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Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, La Ilaha illa Allah! Wa Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar Wa Lillahi Al
Hamd. O people fear Allah (swt)! Otherwise you will have a punishment that is not possible to
remove in this world or in the Hereafter. Thumma Al Salat wa Salam Alayhi, Ya Sayyidi Al
Awwalin wa Al Akhirin, Ya Sayyidi Ya Rasulallah Shafaat Ya Rasulallah! We are saying Audhu
Billah min al shaytan al rajim Bismillah Al Rahman Al Rahim. Every matter that does not begin
with Bismillah it is never successful.

The order to the Prophet "Wa Dhakkir! Fa'inna Adh-Dhikra Tanfa`u Al-Mu'uminina"(51:55) O
Muhammad (saws). "Wa Dhakkir! Wa Dhakkir!" (Remind, remind) Don't you understand O
Egyptians & the rest of the Arabs? "And remind, for verily, the reminding profits the believers."
(51:55) Al Hamdulillah we are believers. And every order that comes from the side of our
Prophet (saws) we listen to it & obey. O Arabs! O believers! And who has authority on the nation.

Listen & take wisdom. If you take wisdom then pay attention & inform people. O Mufti of the
Mosque of Al Az'har. The honourable Mufti Effendi (religious leader) Allah (swt) honoured him
to be the Mufti of Al Az'har Al Sharif, the Mufti of Egypt. And his fatwas/legal opinions, no
doubt are ongoing & not rejected. I am a poor & weak servant, weak servant. Sometimes I am
given inspirations that are necessary for the whole ummah & are necessary for the people with
legal opinions, to give their legal opinion and to order the believers with their fatwa/legal

Subhana Allah Al 'Aliyi Al 'Azim. I received something or an inspiration in my heart. It is
indicating a matter that in Islam has great importance. What is it? I am a weak servant, I do not
know anything. But these inspirations sometimes.... This inspiration Subhana Allah! It has such
an importance. "Frame", what does it mean? Frame... Like the title... meaning this, when I get an
inspiration about an important matter, we say "Preface" or "Title" is better. Its title has a great
importance. Maybe no one thought about it from the Muslim nations & the nations & the Muftis
about this point. An inspiration came to me saying....Its title is "To rescue the oppressed." Rescue
the oppressed.

I want to ask the people who give Islamic ruling is it obligatory, is it a sunnah or is it if we like, to
rescue the oppressed? It is a matter that has a great importance especially in our times now. In
our days now, we want to make use of it. The people who... The people who have power, the
ones with authority, they must rescue the Muslims. It is a duty & an obligation. The ones who do
not take this matter seriously they will fall in the hands of the oppressors. This is an important
matter for the Muslim nation, especially the Arab nations. I am asking the head of the legal
opinion, Mufti Effendi of Al Az'har Al Sharif. We should do as we like or is it an obligation on us
to rescue the oppressed?

This is an important matter, we do not want anything else. We ask "are there oppressed people?"
Yes! You cannot count how many they are. And they are asking for help. They say "where are
our rights! Or where are our leaders, or where is Islam to save us from the hands of the
oppressors?" Thousands of people, millions of people are screaming, shouting, calling "O our
Lord is there someone who can save us from this hardship that we have fallen into in the hands
of the oppressors? Rescue us! Save us!"

This is Haqq. Egyptians know this or they do not know? The Turks they do not know? The
scholars of Sham they do not know? Ajam... Iraq they do not know? Hijaz/ Saudi Arabia they do
not know? To rescue the oppressed, is an obligation or not? Or is it left to us to do as we like?
Who has power to rescue the oppressed from the hands of the oppressors & does not, he is
rejected in this world & will be thrown in hell in the Hereafter. This is the most important of
matters that was inspired to me since 2 days, since Jumaa/Friday. To remind all the Muslim
nations that have power that the Muslims in the Land of Sham are oppressed, they have nothing.

This means they do not have power to throw away the oppressors & are waiting for "who will
rescue us!" "O who can save the desperate ones! O who can save the desperate ones! Rescue us!"
They are calling like this.

Where are you O people of Egypt, people of Saudi Arabia, people of Iraq, the people of
hypocracy, Libya & the rest of the Muslim countries? Where are you? And also Iran, why they
are not looking at the slaughtering of the oppressed that are in the hand of the oppressors & they
are not saving them? This is a very important matter! This attracts Divine anger on them. The
wrath, a wrath from Heavens, shall come upon them. One day their situation will be like the
oppressed in the land of Sham. This is a warning to all Muslim nations to answer, to rescue the
oppressed in the land of Sham. This is a very important matter. Maybe it never came to anyone's
mind but this is an order, it is an order of Shariat, an order of the Prophet(sas), a Heavenly
inspiration to "rescue the oppressed". It is an obligation on us.

If it possible to save them and we do not rescue them, then comes on us a punishment from
Heavens in this world or in the Hereafter. This is an important matter. This Jumaa may be the
last Jumaa for the blessed month, the glorified Shaban. After the night of Bara'at it was inspired
to my heart, & since two days, to remind the Muslim world, the Kings and the leaders and all the
Muslims, to rescue the oppressed from the hands of the oppressor. Where are you! Where are
you? You are busy with "I want to be president, no I want you want to be president." Is this it?
This is a Heavenly order from Allah (swt)? Or is it to rescue the oppressed?

