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We are weak servants. Qawwi da'fana farid ak Ya rabbi. We couldn't do anything. And day
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We are weak servants. Qawwi da'fana fî ridâk Ya rabbi. We couldn't do anything. And day

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AlHamdulillah. May Allah make us come together for goodness. Welcome to you. "Sabah
ribahu" they said. Is it not so? Everything is gained in the morning. The day opens - The
Heavenly grants of Allah Almighty reach to the servants, reach to the mountains & stones. It
starts to close at night.
We may say, Audhu Billahi min al shaytan al rajim. May Allah protect us from the evil of
shaytan. May He protect us from following the dirty ego. What can the people do? Our way is
"Ad-dinu nasiha". Did we say the Basmala? Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim. Bismillahi r-
Rahmani r-Rahim is a pillar from earth to the Heavens. It is an honour for the people. It is
descended upon this Ummah. Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim. All the Prophets know it, alaihum
selam. You came in safety. May our day start in safety & be closed in safety. O our Lord, may
You send us from Your servants one who will teach us to keep Your way with Your Heavenly
Grants. What can we do?
"Ad-dinu nasiha". Religion is advice. And what is advice? Allah Almighty wants goodness for the
servants and through the means of advice directs them to the way He accepts. First of all, our
Prophet (sas) who is the Sultan of Prophets, honoured this world being entrusted with the mission
of advice. Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim. Rabbi Yassir wa la tu'assir. Rabbi tammim bil khair.
May You make our service, our service of servanthood, come to be easy today. May we not face
difficulties, find difficulties in our way when serving You as Your servants O Lord. Rabbi
tammim bil khair- may we complete this day in goodness. Ya Rabbi, Shukur. Shukur to You.
May we refrain from sins & being disobedient to Allah Almighty. May we refrain. Allah
Allah..Allah Allah..Allah Allah..
Ad-dinu nasiha. Religion means the advice which shows people the path they should walk on. If
there is no institution of advice in a country, that country is in the hand of shaytan. It is ridiculed
& mocked by shaytan. May Allah protect us from the evil of shaytan, from the evil of the ego &
its desires. When a person follows his desires, shaytan finishes him, leaves no goodness for him.
Today's people don't know for what they are created. For what are we created? For Whom are
we created? What are we created to do? This is not taught. When it is not taught, then people
can't know. "Ad-dinu nasiha". Advice teaches people for what they have been created & what
they are responsible to do. This is the first thing that people should know- For whom are we
working? For whom are we working in dunya? For whom are we running & striving & working
in dunya? "For whom are we working? We work for ourselves" they say. Here, the first thing to
be taught is, we are created in this dunya to make service for Allah Dhul Jalal Hz. Not to be the
servant of our own egos.
We are created to make honoured service to Allah Dhul Jalal. They are not teaching this.
Shaytan intervened & messed it up. He says to the people "No! You should live for yourself".
Why should I live for me? What is its value- what is the value of me living for myself? I should
live for such a One that an honour comes to me from Him; that he dresses me with the dress of
honour, with the dress of glory, with the dress of heavenly grants. May we be lateef/gentle, nice,
beautiful. Allah Almighty wants a beautiful service. No, they don't teach this. "No, we live for
Because they live for themselves, they have become like "mushatta". Do you know what
mushatta is? They become like shabak (monkey). Shabak. "What is shabak, Shaykh Effendi?"
"Do you not know shabak? Look into the mirror & see who shabak is". It is your ego. They look
like this (into the mirror). Especially the female species of mankind when they will go out, they
dress up from the morning till noon & go out in the afternoon- To show herself, to look beautiful.
To look beautiful, to be beautiful is a grant from Allah. It is not with all kinds of makeup you put
on your face- not with blushes, powders, lotions..It is not with the dresses you wear. Sometimes
they make their hair like the hair of goats, sometimes it looks like the hair of the dogs. Some
others make their hair like other animals whose attributes they carry. Why should you do your
hair? What will you become? What is it that you'll show? She spends her day, her life with
fashion, makeup & dressing up... And she leaves it all without gaining anything. For whom did
she work? For her blind ego. And she dies without satisfying her blind ego & becoming uglier.
Those who are servants to their Lord & say "we live for Allah", there is Nur in their faces, there is
joy & happiness in their hearts. There is hope. For the others there is no hope. You die & it is all
finished. O Lord, may You forgive us. "Dullani khaira d-daleela"- we should find good guides
that they tell us "Do you live for your ego or do you live for Allah?" But there is no one left who
lives for Allah. Everybody lives for his ego, to satisfy his blind ego; lives to dress their no value
titles, to show himself & to praise himself.
