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Relate The Stories (7:176)

Madad ya Rijal'Allah. Dastur ya Shah Mardan. Ay yaran Shah Mardan. Come O friends, to our
assembly of Shah Mardan. Allah Allah. Clean servants, servants with nur (light), blessed servants,
honourable servants. We must strive to be like them. Even if this is a short sohbat (association)
may we listen to it. Please go on Shah Mardan, your friends admire you. Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-
Rahim. May we open up; the holy ones will serve/offer us! We are in need of them, that’s why in
our assembly, Shah Mardan is Sultan.
O friends of Shah Mardan, Listen! Your friends, may you advise them too, to listen to Shah
Mardan. Please go on Shah Mardan. Firstly, we are not in need of earthly power, we are in need
of power from the Heavens. Welcome to our assembly, Ay yaran, the friends of Shah Mardan.
Allah Allah. May Allah make us one of them! We want to learn! Utlubu-l ilm min al-mahdi ila l
lahdi. (Seek knowledge from the cradle to the grave.) What a majestic saying! Shah Mardan,
taking it from the Master of the Universe, says, "Seek knowledge". When He says knowledge;
adab, learn the lesson of good manners (adab), from the cradle to the grave. What is Man in need
of? Adab. Learn adab! Be with adab!
Dastur ya Shah Mardan. May we listen to your advice and take benefit! Good advice, Sheikh
Mehmet Effendi, gives Man strength both physically and spiritually. Physical strength is needed
to support life on Earth, spiritual strength is needed for ascending to the Heavens. Those who
have no will to ascend to the Heavens are in the class of animals. Please go on Shah Mardan.
What did the Sultan of Prophets say? "Lahdan, min al-mahad." From the cradle, mina-l mahdi Il
al-lahdi. Man is in need of it until the grave. It is essential for Man. Man is not an animal, eating,
just sleeping or running, or eating and carrying loads. No, differentiate Man from this.
Please go on Shah Mardan, may we listen to you. Your friends admire you! Let's say, Bismillahi
r-Rahmani r-Rahim. How beautiful! How nice! How nice! To say, Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-
Rahim Mehmet, is truly beautiful! Don't utter useless words, say, Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim
and the world is at your feet. In a boat, once in a boat, of olden times, - people boarded the
boat... Relating stories is good, "Faqsusi alqasas" (So relate stories 7:176), a holy verse. Modern
day people don't give much consideration to old stories.

Let's tell a story! O idiot ones, even the Quran Karim exhorts: Astaizu Billah, "Faqsusi alqasas
la'allahum yatafakkaroon" (7:176), it says to relate stories. Even if the story is made up, it conveys
enthusiasm for people, it opens a way, gives refreshment, takes away grief. "Faqsusi alqasas"
People these days say, "we are not telling stories". "Naqussu alayka ahsana alqasasi" (12:3)
Janab/Holy Prophet was told concerning the story of Prophet Yusuf, "Ahsana alqasasi" (12:3).
Tell it!
Take your share of benefit from every story, because our souls are in need of these. Our souls are
not in need of eating and drinking. It is our bodies that need food and drink but our souls don't.
"Faqsusi alqasas". Jesus Christ said, "we didn't tell qasas" (stories). Ey, Allah declares: "Faqsusi
alqasas", take benefit from stories. People may take benefit, learn from them and correct
themselves. Take your share of benefit. "Faqsusi alqasas". Allah Dhul Jalal, The Exalted, says to
tell the stories of old. Allahu Akbar! Ay Shah Mardan, Allahu Akbar. O friends who listen to
him, marhaba, how nice it is to tell stories. Stories, Sheikh Mehmet Effendi are driven/stamped
like nails. Qasas, old stories.
There is no power in learning other things, "Faqsusi alqasas", teach the qasas, teach old stories.
What did Prophet Isa do? What did Prophet Musa do? What did Prophet Nuh do? What did
Prophet Yusuf do? What did Aliyyu-l Rahman do? What is written about them? Their stories are
in every Holy Book and the Quran, Azimu Shan too tells the story of all the Prophets. Don't read
newspapers, O Idiot one! Newspapers turn people insane. That is the result. Read newspapers!
