Pictures of Maulana Sheikh Nazim What ist the real purpose of knowledge?

Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim, Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim, la haula wa la quwatta illa bi-llahi-l ‘Aliyu-l ‘Azim…Destur, ya Sayyidi, Meded!

It is an association…Professor X.- who is professor? He is that one who, if he (is) asked, may answer for everything. If not, he is not professor…Ya Allah, ya Allah…’Alimna, ya Rabbi! Subhanaka, la ‘ilma lana illa ma ‘alamtana…’Ilm, knowledge- if Allah Almighty (is) giving to His servant, he may know. That is ‘ilmu nafia that gives benefit. ‘Ilm must give benefit, it is not a zinat, a decoration, no! ‘Ilm, knowledge, (is) just a grant from Allah Almighty to make a way to His divinely Presence. That is (the) real purpose of knowledge. Why we are learning?

Now people (are) learning only for Dunya. It is not knowledge. Everything that you are studying and learning- what is your target? To reach to Dunya. And you are (already) in Dunya, but you are asking more Dunya, much more. If I have 1o $ today, tomorrow I must reach to 1oo. What is the way to reach to 1oo $? I must look…I am trying to learn the way that I can reach to 1ooo $. Then, Shaitan (is) saying: “No, you must try to reach $ and look what is the way (to it).” Everything, every knowledge that it is not good knowledge (is) from Shaitan. Shaitan (is) teaching people to reach much more from Dunya and (he is) urging them and whipping them. As a car rider (is) whipping horses, Shaitan is whipping people to reach much more from Dunya.

Therefore (the) Prophet was saying: “Allahumma inni asaluka ‘ilman nafian”, asking from Allah Almighty: “O my Lord, I am asking from You real knowledge making me to be much closer to Your divinely Presence.” (And) another prayer from Rasul sws, saying: “Allahumma, inni audhu bika mina ‘ilma la yanfa”, “O my Lord, I am running to you from such learning that makes me to run away from You and to run after Dunya.”

Where is our people now? Whole world? Listening to Allah? Asking Allah or asking Dunya? “Innahum la yuflihun”…If they continue on that way they never reach anything good for them here or Hereafter; they are loosing everything that Allah Almighty (is) promising: (He is) promising His servants eternity, eternal life. But Shaitan (is) calling people to something that is only going to be imagining.

Now today here (there are) so many people, may be in different ages; may be 1o years, 12, 2o, 3o, 4o, 5o, 6o, 7o, 8o, (that one there) 9o…Yes, so many years passed- now what is remaining with you from so many years? Just you are living in that moment now and after a while this also (is) taken to unexisted worlds, that unexisted means: imagination.

You may do a fire, (and) you may put on (that) fire so many things: from wood, from furniture, so many things you may put on it, and leave (it). After one hour come and see what is remaining there? Ashes, finished, where is that what you put there? And now time (is) taking everything from you, burning, making (it) ashes, and coming a storm and ashes…(get blown all over the place)… and when He is asking, the Lord of Heavens, this globe, our planet, if He is ordering to be explosion from its centre like this…through space- after seconds you never find even atoms, just (gone)… because what (is) keeping (the) atoms in their existence is such an Order, the Order from Allah Almighty, to keep atoms(‘ system:) in center the nucleus and around it (there are the) electrons. To keep this system. If Allah Almighty is not keeping, if His Order (is) not keeping (it), atoms (are) going to disappear. (The) electrons are going away and also (the nucleus) is going away and disappearing.

And (the) whole world also with His Order (only is) keeping each one the other. When His Order is saying: “Leave and go as you are coming from where you are coming. Go, return back” and in seconds, (even) less than seconds, 1/3 (of a second), 1/4, 1/5- (it) is going to disappear.

If He is ordering to (the) universe: “Come back in your real position” - that they are (all) coming from (His) Power Oceans- coming and finishing, (and there is going to be) nothing in space, finished, and space (is) remaining in its original situation- dark darkness, nothing in it. If He is ordering, coming this space (to be) full with stars and galaxies and suns. When He orders: “Come (back)! As you came in existence come back” (it is disappearing). And space (is) only a dark darkness. No one is knowing what is space; from where (it is) beginning, up to where (it is) ending and from where (are) coming these things in it, because satanic teaching (is) preventing them to ask or to learn or to teach such things.

Everything (that is) taking (you) away from Allah Almighty is satanic teachings and people now just fell in it. No one is happy now, no one (is) in peace now. Exceptions (are) never changing the general situation. There is exceptions, but it is not commonly. Commonly people are ignorant, they are not learning, and (they are) following Shaitan, shaitanic teachings- ‘ilma la yanfa”, that is some learnings that (are) never giving benefit to their holders here or Hereafter.

