Maulana Sheikh Nazim RESPECT THE WORD OF The LORD!

The top point of dirtiness and disobedience on earth is being reached. No respect for the Holy Commands of Allah Almighty is left. No-one, neither of the Muslim world nor the non-Muslim world is taking care. Yes, even the Muslim world say officially that they are servants of Allah, but they never keep the respect for the orders of Allah Almighty. They are doing such bad things and at the same time they think they are doing so good things. We are asking for cleanliness throughout this Holy Month. May Allah make us clean. If we ask for it, He may give it to us. If our hearts are not clean, our work will also not be clean. All our work is the fruit of our intentions. If our intentions grow within a clean heart, they will be good. The fruit will be good works and good deeds. If our hearts are dirty our intentions will be dirty and the fruit of it will be dirty works, bad works.

This is our best month of the year. Allah Almighty is giving mankind a last chance. Believers in particular should take care to clean themselves and to ask for forgiveness and Divine Support. We may be a handful of people and we do not have armies or navies or fleets or airforces or rockets or missiles. We don't have anything but prayers to praise the Lord Almighty Allah.

So many prophets, may peace be upon them, came to their people and mostly their people did not want to accept what they were saying, except for a handful of people. Allah Almighty always supported those handful of people. We must be with good people. We must try to clean our intentions then the Heavenly Support will reach to us and it will take away the dirtiness from the whole world.

Don't be like dry trees. Spring is coming now. It means life will come back to the trees, if they haven't dried. Dry trees cannot get anything. We are now in a Holy Season. Let it affect your hearts. Whoever does not feel it, must cry because they will be like dry wood which will be cut and put into the fire to burn. If you do not feel anything in this Holy Month something will come to cut you, to finish you.

May Allah give us good feelings so that we may smell the Divine Will which is raining from heavens and going around the whole world. Whoever will say, 'La illaha illala, Muhammadun Rasul Allah' or, 'La illaha illala, Musa Rasul Allah' or, 'La illaha illala Isa Rasul Allah' or, 'La illaha illala Ibrahim Rasul Allah' will be protected here and in the hereafter.

Don't be fanatics, try to be servants. Don't be rough, that would be from your egos. Put your egos down and the Word of the Lord up. That is important. If you can do that, then you will find yourself amongst the first class of believers and you will be accepted and beloved by the Lord of Heavens Almighty Allah. As long as you are not putting the word of the Lord up you are not a servant and you are not giving full respect to the Lord. How can you be respectful to the Lord without putting His Word up? How can you pretend to be respectful when you are putting His Word down?

It is a training in the Holy Month to ask Allah Almighty, 'Please let me be able to keep your word up within myself, always!' May Allah forgive us and give us health physically and spiritually.

LONDON - 21.02.1993

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