"What's happening? What's the news?" What do you expect? Shooting, breaking, hitting.
Accidents happening, criminals, trouble, damage. May it all be away from us! "Ahsanul qasas"
(the most beautiful of stories), it is said.
How beautiful is the story of Prophet Yusuf. When we read his story, our spiritual being opens
up, we become happy. Madad ya Shah Mardan, O our Shah Mardan, your word, your
association is admirable. Who... You are... Your friends admire your words. Allahu Akbar!
Huuu... Qasas, Haji Mehmet Effendi, there are so many. May we relate them and be happy!
Once upon a time, in a boat, passengers, merchants were travelling. Huuu... While travelling, all
of a sudden, there was a commotion on the ship, in that boat. We are narrating, they are making
us relate some words, Sheikh Mehmet Effendi. It's called a ship, it's also called a boat. A ship is
bigger in size, a boat is different.
Learn, in this way your trade may increase. With whom to trade? Make your trade with the
awliya. This is why Shah Naqshband said, "tariqatuna as-sohba". Sohbat is our way, he said,
because with the sohbat, you open up. Inda ‘dh-dhikru ‘s-sulaha'i tanzilu ‘r-Rahma. Blessings
descend onto places where there is mention of sincere Muslims. Allahu Akbar. These pure ones
are called "Salih". Mention them and relate the stories of the prophets, on whom is peace.
Nahnu naqussu alayka ahsana alqasas. (12:3) The story of Prophet Yusuf is very beautiful. Take
your share of benefit from it. Observe the manifestations of Allah, Al-Qadir (The All Powerful).

Please go on Shah Mardan. A man without his naseeb (share) is like dry wood. One who is
granted his naseeb is like the great plane tree. Be beautiful, don't be ugly. All prophets are
beautiful. The most beautiful of them, is our Master, Master of the Universe. Let's turn to our
story, - that boat or that ship, merchants boarded it and sailed into the open sea. Then a
commotion broke out in the middle of the sea. Some precious rings belonging to the wife of a
very rich man on board got stolen. "Ey", they said, "let's look for them" and they began to search.
Everyone was searched, Sheikh Mehmet Effendi. Allahu Akbar. May we open up! May we open
up! Hey! "Faqsusi alqasasa", it says, relate the qasas. Isn't it a holy verse?
Tell, tell stories. People give stories a consideration, they don't listen to other things. "Faqsusi
alqasasa". Tell stories (qasas). Please go on Shah Mardan, O our Shah tell us, please go on. Then
came the turn of a dervish, for inspection. They said, "We have to search you." "What has
happened?" "A person here who is a member of the Sultanate, has had her precious rings go
missing. Ghayretullah, Haji Mehmet, Janabul Haqq doesn't tolerate accusation against His
mukhlis (sincere) servants. He doesn't want them to be blamed. A derwish sitting there, they
confronted him about the incident, "They are alleging, perhaps the missing rings are with you".
That fakir stood up, stepped onto the sea, reciting, Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim, Bismillahi r-
Rahmani r-Rahim, Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim, and treading the water, continued till they
lost sight of him.
What is the power that made him walk on the sea? Say: Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim and no
fear. Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, takabbara wa tajabbar, Subhan, Subhan. Call
your Lord, Allah. May heaviness leave us! This world is not only for you, but for many people, a
hundred times wider; enough to give shelter to everyone. "Inna ardi wasiatun fa'iyyaya fabuduni"
(29:56). "Inna ardi wasiatun" The world I made you settle in is wasi', is wide. All the people in the
world are not sufficient to fill it. The mention is of this dunya, Janabul Haqq created this world,
made humans inhabit it.
