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(Dt.: RajabSharullahDt) Rajab-Month of Allah. We are waiting for it's tajalli/manifestation. We will see, with what kind of tajalli the power will come. The power will come for sure. Won't let them get away. Allah Almighty will not let them get away with their ill-mannered doings. The power is coming. O Beloved, pride & honour of whole Creation, Muhammad Mustafa (sas) Salawat.
S.B. Allahumma Salli ala Sayyidina Muhammad.
May these troubles go away from us. Allah Allah. Allah Allah. I am looking at this, this is Baytullah. It's tajalli is different.
S.B. Totally different.
M. O Nation of Muhammad (sas), good tidings. The arriving of the month of Rajab al Murajjab, Shahru-llah al-Muazzam. It is tomorrow night. It is coming with majesty. Because of that majesty, who is against the Muslims won't be able to hold guns in their hands. All of them will be destroyed. All will run away. All will perish, not knowing where they will find refuge. It is Sham al Sharif. A person who doesn't keep the respect of Sham, can't be there. It's Sultan will come, Sham al Sharif. Rajab-Shahrullah/ month of Allah (jwa) is coming with majesty.

I desire to be present there, in that Sham al Sharif as well. I want that I may live there & it's earth may accept me. Sham al Sharif, land of awliya & anbiyas. Ah, Sham. Ah, Sham. Ah, Sham. It is the land Allah Almighty loves. Divine Glance comes upon Sham al Sharif.

May that Divine Glance come upon us as well, I desire. O nation of Muhammad, mubarak. May the Month of Rajab be mubarak, that it is the month of Allah. May the Muslims have no fear. The tajallis of Allah Almighty's Power & Glory will start, will appear starting from tomorrow night. Who are against Islam will disappear, whether they are 1 or 70 sects. This month is coming with Magnificience, who are against Islam may beware.

O Muslims, show respect for this month. It is Rajab, the month of Allah, show respect. Glorify it, welcome it, so that you also become under the Divine protection of Allah. If not, all will perish. Not even one remains. Who are against Sham, who oppress in Sham, all of them will completely disappear. Rajab Shahrullah is coming with majesty. Coming with an azim/great majesty. It is an astonishing majesty, on it. It rises tomorrow evening. It rises tomorrow morning, Rajab Shahrullah. Allah Allah! People won't be able to hold guns because of the fear coming to their hearts from it's majesty. They will get out! Sham Shariff opens in this Rajab Shahrullah.

Allah will not prove me a liar, nor will His Glorious Prophet prove me a liar. This will happen. I am a person who is even lower than an ant. But there is this good tiding- Sham. Rajab is coming with majesty. Coming with a Heavenly Majesty, tomorrow night. They may beware, who hold guns in their hands against Islam may drop that gun & retreat. If not, they are responsible for what comes on their heads in this world. And they will be smashed in the torment of akhirat as well.

Aman Ya Rabbi, tawba Ya Rabbi, tawba Astaghfirullah. O Nation of Muhammad, may Rajab Shahrullah be mubarak for you. O people of Sham, Rajab ul Murajjab be mubarak for you. Don't you fear. Tomorrow morning, tadharru' & make dua. Don't go out making demonstrations. Sit with Allah & be with Allah at all times and make your munajat. Allah is the "muqallib al qulub/changer of the hearts". Allah Almighty is who has the Power/ Qudrat in His hand, He will change. Repent, make tawba for your doings. Their men also ran to the sins & rebelled to Allah in Sham. And their women also opened up. That is why this violence came on them, because they did things Allah is not pleased with! Because they didn't keep Allah's order & not keep Sultan. Sham wants Sultan. This foolishness; that they collect people from markets, bazaars & say "this is president, this is minister", can't be!

Religion of Islam is High, it is the Order of Allah. Beware, the Sultan who will keep Allah's Order is coming. Pledge your allegiance to that Sultan. That Sultan is the last representative of Hashemite, Ahl ul Bayt; who has the power in his hand, King Abdullah- His Royal Highness. Follow him. He will make it all clean until Ramadan, Sham & all the other neighboring countries. As-Salamu Alaikum, O Ummat al Habib. Be careful with your prayers, be careful with salatu salam (of Prophet). Don't hold guns in your hand! There are angels from Heavens to protect us, for Sham al Sharif. There are guards around Sham al Sharif. There is Budala, Nujaba, Nuqaba. There are awliyas & group of jinns. There is a separate group of guards for Sham. Believe! Believe so that you can be saved. Don't rely on the gun in your hands. Rely on Allah Almighty. Have faith in the words His Beloved (sas) said, so that you can find safety. No harm touches you. Whoever wants to do harm, he will not survive the night.

Pay attention O people of Sham, and people living in it's territories- Hama, Homs, Aleppo, Deir ez-Zur, Lattakia. Wherever they are, the people of Islam, beware: "'Inna Batsha Rabbika Lashadidun" (85:12). You are Arabs, you understand. If you suffer the Wrath of Allah Almighty Batsha/Grip is severe. "'Inna Batsha Rabbika Lashadidun" (85:12). Beware, may we all beware. Tawba Ya Rabbi, tawba Astaghfirullah.

May You forgive us, O Allah. May You send from Your holy servants who will show us the way. May we be in safety/salamat, upon the Holy Prophet (sas) & his holy words. May You make us safe, for the honour of your Beloved (sas). May You also not cut our share/naseeb from Sham.

Wa min Allah at-tawfiq. As-Salamu Alaikum, O people of Sham. As-Salamu Alaikum, O bilad/territories of Sham. Beware of tyranny! O residents/suqqan of Syria. If not, "'Inna Batsha Rabbika Lashadidun" comes on you. A severity descending from Heavens come on you & make you scattered. Your cannons, planes, battleships become of no use. All your armies become useless. Beware. We are all Allah's servants. May Allah's servants keep each other. May they show respect to Allah & show mercy to His servants.

Fatiha. Wa min Allah at-tawfiq.

Lefke, 19.05.2012

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