Therefore we are asking from Allah Almighty: “Ya Rabbi, let us to reach from Your Grant that You granted to Your respected and honoured servants, Your messengers, particularly the Seal of Prophets, S. Muhammad sws. You granted to him from real knowledge that (is) bringing man in(to) perfection, making them to be Your servants, preparing them for that perfection and to reach their Lord’s pleasement and pleasure. We are asking from that!”

And it is now just closed down and (there are) only satanic teachings around the world, making people to be much more violent, to be much more far away from their real being, to make them to run away (from) what they have been created for- as we (are) created for Allah Almighty’s divinely Presence (to be His) servants. We have been honoured to be for His divinely Presence servants, and (for) servanthood. People they are not learning servanthood for their Creator, for their Lord. They are running to learn satanic knowledge and they are respecting Shaitan and they are (even) worshipping Shaitan. And (that is) everywhere now… When Allah Almighty sent S.Nuh to his nation, (and he was) calling people to Allah , to their Lord, their Creator, they were running away, not accepting. They were saying: “We are knowing our way. Our teachings (are) just opposite (to) your teachings. We are happy with our teachings and (we are) not following you.” And Allah Almighty (was) sending (a) flood on them and everywhere, (on) every step from earth (it was) coming (up) fountains and from up also (was) coming rain and (the) flood was coming and taking they away- everything.

Now it is (the) same, but in another way. Now everywhere you are going there are fountains of troubles and problems- everywhere! Look, (the) whole world (is) full! (On) every step you should find a problem, trouble. People just graduated by Shaitan to be trouble makers- men, women, old ones, young ones, learned ones, ignorant ones- all of them (are) trouble makers, just graduated.

Look that Shaitan’s box (television) to see how people (are) running through streets! Everywhere (there is) trouble! No one (is) in rest, no one (is) in peace, no one is hopeful, all of them (they are) hopeless. They are drowning in trouble oceans, because everyone (is) making a trouble! No one is keeping himself not to do a trouble, everyone (is) becoming (a) trouble maker, pouring their troubles and people from East to West, from North to South just drowned through that trouble oceans of miseries and problems and sufferings, no one (is in peace)!

Therefore people run to be drunk ones- for forgetting these troubles, to forget it, they are running to be drunk. So many kinds of spirits and drugs they are using. For what? To forget it, not to feel their troubles. As doctors are giving for a patient, (when there is) too much paining, drugs. It is not (a) cure, only (they are) giving them pain killers, (it is) not (something) to take away (their) sickness or illness. Now people (are) running to drugs, running at least for smoking and spirits everywhere. For what? Not to feel (their) pain! Everything (is) pain killer.

O people- come on (the) true way! Come and ask from true ones! Don’t think that true ones just finished, no! True ones (are) never going to finish, but they are hidden. Hiding themselves. They are hidden. If you are asking (for them), you can find. If not asking, you can’t find. Because everyone coming in front of you (is) representative of Shaitan. If you are carefully looking (for true ones), you can find (them) through East and West.

Therefore the Prophet was signing: “Utlubu ‘ilma wa law bi Sin.” O people, you should ask, you may ask real knowledge that (is) saving you from troubles, from devils here and from Hells through the Last Day. To learn that knowledge, if you can find (it even in China) that farest distance - that time China was farest country- you must run and learn. And knowledge is not through books! If (knowledge was) through books, Prophet was saying: “Bring from that knowledge from China through books and learn here.” (But) he is signing that: “You must go (to someone) who has such knowledge. Man (is) teaching you, not book teaching you! You can take knowledge from those people that their heart is full with that knowledge. You don’t think that you can read books and you can learn. No! Therefore (he was) signing: “…wa law bi Sin- If that one that knows that knowledge (is) in China, you must go to him, to learn from him.” Now Wahabi people say: “No need, you may read books, and you may learn.”

O people! Come (to the) true way and ask true ones, if you like to be happy and in peace here and Hereafter and to make your Lord Allah Almighty pleased with you! If not- everyone is just buried (alone) through his grave and no one can help another one through graves.

May Allah forgive me and bless you. I am saying (this) to whole (of) mankind and it is something, it is knowledge from (the) four Holy Books, particularly from (the) Holy Quran ( through (the) most beloved servant of Allah Almighty, (the) most honoured one- (that) just had been sent to him (the) last Message, (the) Holy Quran- to be for that one servants and asking knowledge from him and (from) his successors, successors for Prophet sws…bi hurmati-l Fatiha.

Lefke, 06.03.2004, transcribed by Khairiyah Siegel

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