The Divine procalamtion is "Inna ardi wasiatun fa'iyyaya fabuduni". The surface of the world I
made you to inhabit is wide, "faiyyaya fabuduni" (therefore, serve Me). He said "My World is
wide, here, enter". Allahu Dhul Jalal "Inna ardi wasiatun faiyyaya fabuduni". The world I settled
you in, is wasi', "faiyyaya fabuduni". What does farhabun mean? Humans, just a handful of
people, a handful of humans on this huge world. He says not to fight, "Inna ardi wasiatun", the
world I made you inhabit is wasi', "faiyyaya fabuduni". Allah Allah. When it is said 'fabuduni',
none know its meaning, none other than Our Prophet and those he taught.
He says, say 'marhaba', and walk, "faiyyaya farhabuni". To say marhaba to Me, for the blessings
I grant you. I expanded it for you, take it and walk. Some unthinking ones, Sheikh Mehmet
Effendi, before you were born, when I was in the Hijaz, when the old ways, the traditions were
still held, - like the order of the Ottoman times, - what did the King of Hijaz say? Tawsi'atu l-
Haram. Tawsi'atu l-Haram. He said he would expand the Haram. What will you do? "I will
break it down and rebuild it anew, to reduce the congestion of people". You refer to it as
Tawsi'atu l-Haram. "Inna ardi wasiatun" (29:56) I invited My servants to visit the Ka'ba
Muazzama. "I will make it expansive", says Janabul Haqq, "no matter how many, I'm the One
Who invited them, I don't worry should many hajis come.
They cannot say. Whoever wants to come, may come. Janabul Haqq with His Will, not just
those who come to the Ka'ba but all the people of the the world, could He pack them into half a
nutshell? What?! Of course, Amantu Billah. Say! Who give you the right to interfere with Allah's
business? To keep breaking it down? It has been 60, 70 years my son, Sheikh Mehmet, they keep
breaking it down and opening spaces. Breaking it and opening, yet there isn't enough room. Bre,
you can't accommodate people. Only Allahu Dhul Jalal can accommodate people in there.
O Kings of Arabia, O Maliks, O rulers of Hijaz, when you invite, you can invite 40 persons only,
no more. It is Allah Dhul Jalal Who invites His servants. He invites. You are saying that too
many hajis are coming, there isn't enough room for them, what can we do? Tawsi'atu l-Haram,
let's break down the Haram for the surplus that are coming. You see it on satan's machine (TV).
Leave this task to Allah, you are the servant. Don't interfere in Allah's business. You can't invite
in Allah's stead. The Prophet can invite on behalf of Allah, sallAllahu alaihi wa sallam, sharrafa
wa karram wa majjala wa azzam, wa jalla wa jallal. Allahu Akbar, this is our Master, Allahu
"We will expand!" You were meant to expand, you narrowed it. People are not at ease. Believe,
O People! Amanu. Believe in the Allah's Might. The hajis coming here can fill a nutshell and still
space would remain. Who are you to interfere? "We will expand!" Allahu Allah, Allahu Hasbi
Allahu Allah, Allahu Rabbi. Itiqad (sincere belief) is essential for iman (faith), my son. You should
know this! You should know the Greatness of Allah Dhul Jalal. Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar,
Allahu akbar wa takabbara wa tajabbar. O our Lord, may You forgive us! Reciting the Basmala,
he walked. The sea is wide. No one knows the boundaries of the sea, it cannot be measured in
miles, or ells. Not even a particle of His Majesty is what is visible. You are Subhan O Lord! Send
us those who can show us the signs of Your Might and Greatness. "We will help Allah(!) We'll
expand the Haram as there isn't enough room(!)". MashaAllah.
Are you the ones who invite? "WaAllahu yadu ila dari s-salami" (10:25). Allah invites! All our
works amount to zero. We have forgotten our servanthood! We are claiming rulership; claiming
a position of ruling this world. You cannot! Come to your senses in case He sends a hurricane,
taking away your palace, your mansions, your planes, your throne, your residence. Know these
words are coming from the side of Haqq. Say Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim. Please go on Shah
Mardan, may our hearts open up! May our hearts strengthen! May we advance in servanthood!
May our love and longing for our Mawla increase! Here you are Shah Mardan, your words are
admired by your yaran. Fatiha. This main point of Itiqad has been defined. These words are a
teaching to seal our Itiqad. This is what Janabul Haqq has given.


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