Queen Of Sheba

Allahumma Anta Salam wa minka s-Salam wa ilayka ya'udu s-Salam; fa hayyina Rabbana bi ssalam
wa-dkhilna l-jannata bi Lutfika wa Karamika Daraka Daru s-Salam. Ya Rabb. Welcome,
O lovers of Shahu Mardan. Those who keep the way of Allah's Lion are the lovers of Shahu
Mardan. The Lion of lions, Hazrati Shahu Mardan, grant us the dress of heybet(majesty) and
health with which you have been dressed by Habibullah. O lovers of Shahu Mardan, masha
Allah. Welcome O those who love Shahu Mardan. His gatherings don't have only 3 or 5 people.
His gatherings reach from one end of the world to the other. Go on, Shahu Mardan, your lovers
admire you. Your lovers are drunk with your love, muhabbat. O glorious Shahu Mardan, send
us Madad, help. Welcome, O lovers, friends of Shahu Mardan. The gatherings of the lovers of
Shah Mardan reach from West to East. Allahumma qawwi dha'fi fi Ridak. (Give us strength on
the way to Your Satisfaction Ya Rabbi.)

Our Lord Jalla wa 'Ala grants us power through Shahu Mardan. Divine Grants reach those who
listen to him; they become honoured and great, full of heybet (majesty). Janabi Haqq grants them
from His Favours and hosts them. Go on O Shahu Mardan. He is speaking. He is starting. Let us
begin. Let us say Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim. Alhamdulillah. Alhamdulillahi-lladhi
sharrafana bi Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim Praise be to Allah who honored us with Bismillahir-
Rahmani r-Rahim - "alladhi innahu min Sulayman wa innahu Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-

Bilqis ruled over 7 states. History doesn't write about the greatness of her country. So much
greatness was given to a woman. When we say woman, we mean, a female servant (of Allah). A
man is a servant of Allah, a woman is a female servant. Men are being dressed with strength and
majesty/azamet. May Allah increase the rank of the Queen of Sheba and assign the most
beautiful of Paradises to her. She was beautiful herself; you couldn't look at her face, so much
beauty Janabi Haqq had given to her. Allahu Akbar. She ruled over 7 countries. Who looked at
her, admired her and became like drunk from her majestic beauty. There is ordinary beauty and
there is a majestic beauty that is given. The Queen of Sheba had both outer beauty and also a
spiritual rank, so that 7 kings received majesty/heybet from her. The light on the face of the
Queen of Sheba was amazing.

"Jituka min Saba'in bi naba'in yakin.(27:22) I have come to you from Saba with true tidings. The
hoopoe was left confused. "Where (S. Sulayman) said, "Where have you been?" "O Prophet of
Allah, O Prophet Sulayman, O Prophet and King Sulayman, Masha Allah, all the things I saw
there!" "Where have you been O hoopoe?" "Jituka min saba'in bi naba'in yakin." (27:22) The
hoopoe said: "I saw a state called Saba/Sheba. I saw the kingdom of the Queen of Sheba and I
remained in astonishment" he said. "wa laha arshun azim." (27:23) "And she has mighty throne!"
A throne means a saltanat (Dominion). A land without a throne is like rubbish. A country takes
honour from the honour of its Sultan. She had such a magnificent throne! It was golden, pure
gold. The Queen of Sheba sat on it. You couldn't look at her face; along with beauty she had
nobility and heybet/majesty. She was a Queen.

If it (the Hoopoe) had said "a king" Prophet Sulayman would not have paid attention, no - "Go
on. Leave it, it is not important." But it said: "Jituka min saba'in bi naba'in yakin." (27:22) The
Queen of Sheba...! O people, you have become stupid now. Shaytan made you stupid. You don't
read the Books Allah sent. In the Quran Azimu Shan - "fihi naba'un azim" - (In it is all the Great
News). Everything is in the Quran Azimu Shan. Go on, O Shahu Mardan. Masha Allah.

He is king. Her throne was from gold. Looking from far it was shining like the sun. "Jituka min
saba'in bi naba'in yakin." (27:22) Prophet Sulayman asked: "What is this greatness of theirs? Do
they have any news ahead of us?" Such a magnificent throne - "Jituka min saba'in bi naba'in
yakin." (27:22). A magnificent Sultan sits on a magnificent throne. A woman, a woman! Prophet
Sulayman made a sign: "A woman on a throne... haa, that is strange. It has not been heard of
until now that the Sultan on a throne is a woman. Who are we, who are we?" he said. "She has a
golden throne..." From a distance of three days a strange shining was seen coming from that
throne. Janabi Haqq is all-Powerful! He does what He wants. From a distance it shone like a sun,
it says. Such a saltanate!

