… I am looking our clients (are) getting more… how happened?... What happened,
anything (is) happening in (the) universe? What about?... Allahu akbar!

Welcome to you, welcome! S., what happened in Ibiza? Anything happened that you are
coming here also?

As-salamu alaikum, ‘ibadu Rahman, people, whom they are asking to make their Lord
pleased with them! We are not coming here for Dunya! You have Dunya, you are coming
here only for something… perhaps it is difficult to give a description on it, but it is
something from your inside, pushing you or pulling you to be here…

Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim, Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim!

(Sheikh is making a short Dhikr:) Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim, Bismillahir Rahmanir
Rahim… Ma sha Allah!

Meded, ya Sultanu-l Awliya! Meded, ya Rijalallah! What you are sending here…

It is an association. I am not claiming that I am knowing something, but Allah Almighty’s
good servants (are) keeping me, sending me to be here, to address to people. “Even”, I
am saying, “I don’t know anything to say”, but they are answering:

“We know, that you don’t know, but we shall reach to your heart and from your heart (it
is) reaching to your speech! We are controlling you, that is important! We are controlling
you; if we are closing, you can’t speak! If we are opening, (it is) coming to you and you
can understand, (and) then people may understand something (also).”

And I am asking to be this meeting a holy Meeting!...

I am using telescope now… sometimes I am not looking, seeing watch… Yes Sir!...
Subhanallahi-l ’Aliyu-l ’Adhim! When (the) heart is occupied with something else, this
(spiritual connection is) cut down…

Keep your hearts with my heart! “Mina-l qalbi ila-l qalbi sabila…”; from heart to hearts
there are so many ways or connections.

You are saying, you are using some (instruments), this telephones, for example; it is not
connected. When you are looking, it is not connected with any material, but (even)
without that connection, you can reach to anyone through East and West! It is now so
simple or becoming this something normal! Everyone, when they are speaking, using this
phone, never thinking on it: “How this is speaking? How I am hearing? How my sound
from here (is) reaching to Far East, to Far West?” No one (is) thinking on it! Now it is
going to be a very normal thing.

And at the beginning there was two small cups from copper, one wire; from here (one
was) speaking and that line (was) taking (the sound) to (the) other (person)s ear and
hearing! That was the beginning, but now just it reached to its highest position! That time
people were surprising.

And I also; I first I saw it in (the palace of) his Majesty, Malaysian Sultan Perak-
ayadahullah, Allah gives him long life more power to carry on on his Sultanate!

I was there and Sultans Prince, Raja A., his Highness. There was (a call) and taking first
one (of) such an instrument and he was speaking. I am getting so surprised! I am looking
a small box and he was speaking and I was asking: “How it can be?” This (phone here) is
same, but it was like one kilogram, so heavy, now it is so light! But yet, Subhanallah, ma
fi nasib, no chance for me to learn where they are making, pressing or not pressing
this…. “Come!” (I am) shouting, “I am not understanding, which part you are
pressing…!” My grandson (is) coming, saying: “O my grandfather, Dede, here, here…!”
“Where…?” Yet I am not learning…

Now they are making me to speak on that channel…

They have countless channels for speaking… every holy One he was a special channel, no
one (is) going to be like the second one… Allah Almighty (is) creating everything (as) one,
Allah Almighty (is) not making photocopy, no!

Never Allah Almighty (is) making copy, photocopy, no! Mubdi’! His Holy Name Mubdi’,
that means, everything (that He is) bringing in existence, (there is) no any example before,
no, (it is) new! Allahu akbar, Allahu akbar, Allahu akbar! Subhanallah! Therefore- (there
are) countless channels for holy People- what about other people?

Other people, they are not preparing their channels, therefore they can’t hear, they can’t
looking, they can’t see, they can’t hear!

What do you think? When (the) Prophet he was speaking… do you think that (the) most
praised one, when he was addressing to people, (he was) only speaking? We are doing
this! (There) must be a difference for (the) Prophet that he was always in connection
with heavenly Beings, with Heavens! When he was speaking, as a professor- it is for an
example for you- some professors (are) showing (something) on a board; from that side
(the) machine (is) showing and he was explaining: ‘This, that, this, that…’

Do you think that (the) Prophet sws (was) speaking only? When he was speaking,
bringing something from Heavens, he was also using that channel (and) showing them!
(The) Sahaba, they were looking, when he was speaking about Heavens! As much as
possible… or on their understanding (level) he was showing (them) also!

And don’t think that all Sahabas understanding (was) on (the) same level, no!

Siddiq (was) looking, seeing something, S.Omar (was) looking, seeing something else, S.
Uthman (was) looking, seeing something else, S.Ali- alayhi salam-, (when) he was
speaking, he was looking and he was seeing something else!

