Maulana Sheikh NazimReaching to Unity

Grandsheikh once spoke to me about Jafar as-Sadiq r.a. from the Golden Chain of the Naqshibandi Silsilla. He was a descendant of the Prophet. When he was worshipping, he was absent from himself, going into the Divine Presence. The value of worship is in that Presence. As much as you are with yourself, you are far away from real worship; you are a servant to youself. Being absent from yourself means coming to Unity, ‘Tawhid’. When you are present in the Divine Presence, all powers are present with you. There is no heedlessness, you don’t forget anything. When you are with your ego, you may forget something in the prayer. The purpose of all worship is only to make you absent from yourself and present in the Divine Presence. As much as you are with yourself, there is no real unity.


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