O you small people who boast of being 21st century people! Read! But don't read newspapers or
magazines. Read those Books that came down from Heavens and that are holy. Janabi Allah has
created a holiness inside of you, too. Mankind has holiness. When we say 'mankind' we don't
mean animals! Janabi Haqq, in His divine Generosity, granted men to be Khalif/Deputy. Men
became 'Khalifa'. Women cannot become 'Khalifa'. That is why it is said: "Ar-rijalu qawwamuna
'ala n-nisa." (4:34) (Men are the protectors of women). This is important to remember. But they
dress up their women and let them go out. How can you do this? Just look at what happened in
history. but you don't let them learn this, instead they only read newspapers. Report card, they
call that paper in the childrens' hands. I am looking at it. Tasteless, useless stuff. Mankind has
holiness - teach this! Who is man? Who is man?

Man is the magnificent creature that the Lord of Might has created Himself and has placed on
the throne of 'Khalifat'. Man, 'Hazret Insan'. The angels call him nothing else but Hazret-i insan.
Who is their Sultan? Hazret-i Rasul, the Master of the First and the Last, S. Muhammad,
sallaLlahu 'alayhi wa sallam. People have become the toys of shaytan. Women also have a throne
that befits them; but the place of women is not the street. The honourable maqam (place) of
women is their homes. The Divine Order is: "Wa qarna fi buyutikunna." (33:33) Sit on the
thrones of your homes. If you get out in the street, you become 'street-women'. A woman who
walks around in the streets has no value. Women are delicate. What protects them is their homes.
Doglike shaytans have made 21st century women dishonoured, shameless, without religion,
without belief. They say: Men and women are the same. It cannot be! And even if the Queen of
Sheba sits on a throne she doesn't have the honour a man has.

"Who is this Queen of Sheba who has a golden throne?" Prophet Sulayman got angry, masha
Allah. Prophet Sulayman was beloved, Shahu Mardan is saying. How beautifully he speaks. If he
told his stories the world would be amazed. Look, even the doctor (here) smiles... So, on the
throne there was a Queen, meaning, a female Sultan ruling the country. Prophet Sulayman said:
"A woman cannot be Sultan. Who is she? She has a golden throne. But one doesn't get his rank
with gold." Qarun was loaded with gold. He became arrogant, important; his behaviour towards
his Creator changed. He became proud and Allah buried him along with his pride. Allah Dhul

No Prophet has ever come like Prophet Sulayman. She was sitting on a golden throne, but
Prophet Sulayman - 'ala nabiyyi 'alayhi salat wa salam... O Shahu Mardan, you give only a very
short explanation. He says: "If I were to open this, you wouldn't be able to carry it. If I would
open his state to you, you wouldn't be able to bear it." How many Sultans came and went in
dunya? Sultans. Women didn't become Sultan. O our Lord, You are Sultan, You are Subhan. Of
Janabi Haqq's Greatness Prophet Sulayman took one speck and people and jinn trembled.
Allahu akbar. Allahu akbar. O my Lord, You know. Allah Allah. Shaytan doesn't hand us

What they teach they call 'school report". I saw it. Tasteless and useless things. It is nothing; a lot
of rubbish. O our Lord, we are needy servants. Take these needs far away from us on Your Path.
We want to do Your service, O our Lord. Allah Allah Allah. Shaytan made them forget Allah
and made man dishonoured. Man was honoured and it made man dishonoured. Shaytan is
man's enemy! "Inna sh-shaytana lakum 'aduwwun. Fattakhidhuhu 'aduwwa." (35:6) "Shaytan is
your enemy. He drives you towards evil. Don't take it as a friend. "Fattakhidhuhu 'aduwwa."
(35:6) Know shaytan! It is your enemy. Shaytan has made people in our time dishonoured. It
doesn't let them listen to Allah's Holy Words. Everywhere it pushes itself forward. Now
everybody claims to be something and all people are more and more like this.

"In turidu illa an takuna jabbaran." (28:19) O Moses, do you want to rule everywhere on earth
and become a tyrant, a dictator? "I want to rule everywhere." Even Pharaoh said this to Prophet
Moses: "You come so forcefully." "In turidu illa an takuna jabbaran fi l-ardi." (28:19) "I am the
one who overpowers", said Pharaoh, "I don't accept anyone else." This is where the fight started.
Pharaoh said: "I am that one who overpowers here. I am the one who has all ruling power in my
hands. Where have YOU come from?" "In turidu illa an takuna jabbaran fi l-ardi." (28:19) "Do
you want to be a second one who overpowers?" "Ana l-Jabbar, (I am The Restorer) Ana l-
Qahhar", (I am The Dominating) says our Lord Jalla wa 'Ala.