People they (are) never understanding yet from Islam anything! From (the) real Islam,
how was, it is, its beginning! Must show! “Laysa-l habaru ka-l ayam!” You can hear
something, but when you are looking (on) TV, what I am saying… this (is) something
else, that, without this (showing), it is something else! And according to their
understanding level, through their spiritual power and highness, they are looking and

As in a… there is looking places to skies… observatories; everywhere there is so many
buildings of telescopes, but every telescope is not on (the) same power!

I am remembering- just Allah Almighty (is) giving me (the) hobby to read, that is my
hobby: I like to read… so many books I read!… And once I was looking (into) this
astronomy (book), I was looking and reading that a huge telescope (had) just (been) put
on service, but it was written next to that huge telescope: “Forbidden to look by eyes,
naked eyes!”

That famous Alim, astronomer, one day (he was) coming and seeing that writing. Then
(he was) looking around, seeing no one…, then (he was) approaching: “I must try, for
what they are writing that writing there!” (He was) coming, and putting like this… and
falling down! (He) fainted! Fainted, can’t carry!... Understand? Even one second (he) can’
t carry to look there, (with the) naked eye, through that telescope!

What do you think? Prophets Companions can be able to look from (the) main channel,
that it is for only the Seal of Prophets? Only he was showing them (something), and
everyone according to their number of looking, they were looking and seeing and getting
satisfied, ‘mutmain’.

“Innahu kana dhaluman jahula…” Allah Almighty (is) saying that: “Man is so oppressor”,
that means, you can’t imaging, you can’t find a limit for man, when they are oppressors.
And also ‘jahula’, ‘mubaligh fi jahl’, man also, it is their attribute, that they (are) never
trying to learn more (than) what they are learning and they are so ignorant ones, you can’t
find a limit for their ignorance!

Therefore people now, they are not asking more. Everyone (is) saying: “It is enough for
me! For what?” You are coming here to know more! You are going to be granted some
seeds of knowledge; it may be open, when you are passing away from this station!

So many stations and so many channels you may reach, but people…

Shaitan (is) making them: “Don’t try to know anything, only for your egoistic pleasures
make everything!” Now, technology (is) working for what? (It is) working for your
egoistic desires, nothing else! (There is that bird that is) on carcass coming, (it is) looking
on it only! Look, go (and) look, hunt! (There are) countless creatures, you may reach to
them! Why you are insisting on that carcass? Now people (are) on that point. They are
using whole technology for their egoistic desires and pleasures, no more. Therefore their
value (is) coming down, coming down, coming down, coming (and) reaching to (the)
point of zero!

O people, that is a depthless ocean! You are welcome! You are asking something, we
may, only we may using something, that you can be interested. That, according to your
interesting, your understanding, (is) getting more, growing more and more… but people
they are in (the) deepest level, never (it is) interesting them (the) reality through (the)
channels, that every Prophet (was) coming with a new channel and (the) second Prophet
(was) coming (with) another channel and joining (those) two channels with the third one,
with the fourth one… up to (the channel of the) Seal of Prophets!

May Allah forgive us and give us something for understanding! It is something that we
have been granted. I know so many learned people, I met so many scientists, professors,
philosophers, priests, bishops, hakams, Buddhist professor, but I am looking that they are
only on (the) deepest point; they (are) never moving from their places or never asking
more, because they are only looking and saying: “What you learned, it is more than
enough for ourselves!” (They are) not asking more and more.

And Allah Almighty, He was ordering to His most beloved, most respected servant:

“Wa qul: Rabbi zidni ‘ilma! O My beloved one, only ask from Me more and more
lightening through knowledge! Knowledge Oceans (are) neverending! Ask Me only for
that! Don’t ask anything, don’t make any aspect, because the way to know Me (is)
passing through according your knowledge and every knowledge, on every step, you are
seeing something else!”

May Allah forgive us! For the honour of (the) most honoured one, S.Muhammad sws,

I am thinking now, as common people (are) thinking: “Ya Hu, we are fasting! When (is
the) time (of Iftar) coming…?” Therefore I am using my telescope, looking… O Sheikh,
just three hours, four hours more… So many people running after pleasure; they are not
tasting another pleasure, only (the) physical beings pleasure! That is nothing! This, when
you are going up, step by step… Therefore Allah Almighty (is) ordering: “Ask Me (for)
more knowledge, that you should reach much more Lights and approaching (My

May Allah give us a good understanding, ya Rabbi! Ya Rabbi, forgive us and (may Allah)
bless you, Allah bless you! For the honour of most honoured one, Fatiha!

Allahumma salli wa sallim ‘ala Nabiyina Muhammad alayhi salam,

Salatan tadumu wa tughda ilayh, mamara laylali wa tula dawam!


Lefke, 4.10.2007 Transcribed by Khairiyah Siegel

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