Maulana Sheikh Nazim Holy Quran (was) coming from Heavens to the heart of the seal of Prophets

Destur, ya Sayyidi, Meded, ya Sultanu-l Anbiya, Meded, ya Sultanu-l Awliya, Meded, ya Rijalallah…Allah Allah…Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim, Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim, la haula wa la quwatta illa bi-llahi-l ‘Aliyu-l ‘Azim…

It is an association. The Seal of Prophets, (the) most honoured servant in (the) divinely Presence, S.Muhammad sws, Allah Almighty (was) addressing to him. (The) Holy Quran (was) coming from Heavens on his heart and (the) divinely Addressing (was) coming through himself to (all of) his nation. And his nation (is) all mankind- in his time and (everyone) up to (the) Last Day, the Day of Judgment, Resurrection Day. Allah Almighty (was) addressing to him and He was saying through his words (His divinely Message) to all mankind.

(A) Sultan (is) addressing (only) to one person for his royal commands, royal orders, royal rules. He is saying (his decisions) to the Grand Wezir and (then) that one is saying (it) to all (the) citizens of the Sultanate. There is no need for the Sultan to call everyone and to speak to them, no. One (person) is enough, (and) from (that) one (it is coming) to all. If that one is not there, then (it) can’t be (like that); (the) Sultan (is) never going to address to anyone, because His position is not suitable to come down; to come to the level of his citizens and to speak to them, no. Therefore Sultans were (always) keeping themselves; (they were) not coming through people, through common people, because (a Sultan) he has a glory and greatness, which belongs to him only. When he is coming to the level of common people, he is going to loose his greatness and glory. Common people should say: “Oh, this one is also like ourselves. Why? What is his position to be over ourselves, and why we are bowing (ourselves) to be under his command? Why we are going to bow to him?”

Yes, you are not bowing to the Sultan, but you are bowing to the position of his royal existence. You are not bowing to that man, but (to him) whom he is representing- you are bowing to that one. The Sultan is representing the real royal one; he is representing the Lord of Heavens’ representative!

Therefore ignorant people were saying to everyone from Prophets and also to the last Prophet: “Oh, that one is like ourselves. He is going through streets, through markets, he is doing what we are doing- how he can be over our position?” They were not looking to his representation, that the Lord of Heavens (was) dressing him from His (own) Greatness and Glory. (Because of) his position you must bow to him, as when Allah Almighty created Adam and (He was) ordering to all angels: “Bow to Adam”- angels immediately were bowing. They were understanding his position, his essence, that Allah Almighty dressed him from His representation. Angels were knowing that just he had been dressed from Allah Almighty’s Glory. They were looking and seeing (that) and quickly (they were) running and bowing; they (were) never looking to his physical being, no. “Adam, just I created him. I am that One that created Adam with My Hands. This must be well-known through all creation.”

Allah Almighty never (was) giving that honour except to the father of mankind: to be made by His divinely Hands. Angels no, they are created by His Order, but Adam’s being Allah created it by his divinely Hands. That is glory, and that was only given to Adam. And after him, all of his generation was taking their shares from that honour. Angels are knowing that they have been created by the divinely Command (of Allah) to say: “Be”, and they were coming. They belong to Light Worlds. From divinely Lights they are coming. Through seconds billions and trillions of them are coming, no need for Allah Almighty to make them, their being with his divinely Hands. That is only granted to Adam. Dressing him from His Glory and putting from His divinely Crown on his head and angels were looking (that). When Allah Almighty was saying: “Bow to Adam”, immediately they were falling (down) and making Sajdah and bowing to him.

S.Yusuf a.s., Joseph, he had a dream when he was a young boy and through this dream he was seeing that (his) twelve brothers, his father and mother were bowing to him. Why? That time that divinely crown was just dressed on his head therefore all others were seeing (that) and (they were) falling (into Sajdah) and bowing to Yusuf a.s. Not to his physical being, but (to) what he was representing- the Lord of Heaven’s Glory. That Glory was just dressed to him, and they were falling down.

Shaitan was looking: “Oh, what is that?” (He was) objecting (to Allah’s Will and Order) and (so the) first rebellious one, (the) first troublemaker for creation and the first rebellious one to his Lord was Shaitan. Because he was looking and saying: “Oh! This is a person (is) just created from clay! I am created from fire, (from the) flames of fire- how it can be for me to bow to a creation that (is) just created form clay?” That was his mentality, donkey’s mentality we are saying. He was saying: “It can’t be! I must be that one who should be bowed to. I am over his creation.” He was seeing (only the) material of the being of Adam and himself also, (he was) not seeing which glory was dressed on Adam and that the divinely crown was put on his head. Then he was thrown away…

Therefore (a) Sultan is that one who is crowned and given glory, and they are only a few ones, selected ones, as (the) Prophets line; they are (also) elected and selected and chosen ones, (the) Prophets. And if anyone (is) objecting and saying, “Why? This person (is) like ourselves- going, coming, eating, drinking, marrying- what is the difference between ourselves? Why he is going to be bowed (to), (and) to be obeyed? For what? “ they are not seeing the reason, what he is granted from the Lord of Heavens.

