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Bismillah Al Rahman Al Rahim, for the Nation of the Prophet (saws) it shall be a blessed night,
Laylatul Bara'a. Insha'Allah it shall be a key to open all doors for the Muslim people. Beginning
with the 15th of the glorified Shaban we hope that it will be new tajalli/manifestation for the
benefit of the Muslim servants. The Age of the tyrants is finished from this evening, with Allah's
(swt) permission & with His order & support of Rasulullah (saws). We have reached the end for
the Muslim people who have been carrying the tyranny because they did not follow the steps of
the Prophet (saws). They left the laws of Heavens & followed the egoistic desires of non Muslims,
until what happened happened among the Ummah.

Bismillah Al Rahman Al Rahim Rabbi Wa Rabbuna Allah (swt). The order of Allah (swt) O
people! is for you to take your way, the way of righteousness. Allah (swt) Jalla Wa 'Alaa' made
clear everything in the Holy Quran. One word, or two words or a verse or half a verse makes
clear to people the balanced way. So people may not fall in destruction in this world and be
punished in the Hereafter.

O Egyptian scholars! Also Muslim scholars. Subhana Allah! Allah (swt) awakens His servants.
The Holy Quran is not a book of stories Hasha! What occured to the Egyptian people now and
in previous times, all sorts of things! And people went on the way that is not the True way, but
they followed their desires. People followed their desires and they took their own way which is a
different way from The Magnificient Quran. And that's why all the corruption spread among the
Egyptian people in the past century. Subhana Allah! Allah Allah! Allah Allah! All sorts of
corruption happened because they followed their desires. Subhana Allah!

At the time of the Pharaoh the Pharaoh thought that they created the people and they took their
way that was not the way of Haqq/Truth. At the time there were... In the palace... In the palace
of the Pharaoh. There was a man, a sound believer, a rightly guided man & he said to them to
the Pharaoh & who followed him from people. He said to them in the Holy Verse "Alaysa
Minkum Rajulun Rashidun" (11:78) Right? The verse says "Is there not among you a single
sound minded man?" (11:78) What is with you? There is not one man among you with a sound
mind? No one with a sound mind? So that you had to take the many ways of shaytan. And
among yourselves you argued & fell down in a situation that is not possible for you to get out of,
this tight condition,except by following a man with a sound mind. "Alaysa Minkum Rajulun
Rashidun" (11:78)

O Egyptian people! Look for a man with a sound mind. Do not say this one won the elections or
that... This has no taste! No! We want that it is pointed to us & for our Lord (jwa) to order us
with the words of that man who spoke to the Pharaoh & his followers. Who took their way, that
is not the way of righteousness. And he said to them "Alaysa Minkum Rajulun Rashidun" (11:78)
No one left? This is the Holy Quran O Egyptians! Why you are not looking for a sound minded
man? Do you think that with elections you will get a sound minded man? Hasha! No way! A
sound minded man he must be indicated, the man with a sound mind. Like that believer who in
the Palace of the Pharaoh addressed the people about what they were doing... About what they
were doing & said "what is this?" "What are these dealings that you are following? That are
according to your desires? The desires do not conform with soundness/ right guidance. Desires
do not bring soundness! Soundness is with a rightly guided man, look for him. Look for him!
"Alaysa Minkum Rajulun Rashidun" (11:78) What are you doing? Not one man left amongst you
with a sound mind?

We are asking, I am a weak servant, and I am asking the Egyptian people. "Alaysa Minkum
Rajulun Rashidun" (11:78) This is great! Allah (awj) does not tell stories. What! One man to save
the Pharaoh's nation. He was astonished with their bad behaviours that no mind can accept & it
is not possible for a sound man to accept what they were doing & he said to them, "Alaysa
Minkum Rajulun Rashidun" (11:78) Why did Allah (swt) speak these words? The Holy Quran
saves the children of Adam (as) from the evil of the devils. O human beings, O people! Look for a
sound minded man, The Holy Quran is not a book of stories. This is enough for all mankind!
They should ask "Is there not among you a sound minded man?" (11:78) Where is he? In
England? Damascus, Russia, America? Hijaz, Iran, India, China? Look for a sound minded man!
And say that person is a rightly guided man; he will point us to the right way!

So we shall be on the Siratal Mustaqima/straight way that Allah (jwa) is pleased with. The
straight way. Every time The Prophet (saws)was setting the lines for prayer he used to say
Istaqimu! Stand straight! This order we must know it & follow it and hold on to it.

Istaqimu/stand straight. He would look to the right & to the left. The highest honour is to stand
straight. Ask for a man who is standing straight, he is a sound minded man.

Where are the scholars of Egypt, what do they understand from The Holy Quran? We ask the
"Muslim Brotherhood" from where did they bring this name? Muslim Brotherhood, we ask the
other group of Salafis from where did they bring that name & divided the Nation of the Beloved
(saws) in groups. & every group has gone astray except one group, Ahl Al Sunnah wa Al Jamaat.
These few words I wanted to say as they were inspired to my heart since a few days. O people! "Is
there not among you a sound minded man?" (11:78) Why did Allah(awj) mention this in The
Magnificent Quran? Is it a story? To teach servants to ask for a rightly guided man with a sound
mind and his actions are straight & his heart is pure, and his steps are the steps of the Prophet
(saws). Tawba Ya Rabbi, tawba astaghfirullah.

We ask our Lord that it may be a beginning for people to pay attention. For the Egyptians & all
the rest so they may understand the teachings of The Magnificent Quran. "Alaysa Minkum
Rajulun Rashidun" (11:78) This question is up to Judgement Day. Who is that sound minded
man? Can he be elected? Never! No! Allah Allah Subhana Allah! We hope from our Lord that it
may be a beginning for a new Age that never occured before, starting from this blessed night, to
arrange the matters of the nation & the angels may arrange & the righteous servants may also
arrange. Tawba Ya Rabbi, tawba Ya Rabbi!

Let us understand the words of the Prophet (saws). Who understands from The Magnificent
Quran, he understands. But this verse is very clear "Alaysa Minkum Rajulun Rashidun" (11:78) A
sound minded man, could that be Abdul Nassir? Or others? Were they rightly guided men? If he
was a sound minded man this would not be the end of Egypt after its Kings, to fall down to such
level. I am sorry, I am sorry to say... I am sorry to say this about all the Muslim nations. They
must ask "Alaysa Minkum Rajulun Rashidun" (11:78) Who is a rightly guided man? Bashar?
Allahu Akbar! Allahu Akbar! Saddam? Abdul Nassir? The rest of them? Never! Turks, all of
them are wrong! Because they did not ask for a rightly guided man. Now in the Muslim nations
there is not a rightly guided man to ask him to straighten the nation!

O servants of Allah! O scholars! Astaghfirullah! Tawba Ya Rabbi, tawba... Tawba Ya Rabbi,
tawba astaghfirullah. Pity for our scholars! Pity for the people who can understand! Why are they
not reciting the Holy Verse "Alaysa Minkum Rajulun Rashidun" (11:78)? This is The Holy
Quran! Make them ask for a sound minded man so they may be saved & rescued! If they do not
ask for him they will perish & be taken away from existence.

I ask pardon from my Lord. This is a blessed night, the Laylatul Bara'a We ask from our Lord
that it may be a new beginning to the nation of the Beloved (saws). Bi Hurmatil Habib Allah
(saws). Fatiha.

Let the people ask for the sound minded one from their Lord. O Lord, send to us a man with a
sound mind. I am a weak servant, I don't know anything. What was inspired to my heart I spoke
it. May Allah (swt) forgive me & forgive you.


Lefke, 03.07.2012

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