Maulana Sheikh NazimO people, remember your oath on the Day of Promises!

As-salamu alaikum. Salamullah alaikum wa rahmatahu wa ridwanuh...Meded, ya
Sultanu-l Awliya, Meded, ya Rijalallah. Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim,
Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim. Destur, ya Sayyidi, ya Sultanu-l Awliya, Meded!
Rasulullah- peace be upon him-, he was saying: “Ad-dinu nasihat”, therefore
(nasihat, good advice) it is (the) most important pillar for Islam to stand up.
If that pillar (is) broken down, (there is) no more Islam. Therefore now (there
is) no more Islam, because that pillar (is) just broken down.

Allah Almighty (was) sending Islam and it is His biggest grant to His servants,
dini-llah, the religion of Allah. He granted His servants to be servants. For
what? For what Islam (is) coming? Islam (is) coming to teach people that they
are servants and they must keep (the) heavenly Orders of Allah Almighty. When
they are not taking care to keep heavenly Rules, they are going down, down, and
till (they are) reaching to ‘raya’, the deepest and most terrible place of fire!
Now people they left dini-llah, the heavenly faith that all of us just (we were)
giving our oath the Day of Promising. Before coming to this life and dressing
our souls this clay bodies, our souls they were free through the endless
Territories of Allah Almighty and He ordered to (the) souls that: “I created
you! Are you accepting that I am your Creator?” All of them (were) saying:
“Bela, yes o our Lord, You are our Creator!” Then: “Are you giving your
promising that you are My servants?” Whole souls they are saying: “Bela, yes,
our Lord, we are Your servants. We are only Your servants, not to anyone else!
We are Your servants!” Whole souls (were) saying this. “Alastu bi rabbikum? Qalu
Bela!” “O My servants! Are you accepting Me that I am your Lord, the Creator?”
and whole souls they are saying: “Yes, that is our oath.” ”Giving your oath that
I am your Lord and you are My servants.” Everyone (was) saying: “Yes, o our
Creator, You are our Lord and we are Your servants.”

True or wrong what we are saying? This is a declaration for whole nations now
from here. I am asking... I am zero, behind one, but when they are putting me in
front of one, I am going to be full power! Now I am behind one, zero. If making
me (in) front, I may take this world from its orbit, throwing it away. We have
power, when I am going to be in front of one. Now I am behind, zero, zero...

I am sorry to say that whole nations they are running after nationality, running
after some foolish ideas, that just they are taking that foolish ideas from
Shaitan, Sadana. They are making Sadana as their Lord, they (are) never
listening any other one, they are saying only: “Sadana is our everything!”
And people now they are in endless troubles, endless problems, endless miseries,
they are in (the) worst position- from (the) beginning of this life on earth up
today. Now people they are on (the) worst position, can’t be more than this!

And it is as whole Prophets they were saying and the Seal of Prophets- sws and upon
other Prophets- about (the) Antichrist: “(The) Antichrist (is) just that one who
(is the) representative of Shaitan! Full!” And Shaitans target is to take
everyone from their Lord and to bring (them) to Dajjal, to (the) Antichrist.

Shaitan (is) trying to do that one. And finally Shaitan (is) making, when people
they are no hope, when people (are) going to be hopeless, they are looking and
running to find someone to save themselves, because they are now, they are in
such a position (that) whole nations, whole governments, whole states (are)
hopeless, they can’t find any way to save themselves or their people! Look,
every day! And Shaitan (is) now saying: “Now it is (the) best time to involve
among the Children of Adam as a Saviour; to show myself as their Saviour and
that I am carrying them to Hells here and Hereafter! Now!”
And whole nations, whole people, they are denying the existence of the Lord,
their Creator.

I was surprising: Those people, whom they are so silent people, you can see,
Buddhist people. Buddhist people, sooo, may be seen they are so humble people,
showing themselves best people, showing themselves that they are only for their
Lord, showing themselves that they are only servants of their Lord, and they
were claiming that Buddha (is) their Lord- Astaghfirullah- and they were
claiming that we are (?) of Buddha. I must swear to them: “You are going to
be-what saying?... beasts! Worse than wild animals!” Buddhist people, they were
thinking that they are so peaceful people, putting such a things here and
here... (over the shoulder) and now I am looking through that Shaitan’s wizard
box TV, (that) they are running through streets. Hundreds of thousands Buddhist
people (are) running like beasts- how it can be? To where they are calling
people? To run to streets? What they are asking? Do you think that they are not
happy with their ways? Looks like this, unhappy! They are unhappy, therefore
they are running. For what? What they are asking?

