Maulana Sheikh Nazim Reaching Eternity through Obedience and Servanthood


May Allah give you a happy life to be pleased here and Hereafter. Keep Allah, and Allah Almighty will keep you. Be with Allah and then Shaytan will run away. Give respect to everyone, and everyone will respect you. Be lovely for everyone and everyone will become lovely towards you, and you will be happy here and Hereafter.

Try to make people happy, and try to be servants only for your Lord, the Creator, Allah Almighty. If you are not going to be His servants, Shaytan will quickly carry you and make you his slaves or servants. May Allah forgive us.

Thank you for your visit. I am a very weak servant. I feel ashamed that people come here from long distances to see me. I am such a weak person. May Allah Almighty grant you beyond all your khayal, imagination, to be in safety here and Hereafter.

O my beloved followers! You must know that “Bismillahi 'r-Rahmaani 'r-Raheem” is the beginning of Creation, and it continues from pre-Eternal up to the Eternal! I am a weak servant, and therefore I am asking for you to be honored with servanthood of our Creator. You must know that we are not created to look at or to work for this world. Everyone is working, yet the clock of this world is ticking! Our lives are going on, but one day they will stop. We will leave everything and will be taken to the graveyard.

Allah Almighty sent 124,000 prophets to teach people that they are created for the Lord of Heavens. When we come to this planet, our most important wazeefa, practice, throughout our lives should be to be servants for our Creator, nothing else! And He will be happy when we try to fulfill our responsibility as a servant. To be the servant for the Lord of Heavens gives us honor. To be servants for this planet does not give us anything!

All the prophets came to remind people that they have been created and sent to this planet for His obedience. Try to be obedient servants and your life will be happy here and Hereafter. Now we can see that this world is falling into a dark, black hole. They are falling in it and they do not know how they will be saved. They are ghafil, heedless people, because the Lord of Heavens sent thousands of prophets to give an understanding to people.

According to our beliefs, we know that two angels will come and ask us, “What did you understand throughout your life?” Yes, there will be an examination or a test. They will ask everyone, “What did you understand in these 50, 60, 80, 90 or 100 years? What did you understand during your life?” What shall our answer be? What will we say? Will we say, “I understood how I may cheat people and become richer in the stock market? I went there every day to look that one day we lost, the second day we went up!” Will you be thinking that, “Oh! I forgot to bring my credit card here (in the grave)! How did I come here? How am I sleeping here?” The angels will ask, “What have you brought?” Will you say, “This credit card! Take it and take my money from there!” There is no result of all this!

If we do not understand, and if our understanding reaches only to the point of material aspects, then we have lost! But above material aspects, we have spirituality and heavenly aspects. Try to reach heavenly aspects as that will continue up to Eternity. Therefore, I like this word, “Eternity!” I feel so happy to say, “Eternity!” It sounds so beautiful and hopeful. It gives me so much joy, satisfaction and pleasure to say, “Eternity!”

O our Lord! We are asking for Your Eternity! What is this? Homes, gardens, big buildings, what do they give to you? They give you trouble, not satisfaction. O People! Try to be for your Lord’s servanthood. Try to understand the meaning of coming here, what did the Lord of Heavens create us for? May Allah forgive us.

Thank you for coming here. I don’t think that anyone can reject these words, no! All prophets came to remind people about this. I am a weak servant and you are coming here. You did not know about me, but your spirituality came in contact with my spirituality. Therefore, you have come. You are welcome, very welcome! I ask the Lord of Heavens to send His blessings upon you. Thank you. As-salaamu `alaykum and a happy journey!

Some of them (visitors) are like my sons and some of them are like my grandsons and their children. Welcome!

Lefke, 08.05.2011

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