Now people in the 21st century are all looking to everyone (only) from their outlooking. And Shaitan just made people not to believe in any other being, in any other title for mankind and they are saying, “We are all same.” No. You are all same by your physical being, but what you are representing it is not same. Chosen people, Prophets, they have been dressed Glory from Heavens, but you are not dressed (by that glory). You must look to the Prophet’s position that he is coming and people (are) just ordered to be obedient to that one.

Before, up to end of the 19th century, the line of Kings and Sultans was going on, but Shaitan was working to make a false, to make Kingdoms (to be seen as) something no good. And he was trying to take away this line and to make people (believe that): “All of you, you may dress what Kings and Sultans were dressing.” No! Their dressings are from Heavens! You may dress their clothes, but you are not (going to be) like Kings or Sultans that have been dressed Glory from Heavens. That is the main source for the troubles of mankind in the 21st century, because everyone is trying to show themselves that they are something: “We are Kings, we are Queens, we are Sultans…” No. Man can’t give to another man an honour, no, it is impossible. Honour, real honour is a grant from the Lord of Heavens. That honour, real honour, is coming from Heavens, not from people. Don’t think that ‘President’, or ‘Prime Minster’ or ‘Minister’ or such a titles are giving a person a real honour. No! When you are taking their clothes, they are going to be nothing. When they are dressing (these clothes), they are thinking that they are something, but when they are taken from them, they are looking: “Oh, we are nothing…” Sometimes, when they are getting in (the) bathroom and looking (into the mirror)- now new fashion bathrooms have mirrors all around- they are getting in and looking this side, that side, that side… may speak to themselves (and say): “Oh, I am looking like nothing… How- if I am getting out in such a way- who is going to give an honour to ourselves? Quickly bring our clothes to cover our ugly being! So ugly! Quickly bring our royal clothes…” Not royal; that is given form Heavens to man and they are dressing hats… this way, that way…” Now people will respect us”… (They are) not respecting you, but respecting your imitated title… So that people now (are) running after imitated titles.

People can’t give to you a title, because (those) whom they are giving you a title, they are expecting also (that): “One day maybe we have been given also a title from people. We must try to make much more voting… Bring so many pheasants! Doesn’t matter!” It is no need to be learned people in this democracy. No need clever ones, no. No mind people also (count). Important is to bring thousands and thousands. People (are) never understand anything- (it) doesn’t matter, but is it written that: “Ohhh, voting for that person one million people! He must be dressed!” Millions of people can’t give anything to you. (The) real title (is that) which Allah Almighty (is) giving…

Shaitan was looking and asking to be honoured or to be given or granted that honour. What he did through angels? He was expecting the title (of deputy of Allah), (but) that title is a grant from Allah Almighty to His (chosen) servants (only) and (so) he was thrown away. Now people (are) working on that point… What we are saying, oh people- the honour of mankind, that is important.

And Allah Almighty is choosing one of mankind to be on behalf of Him Almighty (and) to address and to call people; giving to one only. He is not calling everyone to be granted a Book, as ignorant people were saying: “Why this Holy Book is just given to him? Why (it was) not coming to ourselves also?” That is their ignorance. Allah (is) calling one and dressing him and sending to him: “Say My Commands, My Orders to My servants! If they are accepting, I am making everything to bow to them, because they are representing Me.”

The Prophet sws was going out and he met one Bedouin, and he was saying: “Oh Abdullah, oh servant of my Lord. Do you like to believe in God, Allah Almighty, and in me (, His Prophet) and to be Muslim?” And the Bedouin was saying: “Who are you?” “I am (the) representative of the Lord of Heavens, Ana Muhammadun”, sws, “Say: La ilaha ill-Allah, Muhammadur Rasulullah” sws. “Have you any evidence (for your claim)?” (was) asking that Bedouin and the Prophet was saying: “I have. Oh tree! Come to me!“ That (palm-) tree was walking and coming in front of the Prophet and making Sajdah in front of him. Then (it was) standing up and the Prophet was saying: “Go to your own place” and it was going back and standing there. That Bedouin was saying: “Now I am believing that you are the representative of the Lord of Heavens. I am saying: La ilaha ill-Allah, Muhammadur Rasulullah” sws...

Yes, evidence…must be evidence! If you have been granted from Allah Almighty an order, you must (also) be granted that power. Trees they were bowing, animals they were coming and bowing in front of the Seal of Prophets. Common people were asking such evidence, to see and to look.

But (for those) whom they were working through their minds if he was reciting just one verse: “Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim. Alif Lam Mim…” (it was) enough (for them to understand that) no on can say like this! Through any (other) book you can’t find the ‘heybet’, (the) Greatness of the Lord’s heavenly Book, heavenly addressing. To say: “Alif Lam Mim.”…(was) making a man to come and to bow (to him) who (was) bringing that Holy Book, holy addressing. If he was not in such a way, how 15 centuries Islam is standing up in spite of all Shaitans and evil that are asking to take it away? But they are going to be taken away and Islam is standing up, from earth to Heavens!

May Allah forgive me and bless you. For the honour of the most honoured one in His divinely Presence, S.Muhammad sws, Fatiha.

Lefke, 29.04.2004, transcribed by Khairiyah Siegel

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