May Allah save the people from these ibtilas/calamities. May He send us a Master. We are left
without a Master. Ad-dinu nasihat. There is no one left to give people advice. Shame on us... We
are here today & tomorrow we disappear. "Where did he go?" "They buried him to the
graveyard, he disappeared". Huuuuu Rabbi la Yazal. May Allah grant us understanding. We live
for Allah & everything opens in front of us. People are striving for their own egos & no door
opens for them. All of them went bankrupt. There is no Nur left on their faces, no health left in
their bodies. They have no mind left in their heads. Most people say "O my heart" & go through
heart surgery. No, it gives trouble. Say Allah, your heart beats saying "Allah". Listen to your
heart. Say Allah & look if there will be any problem. And there is a new fashion now, they rip
apart their hearts, do surgery. Heart surgery.. Can the heart recover with surgery? It recovers
with saying Allah. We should say Allah, both by heart & by tongue. La ilaha illa Allah, la ilaha
illa Anta Subhanak! Subhanak! You are Sultan, You are Subhan O our Lord" call Him like this.
We are weak servants. Qawwi da'fana fî ridâk Ya rabbi. We couldn't do anything. And day
by day dunya... because the people of this century are striving to satisfy their own egos. They
don't strive to keep the right & adab of Allah (jj). They don't strive to keep the right & adab of His
Prophet (sas). The purpose of them is for servanthood but they forgot this- they forgot being
servants to Allah & they are being slaves to their own egos. They have become slaves. They have
become slaves. And the ego wants to mount man & once it does, it starts whipping.
Everywhere is filled with diseases. Aman ya Rabbi, may You not makes us catch these diseases.
O Bait al-'Atiq, Assalamu Alaika. Allahumma zid baitika haza, ta'zeeman wa tashreefan wa
takreeman, wa mahabatan wa birran, O Lord". Inside the Kaaba al-Muazzama, it is a treasure.
For this, say every morning "O Lord, may You dress on us the dress of faith from the treasures of
Kaaba. Dress on us the dress of health & wellness. Dress on us the dress of knowledge, the dress
of adab Ya Jalil"
This came to my heart today, Shaykh Mehmet Effendi you know this. Make them recite this
sometimes, they never recite this. Ya Latif-an lam tazal Ultuf bina feema nazal. Innaka Latif-un
lam tazal, bi lutfika awadtana. Ya Rabbi, amin khawfana. ya Rabbi, amin khawfana. Ya Rabbi,
amin khawfana. Fa'fu anna Ya Karim. Do you know this? Teach this to people. This is very
strong- it came this morning. Ya Latif-an lam tazal Ultuf bina feema nazal. Innaka Latif-un lam
tazal, bi lutfika awadtana. Ya Rabbi, amin khawfana. Ya Rabbi, amin khawfana. I learned this
one when I was in Homs Shaykh Mehmet Effendi. In the mosque of Khalid ibn al-Walid (ra), the
muazzin would recite this aloud in fajr prayer. Ya Latif-an lam tazal Ultuf bina feema nazal.
Innaka Latif-un lam tazal, bi lutfika awadtana. Ya Rabbi, amin khawfana. Ya Rabbi, amin
khawfana. Fa'fu anna Ya Karim.
You know this by heart? Make them recite this, O son. We can't do anything either. We can't do
anything either.. Tawba, we make tawba. What can we do? Ya Rabbi, amin khawfana. Ya
Rabbi, amin khawfana. Fa'fu anna Ya Karim.
His one leg was disabled, poor one- the muazzin. His voice was strong. With his crippled leg he
would climb the huge minaret at fajr & recite the adhan. He would walk like this. His disability
was more than Abu Rajab's. May Allah bless his soul. Sometimes when he was not there I would
climb the minaret. My voice was good too. They wouldn't realize that it was me, my voice would
come out like his voice upstairs. They would hear it from the castle. Look to who makes it heard-
O holy one, Khalid ibn al-Walid Hz.
We have many sins.. I have many sins, I am naughty one. Pray for me also. That Allah Almighty
may not crush the servants. What can we do? Thousands of shukur for my situation. How many
times the Prophet (s) invited us to his holy presence. With the barakah of my Shaykh Sultanul
Awliya I reached to Sham from Homs. I found our Sultan in Sham. The Sultan in Istanbul sent
me there. May you be servants to the Sultans. I strived but what could I do? I couldn't do
anything. O Allah, may You send us a Master. O Allah, may You send us a Master. Ya Latif-an
lam tazal Ultuf bina feema nazal. Innaka Latif-un lam tazal, bi lutfika awadtana. Ya Rabbi, amin
khawfana. Ya Rabbi, amin khawfana. If these people recited this, neither Bashar nor any nashar
can do anything to them. What comes on them would be scattered & taken away.
We have power, it is not that we don't have power, but there is no permission yet. Everyone's
mind is on something else. Ya Rabbi, tawba ya Rabbi. May our today be khair. May our every
day be khair. Recite always "Ya Latif-an lam tazal". Recite & have them recite. We will be like
lions, bi idhni Allah, Bi hurmati Habib (sas). Our children are entrusted to You, the nations of
the Beloved, all of them. Ya Rabbi, You know.

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