Dollars, wasting their energy, their times and their richness after
useless aspects, making research... What is that! If you are not believing in
that scorpion, take (one) and put (it) on your hand, try it, it is better- why
making like this? That person also (had a) white beard, that means, no mind...

You are coming to learn who created you. Where you were 1oo years ago? Anyone
here (was) in existence? No. After 1oo years, where you are going to be? You are
between two unexistence areas. This area (is) unexistence, and that (one) after
it (is also) going to be (nonexistence)- how you are going to appear between
unexistence areas? Ask this, learn this, and bow (to Him) who is making that,
who (is) creating you in such a way! Use your minds on that, that is real
knowledge that is making you to reach the Creator of Heavens and Hells, the
Creator of Heavens and Paradises, and universes and endless galaxies!

But people... (it is) easy to take a scorpion... what is (this), why you are
wasting your time? Talabu-l ‘ilmi faridatun ‘ala kulli muslimin wa muslimat. I
am sorry to say that now Muslim territories (are) also on (the)same way, wasting
their times. (They are) running and following no mind western peoples minds,
leaving (the) real sources of knowledge and wisdoms that (are) coming from
Heavens, (and) then Allah Almighty (was) saying: “I am giving to you, o my
Habib, (the) Holy Quran and wisdoms.”

Therefore they are falling in such a terrible situation (that) they (are) never
knowing to get out. Because they fall in(to) a deepless well, they can’t touch
anything to make them out, no. And they are not knowing what they are going to

I am a weakest servant I may say, I may give a real answer for them! And such
things is a real knowledge, heavenly knowledge, that no one can be able to objet
on it!

O people, you are coming to learn! Therefore, when you are passing away and you
have been buried through your grave, angels (are) coming, asking for them: “What
you learned?” First question: “What you learned?” “Man rabbuk? Who created you?”
First question. “Who was leading you to the Lord of Creation? Who was that one?
What you learnt that he has been granted (knowledge)?”

Don’t say... that is knowledge, knowledge since 15 centuries, don’t say that it
is not, (that) it is unacceptable knowledge, no, you are wrong! Because... from
the time of Pharaohs they are bringing golden, but they are not saying: “This is
old gold, we must throw it away!” What Prophets (are) bringing, that is a real
pearl of knowledge, you must come and hear and listen and obey, to be a perfect
one through creation.

May Allah forgive us for the honour of the most honoured one S.Muhammad sws,

Lefke, 14.5.2008 Transcribed by Khairiyah Siegel

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