O Egyptian scholars, what do you understand from the Quran al-Karim? Why don't you teach
the Quran al-Karim? Shame on those who don't mention the 'heybet' (majesty) of the Quran al-Karim.
Go on, O Shahu Mardan; hit them on their heads, they are empty anyway. Let them get
lost. Nobody among you understands the Quran al-Karim really.

Prophet Sulayman - 'ala nabiyyin 'alayhi salat wa salam - ruled over mankind and jinn. He sent a
letter, to the Queen of Sheba. It said: "Read." "What is this?" "Innahu min Sulayman wa innahu
Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim." (27:30) When she said this, her throne broke and she fell down.
She remained trembling. Know this and teach this. This is (real) knowledge. What a shame!
These stupid governments mess up the life of the students they teach. They don't teach them
what they need to learn. O Shahu Mardan, authorized by Shahu Risalet, O blessed one. Teach
them! What should you teach them? Adab (Good Manners) Teach them Adab. This dunya is
built on Adab. It is placed in order. If you lose this order, the scale is lost, is broken. And there
you are - shaytan has messed up people now. When the Queen of Sheba read: "Innahu min
Sulayman wa innahu Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim", her throne started to shake and she fell
down. (She said:) "Aslamtu ma'a Sulayman." (I surrendered just like Sulayman.) When she saw
the greatness of Prophet Sulayman. Outer greatness has no value. People tremble and fall in
front of a Sultan who has been dressed with spiritual greatness.

Don't sleep! People nowadays are ignorant. They don't know their origin? They don't know who
they are. Go on, O Shahu Mardan, how nice. Look at his greatness. We are weak. When the
blessed ones speak, they will make dunya upside down. O son of man; may they dress you with
the crown of greatness. Shaytan dresses you with a conical hat. May they dress you from Malakut
with a hat of greatness. There are so many great ones in Islam. Nowadays they don't cover their
head. They don't even put a hat, only some drunk ones sometimes. What Heavens has made
suitable for Islam they call a turban. It is the 'amama' (turban) that the Master of Creation put on
his head. Put the amama! Don't carry weapons. The unbelievers will be wiped away by the
heybet (majesty) of Islam.

We have power! We have heybet from Allah. With what? With the Basmala. They fear and
tremble. Why do they fear and tremble? Because if a believer says "Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-
Rahim" the weapons that 7 states put their trust in will all become coal. O our Lord, you are Al-
Qadir, Al-Muqtadir! Send us Your servants who represent the greatness of Islam. O scholars of
Egypt, of Hijaz, of Iran and Turkey, wear the crown of Islam on your heads! Allahu akbar,
Allahu akbar wa liLlahi l-hamd. O lovers of Shahu Mardan, May your words give us strength
and confidence. We love you. We love you. One speck of your beauty, sweetness, heybet, and
honour makes dunya upside down. Don't walk around bare-headed. Wear the crown of Islam
that came down from Heavens. O women, don't walk around without headscarves. They will
hang you from your hair in the fire. Don't put make-up and go out, O women. Don't walk
around in the streets. "Wa la tabarrajna tabarruja l-jahiliyyati l-ula." (33:33) Don't do what the
ignorant are doing. "Wa qarna fi buyutikunna." (33:33) And protect yourselves in your homes.

O our Lord, you are our Lord. Let us run to Your Path, O our Lord. A woman is a woman. A
man is a man. The place of woman is one thing, the place of a man is another. A woman doesn't
become a man. A man doesn't become a woman. The order of dunya is built on this. O our
Lord, forgive us. "Dullani khayra d-dalila", the most beautiful guide. Shahu Mardan; he shows us
the way. May your face be beautiful, may your body be healthy. May your mind and
understanding be clean. May your life be 'hayyatun tayyiba'. May your maqam in the end be
Paradise. Let us run to servanthood; let us run to the servanthood of our Sultan. O our Lord,
send us the Sultan who will bring us to Your Path. Send us a lion. Send us someone from the
descendants of Shahu Mardan. O our Lord, You are al-Qadir al-Muqtadir Send us Your blessed
servants who will clean the earth of all dirtiness. Amin, Amin.

Wa salamun 'ala l-mursalin wa l-hamduliLlahi Rabbi l-'Alamin. Allahumma qawwi dha'fi fi
ridak. Give us strength on Your Path, O my Lord, for the honour of Habibi Akram. May it be
our destiny to wear his honourable turban and be under his honoured banner here and


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