Buddha (was) always sitting like this, thinking... “Not coming to my head”...
sometimes sleeping, sometimes sitting down, sometimes standing up. They saw that
Buddha running through streets and calling people: “Come with me to reach
Himalayan”?... or what is that country up, under Tibet also... Nepal?...So many
honey there, they are saying. Take honey, bring to Sheikh to make me happy, why
they are calling? Nepal honey, you know? So many honey! Bring to me, no teeth
for me, why running (through) streets? And what is the country on Himalayan?
Pakistan people! Say!... So many noble people coming, that is over the mountains
of Himalaya... Kashmir... that they are always quarrelling (over) that country.
They are leaving that places also, they are asking- Buddhist people- to reach
Kashmir, to reach Tibet, to reach Bukhara...

You try to be servant of your Creator! Only you are claiming that you are
calling people to Buddha. For what? Buddha giving to you Tibet or China or
Bukhara or Kashmir, hah? How you are claiming they are Buddhist people? They are
running on streets like Lamas... a kind of animal living in America... It is not
true! What was your oath to your Lord? To be servants to Him or servants to
countries? All on wrong way, they lost their ways! I am saying for Buddhist
people. I am blaming them that they are saying: “We are not eating, only a
little bit grass, vegetables. We are not eating, we are not eating meat, because
meat making people to be like beast.” “What about what you are doing? You are
eating vegetables and you are going to be also like beasts!”

There is their chief, Dalai Lama... what is his name? He is ordering them to run
on streets? If he is ordering, he is wrong also!

Once he sent to me in London a person to make interview with me. I am looking,
(he was) putting this (microphone and camera), everything... “I am coming on
behalf Dalai Lama to make a speech with you.” I am saying: “I am not, you are
not on my level to speak to you! Say to your teacher, he may come to me. I may
give lessons, not one Dalai Lama, 7o Dalai Lamas may give their lessons, don’t
speak to me! He may come and anyone who asking, may come!” I am zero, behind
one, but when they are putting (me) in front of one, I may swallow (the) whole
world and everyone in it. It is not difficult for us!

Their chief (is) ordering them to run through streets? What they are asking?
They are claiming: “We are only for our Lord.” If you are only for your Lord,
why you are running trough streets, what you are asking? Ask from your Lord!
Don’t ask from governments! Governments, eh, each kind of Shaitan (is) going to
be governments!

O people, wake up, before a heavenly Punishment (is) coming on you, wake up!
Keep your position, or (there will be) no shelter, except the Lords Shelter!
Nothing can shelter you, but only your Lord’s shelter!

That person in Iraq, (that) he was saying: “I am your Lord” for people, he did
underground like big cities, for sheltering himself and big treasures. What
happened? What happened, o people? Wake up! If Allah Almighty’s Revenge (is)
coming, (there is) no shelter for you! Try to be Allah Almighty’s servants, as
we were giving our oath to Him: “You are our Creator and we are Your servants!”

I heard that his Holiness Pope he went- I don’t know (to) which country he
went?... Australia... “What he did?” I am asking, “For what he is going?” People
(are) saying: “He is going to bring peace to people.” Hmmm. Eh, capital for his
Holiness. What he did? Why he is going to Australia? From his throne he may call
people. He must call (them to) what I am saying now, he can’t say anything else!
He must say: “O people, remember your oath that you are giving your oath to your
Creator: You are His servants and (therefore) be servants!” He said such a
things? No! May come to Cyprus! May come...!

Yes, o people, I am sorry. I am only shouting to my bad ego and I am putting my
ego in front of me and I am swearing on it. You are free to keep, what we are
saying to you or not. You are free!

There was a holy person at the time of Haroun ar-Rashid, perhaps 1ooo years ago
or more... People (had) never seen that one that (he was) smiling or laughing,
but one day people (were) coming and saying to (the) Caliph: “Just we met Bahlul
Dana (and) he was laughing!” “Quickly bring him to me!” (the) Caliph (was)
saying. (They were) bringing (him) and (the Caliph was) saying: “O my brother!
Never I have seen you that you are smiling or laughing. What happened?” “Oh! O
our Sultan, just today I was in (the) slaughtering place and I am looking so
many sheep or goats just hanged by themselves and then I was happy and I am
laughing, because I was thinking that I am going to be responsible for other
ones, I was so sad, but now I looked that everyone just hanged through their
legs up, therefore people, what they are doing, it is not for me, no!”

Therefore you must take your care for yourself. You are servant- try to keep
your servanthood. Don’t look this, that, what they are doing, no, you must try
to look and to arrange yourself and to be a good servant, to keep your oath with
your Lord Almighty Allah and (then) Allah (is) going to be happy with you! If He
is going to be happy with you, everyone (is) going to be happy with you, here
and Hereafter!

For the honour of the most glorified servant of the Lord Allah Almighty, S.Muhammad sws, Fatiha.

Lefke, 7.8.2008 Transcribed by Khairiyah Siegel

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