Shaitan says that he is destroying everything of the children of Adam. He is destroying their good actions and he makes them to fall into sins. But at the same time they are also destroying all of his deeds by repenting. "I am the one who makes the sons of Adam to fall into sins and these sins destroy them, but they are also destroying me by repenting." That is why repentance is the most important exercise for followers of a tariqat. Repentance cleans the servants from their sins. The Prophet sws. said, "I ask for forgiveness at least 70 times a day." If he says it 70 times a day, then how many times must we say it? Even if we say it 70 000 times, it is still nothing. He is innocent, and he says it 70 times. Then what about our people?

So Prophets, holy-ones and everyone must give repentance. Every problem which comes has its solution in repentance. So many people come and tell me so many problems, problems of all kinds. The solution is with repentance.

Nuh, may peace be upon him, was calling his people to Allah for 950 years. He was telling his nation to repent to their Lord. We are not innocent people. We are common people who are running into sins. We cannot exist without sins. So we always have guilt. If a person is a mechanic, do you think he can be clean. Is that possible? It can't be. And we are now sinners, so we must have guilt. Nuh, alehi salam, was calling out to his people and telling them to repent. "Oh, people ask for forgiveness from Allah Almighty!" If there is no rain, then the repentance will open up the doors of mercy to you. It will support and grant you everything; plants, land, fruits, sons, anything of this world. What ever you ask for will be given to you when you say, "Astaghfirullah". Every door which is locked and closed to you will be opened by the blessings that will come on you when you ask for forgiveness.

Allah Almighty says, "Oh, my beloved Habib, ya Mustafa Muhammad, I will not forsake thy nation as long as they are with you." "And what will happen after me?" "As long as they are repenting, I will not forsake them." Now I am seeing that everyone here in Pakistan and in Turkistan are complaining. There are so many pressures here, you know, because you are living in it. There is no common love and no blessing. And still we don't say, "Astaghfirullah". The whole nation must say it. If you don't start, you will fall even further down and you will be even more crushed. It will not stop. The key is to say, "Astaghfirullah", to repent.

Pakistan - 21.11.1991

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