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Much more looks like His Majesty. I was looking His Majesty, perhaps 25 years ago, he was just like that, in London. He was sitting like this at the head, making me to sit here on his right hand. But... His Majesty's hair, was white. Too much! Too much! And marhum (Raja Ashman) was sitting like that. Raja Ashman, big table... He was his Majesty speaking, asking so many questions. Because he was Muhaqqiq/investigating. And His Majesty... was happy and he entrusted advising marhum Raja (Ashman) to hold on to...

S.B.: To keep on with the Shaykh.
M.: Al Hamdulillah! Al Hamdulillah we reached honour with His Majesty's family, all of you. I am a person of no value, but..
S.B.: astaghfirullah!
M: through Royal family they are giving me an honour. I am so simple person. I am looking myself sometimes, I am looking in mirror there. Look making... Sometimes putting like this... Very good! 10 minutes there look. La Hawla wa la Quwwata illa Billah! It is honour through honourable people. First His Majesty giving so valuable, so honour to me I was ashamed. Ashaming, making me to sit on his right hand on so many events. And His Highness happy! His Highness happy, marhum. (Raja Ashman)
And some people.... Some people looking and he is seen in Damascus. His spiritual, spiritual power over highest level. And he was...he is looking & smiling. Smiling last, last meeting he was here & people saying"Daulat Tuanku! (Divine Right of Kings) Daulat Tuanku! Daulat Tuanku!" I am going up to there. And he was saying "O our Shaykh no need, no you are honour. Honourable Majestic people and there is Hadith "Anzal Al Nas Manazilahum" Put people on a level that it is suitable for their honour.

I am sorry that I can't...this is a flee market. Flee market! I am also flee market people, but it doesn't matter! Subhana Allah Al Aliy' Al Azim! We have been honoured! I always from beginning up to today I am praying & asking from the Lord of Heavens & His very precious one in His Divinely Presence Sayyidina Muhammad (saws). For his (saws) honour I am standing up! I hope that with your honour, I have been honoured. I hope that this - what coming on me goes away & I like to come to visit His Majesty & Majesty's Family. You are honourable. Insha'Allah! Insha'Allah!

Masha'Allah Raja Muda, His Higheness is good! Good! And should be insha'Allah Wazirs/Minister Wazirs/Minister of Mahdi (as). Should be 40 Kings, Sultans. One, his Honourable Highness should be insha'Allah. Please - army.

S.B.: Try to make army in Perak. Advice from Mawlana Shaykh.
M.: Army. First command, that coming to me I said that every King must have an army not only for parade, no! I hope that His Highness, Your Highness you must public government, finish! Nothing there. Now power coming for His Majesty Kings & should be His Highness. Only ...through Malaysia, others should be following. But His Highness I hope will be a Sultan over whole Sultans (of Malaysia), masha'Allah! I hope you, Your Highness you are not tired.
HRH: No, no, from the heat we're tired.
S.B.: We don't want you to be tired. I am ok.
M: Sometimes I am tired, but today his himmat...
S.B.: Sometime I am tired, but because you are coming you give me power & I am very fresh today.
M: Yes, yes!
S.B.: You are so humble to come & visit us.
M: I am ashaming, I am ashaming! There is some reason he is in Damascus, Damascus, marhum (Raja Ashman). Near to our Grand Shaykh. Maqam in Malaysia but real one in Damascus. And mostly going to be in Malaysia. He is King of Malaysia on Divinely Throne. That Allah Almighty dressing Sultans. Dhill-Allah (Allah's shadow) Sultans they are Shadow of Allah Almighty. Therefore they have honour no one can say this or that. This honour that is granted to Sultans, Dhill-Allah, under Heavenly Protection. Subhana Allah Al Aliy' Al Azim. Beware... hoping that His Highness to be with us at least 3 days.
HRH: Next time insha'Allah.
M: It is a very humble place here for you but giving us so much honour. Allah (swt) grants them. Allah Almighty protects them here & Hereafter & gives them high honour. Or highest honour among Sultans. And I am sending my humble salams, to his Majesty Azlan Shah & mummy, Your Majesty.
S.B.: Tuanku Bainun.
M: You are taking heaviness from Royal Family, you are taking. You are taking. There is one...toma?... I like her..I like her! Always I was going with my home. O...very happy! very happy! My grandson also he was once with me making ziyarat/visiting. But he ran through forest, jungle. He saw the big lizard. Running to me!!
S.B.: So scared!
M. Spiritually I was like too easy for always & marhum (Raja Ashman) was very humble & he was so that Waliya/saint looking after him. And she was like him so much. Insha'Allah should be miraculous to your... Yes insha'Allah! Insha'Allah. Allah bless... Subhana Allah perhaps 26-27 years. I was in London & coming to my.. my room and there was a small hall, people are sitting. I was entering I am looking a person with long hair, sitting just on door. They are saying to me this is a Royal Family member. "No one ashaming! A Royal Family.. Royal person on door!" I am making special place he was like this. So ashaming Subhana Allah, to be sitting next to me. That time I was very angry. Royal Family person on earth (on the floor) I am coming down he sitting there. Making him sit with me. Pray for him, Fatiha. Very happy always, very happy! Very happy. Masha'Allah! Masha'Allah! Nothing... His Highness they have much more better, but this insha'Allah Rahma pray for him.

I was knowing English & I was 8 years, 7 years we are reading reader 1. One "A" number one, here Ajallakum Allah (swt). A putting "ss" (ass - donkey) First word that I learned in English, "Reader 1". I I and A & SS. From that time, perhaps I was 8 years, 9 years old. Subhana Allah! Shukran, we are very happy and we have been honoured. Anytime... they are welcome. A small place. Insha'Allah they are not unhappy here.

HRH: We are very happy.
M: Al Hamdulillah, Al Hamdulillah. Salatu Al Jumaa with His Highness dressing baju melayu when you are praying Jumaa.
S.B.: When you go for Juma Prayer go with baju melayu.
M: It is necessary for haibatu And people make. Here or this. I am very happy! Allah (swt) makes you happy! and honourable here & Hereafter. I am praying for you, for your Highness Sirri, always. This world is changing and power coming on His Highness, power! Real Power. Insha'Allah Rahmat. I was happy as long as His Highness & Royal Family to be here, but I heard that only 7 hrs here. Anytime...anytime
HRH: Insha'Allah next time.
M.It is a small place but there humbleness making this place honoured. May Allah (swt) give them much more honour, Bismillah Al Rahman Al Rahim....
He is one of 40 (40 Saints) - He was (Raja Ashman) Therefore he has been seen in Damascus. He comes for a visiting always Grand Shaykh also. Fatiha. So many books.
HRH: Also downstairs in the library. The one we just see right now. So many books there.
M: we are porters of books. I am only...Quran Karim - Now also I am a little bit tired & through your Highness & Holy family, Royal family gives me honour & takes from me. His Highness, their line reaching to Prophet (saws). Ahl Al Bayt. Fatiha. Masha' Allah Daulat Tuanku! (Divine Right of Kings) Daulat Tuanku! Daulat Tuanku! Tuanku their swords up!
HRH: Salam Aleikum,
M: Wa aleikum salam.

Lefke, 16.05.2012

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