This is a very clear Shariat ruling to rescue the oppressed from the hand of the oppressors. To
rescue the oppressed seeking help. They are asking help: "Who can save us from the hands of the
oppressors. Allah's (swt) curse is on them - Those who are oppressing & those who have power
and authority & are just watching and are not paying attention to us, and they are leaving us in
the hands of the worst of unbelievers. They are saying this & that. They are against Islam
anyway. Meaning that all the powerful nations, they are non Muslims. And they are happy since
the Muslim people are fighting & killing each other. And they (powerful nations) want to erase
from existence the Muslim Religion. No way! It is impossible, it is impossible. Even if 70 powerful
nations it is impossible for them to defeat Islam. Allah (swt) is the Victorious over all! Allah (swt)
is with us! O Muslims! O scholars! O fatwa people! O leaders! O kings where are you? Today
you are in the world. Tomorrow you'll be under the ground in your graves and Allah (swt) will
ask you "why you did not use your power against the unbelievers who were, oppressing My
believing servants?"

Is this enough for you Egyptians, people of Fatwa in Egypt, in Turkey? In Turkey the Turks say
"I don't know Arabic." Who knows Arabic, Saudi Arabia, and they are silent. Iraq and they are
silent. Baghdad also they are silent. Also Jordan is silent. The Jordanian Kings have the authority
for the Islamic Khilafa. We must support Sultan Abdullah against all the unbelievers and support
him till the order of Allah (swt) reaches him with absolute victory over disbelief forever. Then
only Islam remains, the religion of Islam, the Religion of Haqq, up to Judgement Day.

O Muslims, O scholars! This is a reminder for you. I am not reading this, but it is inspired to my
heart. This last Jumaa, it came very, very strong and who does not pay attention to this, will
come on them a punishment that they may not reach the end of Ramadan. This is "And remind,
for verily, the reminding profits the believers."(51:55). This is a warning to the ummat in general,
to the Turks, Iran, Iraq, the Arab Kings, the Saudi people, Sudan, all of them are responsible.
They are carrying a great responsibility. So, Allah's order to His Beloved is "Remind, O My... O
My beloved Muhammad (saws), Stand up and warn! Stand up and warn! Stand up and warn!
Warn and don't fear.

Allah's Prophet (saws) came not holding a sword. And today, the name of Islam is in the lives of 3
millions of people who say La Ilaha Illa Allah Muhammad Rasullah (saws). Where is India?
Where are Russian Muslims? Where are Afghani Muslims, Iranian Muslims? India, China, in
East and West. What are they doing? What are they thinking? All of them just think "I want to
be president." "No, you be president." The punishment is coming on you in a few days. O you,
the ones who carry the responsibility of the Ummat even the least responsibility, you will be
punished by Allah's (swt) permission, the Lord of Heavens.

Allahu Akbar! Allah's (swt) orders prevail. Allah is the Conqueror! Whoever is with Allah, will
conquer. Otherwise coming upon you, what is harder than what came upon Sham! He will burn
you with all types of weapons! Nuclear! Atomic. So take your caution, you are warned. O
responsible ones, O Kings, and leaders, the ones who are carrying the responsibility for the
nations, the responsibility of Islam, the Religion of Islam, you have to support the Khalifa, the
station of Khilafa from the descendants of the Prophet (saws). He is existing, and waiting your
support to teach those tyrants a lesson immediately! Long live King Abdullah. He is supported
from Heavens and awaiting the support of the people of Islam in the east and west.

Go O Sultan to Sham! It is open for you. You are the Sultan for Sham don't fear. Only fear
Allah (swt) and no one else! Al Hamdulillah, I have informed. Whoever understands good for
them! And whomever doesn't understand, all the types of punishment will come upon them! You
will regret and no regrets will benefit you at the last moment!

O our Lord save us & support us with Sahib Al Zaman. Support Sahib Al Zaman. Our Khalifa is
Sultan Abdullah, from the descendants of the Prophet (saws). O my Lord, support him! Support
him with the support of Heavens so that he can get revenge on all disbelievers. Don't fear, even if
you are 5 people only, you are the prevailing ones! O Muslims, O good Muslims, Astaghfirullah.

O my Lord, I have declared! I have declared. O my Master Rasulullah, I have declared. We are
asking Your forgiveness Tawba Ya Rabbi, Tawba Astaghfirullah. Don't play games with Islam.
O non Muslims, don't play. Don't think that Islam is on falsehood! No! Hasha! Coming after it a
great and serious power, not from earth, no, but from Heavens! You will regret and be erased
from the face of the earth as a group.

Allah, Allah, Allah.. Judgement Day won't come before two great groups fight. A great war will
be between them. They claim the same thing. This is a Hadith about Armagedon, and the
opening of Constantinople In 6 months, and in the 7th, the Anti-Christ will come. The Sahib az-
Zaman will erase the Anti-Christ and those with him. Tawba Ya Rabbi, Tawba Astaghfirullah.
Tawba Ya Rabb. A weak servant Ya Rabbi, strengthen our weakness with Your content O our
Lord. O people of Egypt, leave arguing amongst yourselves. You say "this one wants to be
president" We don't want this.

We want to save those calling for help! O saviour of the helpless save us! O saviour of the
helpless, save us O our Lord! Save us our Lord! If You don't save us, Who will save us our Lord!
If You don't save us, who will save us. We don't have any saviour But You, O our Lord!


Tawba Ya Rabbi. Assalamu Alaykum.

Think O believers, O our presidents, or else! Death is close to you! Allah Allahu Akbar. We
repent and return to You our Lord.


My Arabic is very little but, you O scholars understand what I mean. Give Bay'at to the Khalifa
and walk behind him. You will prevail over all the world from East to West! Because Allah (swt)
is with you! Allah (swt) is with us. Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala, Ya Rabbi.
Fatiha. Thank you....

Lefke, 13.07.2012

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